Roses are red poem

Oh I like this! It’s fun to read, makes me smile. It’s always important to take care of you. I like going for walks and watching the moon change shape. Helping others, dancing, watching a good movie, painting, this is how I take care of myself.

Oh and the best way I take care of me is that as I’m drawing letters, I am drawing. There is no hand lettering, or rulers. I draw. When the doubter voices comes along it doesn’t really phase me.

How do you care of you?

A world of color in every mosaic

I’ve seen mosaics before but not like the ones in Park Guell You have colors complimentary to others. You have contrasting colors. You have monotones. You have analogous colors. You have bright colors, warm colors, cool colors…somehow it works. That’s what this great big world is full of, COLOR. I can’t get over how each tile brings out the beauty in the others.

Paint a mosaic and let color guide. I sometimes choose a dominate color like blue or pink and let go.

The cover of my book should be a mosaic. YES! Now I’ll go edit the book and do a little lettering.

Hand Lettering My Way…

this is not my typical workspace but I’m at work and this is my lunch break. I’m so glad I have Afinity Photo. I can scan, erase, and rearrange layout. I forgot how hard this process is. If you make a mistake there’s no eraser. I chose not to use a pencil. Am I CRAZY? I love the adrenaline rush. You just keep going and enjoy the process. I did need two tries to get some ideas right. I think I’ve got it! I’m ready to move on. Not looking for perfection, only my best. Let’s just continue this awesomeness. I’ve got 15 more minutes till lunch ends…