Expressive Flowers

Look at this Apple

an apple a day quote with collage green apple

Look at this texture. All I have to say is on the way home I noticed these four palm trees. I have driven by, walked by many times but today I saw them. It changed the course of my thoughts. My writing looks pretty good. It’s good! Work like this is my favorite. I’ve been going through my work. What humble beginnings. At the time I didn’t care because it was my work, my ideas, my play. I even wrote the words I’m proud of my work.

By the way the work of which I speak is or was on skillshare. I arranged my profile to include my favorite projects. I created over 100 projects. If you want to see the collection go here. Tomorrow’s going to be an awesome topic.



Expressive Flowers

Alma Libre Collage Word Art

Collage pink flowers and lettering the words free soul in Spanish

This design was inspired by the song Quiero Ser by Amaia Montero. The song is a Spanish song and means Free Soul. My favorite lyric is Quiero Ser Un Alma Libre. I want to be a free soul. Oh, I want to be the verb can is a good lyric also.

I’m having so much fun with textures! Makes me feel like I could paint this as a mural. I surrender to love. I surrender to all the ideas that will come.



Expressive Flowers

Roses are red

Ok, so I painted my roses pink. That’s the idea. I wasn’t a huge fan of red roses until I saw peach and pink roses. The way the petals curve like v shapes into one another. It makes me think of every element in this world and how everything just is. Let me believe that the roses and breeze are dancing and whispering,” I love you.” Let me believe it so, because it’s true!

Expressive Flowers

Art makes you

Wait a minute I have a new brush. I could paint I could write these words in brighter livelier colors. Oh, this reminds of the quotes in the Arts District. This will be a good weekend project.

Here’s the pink tulips I’m working on.

shades of pink collage flowers.

The best part is putting it all together. There’s the painting of the papers, then cutting and arranging until it looks and feels good. You might go for a walk at some point. All of it is process, and process is the best part because soon you’ll look at your work. All the work. the curiosity, doubt and mistakes it’s all part of your bet work.

Ok I have been working on my blooms. I guess these past weeks have been writing to finish the book. I’ve been doing a lot of collage too,

As always thanks for reading and please subscribe if you haven’t. I will be giving the books away for free. Now I should go read the The Magic of Color.

Collage Art

I Am Collage Blooms

These blooms were inspired by Dr. Seuss and Eric Carle. I was thinking rhyme, but I wanted a few words. I AM seemed like a confident wacky way to say be yourself, have fun and just paint what you’re going to paint.

The blue letters and pink and purple blooms create the vibes I want to convey. I was going places with this design but didn’t know what to do. I laid out collage paper, let Truffula trees inspire me and cut and arranged according to my eyes. I like it!

Creative Exploration

Bloom no matter the season

bloom no matter the season watercolored brushed quote

Maybe the color needs a little work but the neutrals, pink, inviting blue–will my ideas grow the way I want them too? Oh but simply turn this candle lid into a stamp, swirl the paint brush, press the imprinted napkin on wet paint and see what happens. Yes! Watch how the noise fades as you do.

Creative Exploration

Roses are red poem

Oh I like this! It’s fun to read, makes me smile. It’s always important to take care of you. I like going for walks and watching the moon change shape. Helping others, dancing, watching a good movie, painting, this is how I take care of myself.

Oh and the best way I take care of me is that as I’m drawing letters, I am drawing. There is no hand lettering, or rulers. I draw. When the doubter voices comes along it doesn’t really phase me.

How do you care of you?

Creative Exploration

A world of color in every mosaic

I’ve seen mosaics before but not like the ones in Park Guell You have colors complimentary to others. You have contrasting colors. You have monotones. You have analogous colors. You have bright colors, warm colors, cool colors…somehow it works. That’s what this great big world is full of, COLOR. I can’t get over how each tile brings out the beauty in the others.

Paint a mosaic and let color guide. I sometimes choose a dominate color like blue or pink and let go.

The cover of my book should be a mosaic. YES! Now I’ll go edit the book and do a little lettering.