Ink+ Strawberries

I’ve painted with ink before but never like this. Part of this project is creative exploration. I’ve looked at texture videos and found an artist who paints with only ink. The colors are vibrant. I use them to mix with other watercolors.

I really like the easy flow of painting with liquid. Sometimes too much water makes a mess. With liqud you get solid color. The other day I painted strawberries.

It’s interesting that some strawberries have a heart shape. Some reveal a heart when you slice them in half. The strawberry I painted here was one featured in a recipe blog. There’s this odd shape but there’s a heart nonetheless. I thought…

Everybody loves strawberries. One can eat them as is. You can make Strawberry Shortcake, lemonade, ice cream…who thought of these ideas? We all have this “sweet likeablikty” but what are we going to do with it? Strawberries are good but there’s delicious possibilities. Wait, not everyone likes strawberries. What does all this have to do with love? Plenty.

Texture + Stamp

The sponge made a beautiful texture. I can see the word self love cut from this page and glued to a colorful background.

Spring Tree + Watercolor

Rpund 2 of painting this tree.

watercolor pink and peach tree

Today I tested out permanent rose. Made tones of peach and yellow with my brush. I painted. With every dab of paint, the gloom seemed to fade away. AND then it hit me. The wonder of nature is a reminder that love is real. The heart shape in the lower right corner was a nice surprise. I painted what I felt. I really need to get higher quality paper. Tomorrow’s Calla Lillies will be painted with a slightly higher quality paper.

Ok as always thanks for reading! Day by day there’s more of you! I would love to see what you’re creating? Tomorrow I’ll spend so time visiting blogs and pinterst pages. Tag me @hellomireya.

Stay healthy!

Spring is almost here!

I’m enjoying the richness of purple. I like the beauty and simplicity of flowers. You can create with any color or brush you choose. Use a flat brush. Use a round brush. Use an ornament. Use a q-tip. Use your thumb.

Hope you had a good week.

Creative Exploration

New tools and new techniques. This is an old image but it makes sense here too. I’ve begun creative exploraion. This weekend I painted mushrooms. I’ve just started the first layer.

I’m taking this skillshare course, Acrylic painting for beginners. This is a great course in using your paints for more than painting from the tube. Days before I had begun mixing blue with all the other colors in my palette. This class uses this technique to build a cohesive color scheme.

This week I’ll be making a list of ideas I want to try. I almost forgot I was working on painting nature made heart shapes. Today I saw a lovely variety of clouds. The hearts covered in gray clouds held a few hearts. Wait a minute, I have an idea. I can’t believe it’s the second week in March already. This week I’ll be working on cleaning up my files, getting rid of old work and building a to-do list. I’ll be positing some more collage work and ideas. You’ll see some of my lettering practice. I really want to test all of my brushes and see how they write. Maybe I should invest in some watercolor markers. I’m really interested in drawing my words with acrylic or maybe even color pencils. My acrylic writing sometimes looks great but most of the time its a mess. Do you know of any resources?

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New Brush + old ideas

I like my new brush. I was eager to test it and so I began thinking. What should I paint? I have all of these prints that didn’t work out. Maybe I should repaint one. I don’t want to. I have one idea that I’m excited about but the rest? it’s been time to say good-bye.

Show ’em your moves

One last edit for the book. Dance. Show ’em your moves. It’s important to dance your dance. Dance like no one’s watching or dance like they’re watching and you could care less.

Watercolor + Hearts

Love this. Actually saw this on Pinterest. What a simple and beautiful idea.

Th hardest part was waiting for the layers to dry. All you need is watercolor, watercolor paper, glue, scissors and copy paper.

You can use the negative space technique and paint around your heart shapes or paint hearts with gouache or acrylic. I used a sheet of coy paper. It was fun cutting and cutting and revealing different heart shapes.

What’s the thought behind this design? Love is different. Love is sporadic. Love isn’t perfect. Love is always here. Love is powerful. Love will surprise you. Love never dies. Love is…maybe we overthink overlook love because it simply is.

This week I’ll be posting the Live Your Love Story paperback details. Free ebook copy too.

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Painting & Practice

Not the post I had in mind b3cause this is even better. For a while, I’ve been wanting to paint nature’s heart shapes. I feel as thought these hearts have always told me,”No matter what, love is here.”

I love nature and naturaly I use lots of blue and green tones. Last nght I painted. The color mixing was great but the flowers and butterfly, not so good. That’s ok because I painted a beautiful flower the day before.

And then I realized…I’m good with mixing color! I enjoy working with watercolor. Watercolor is so free flowing. You can create many tones with one hue. I love transparencies but the vibrancy of an opaque pink and green like the flowers on the left…amazing.

What brings all of this up? I’m taking this watercolor + Gouache+ Acrylic with Ana Victoria Calderon. Gouache is much like acrylic but it works like watercolor. I really like acrylic but sometimes it dries up to fast. Where am I going with all this? I may have discovered how to improve my paintings. I’m not good with painting realisim but I believe color is my talent.

In the coming weeks I will contiune to explore all of these paints and practice. Practice helps you come into your style. I get that now. I have a way to go. I’m soon arriving! I saved tons of heart shapes found in nature. I’II be painting and exploring. The best part is I can use these paintings for my next book, LOVE.

Still working on edits and layout for Different Is Beatiful. The lauch date is April 21. Happy Friday! Thanls for reading! I’d love to see what you are working on? tag me on instagram @hellomireya

Watercolor Wonderland

…and so the animal exploration continues. I’ve been writing, watching videos and focusing on my thoughts. I feel like my prepration is similar to an actor preparing for the role. I don’t know. I keep going back and forth but in the end I feel I’m on the right track. I trust I am. I have pages and pages of writing.

So why a snowman in a winter wonderland? Nature is beautiful. I wanted to capture a cold illluminating winter night. Sure you’re freezing but you feel the warmth and love of the universe. That’s what I feel when I’m in nature and admiring all the animals in the world as I often do. Plus this is a fun winter project.

This is super easy to create. All you need is watercolor paper and the biggest brush you have. Wet the paper and lightly add the paint. Allow your paint to dry before you add the next layer. Then use white paint to create a snowman, and snow. To create the snow you wet your brush, dip the brush in paint and hold it diagonally in your hand. With the brush bristles between your thumb and first index finger, use your thumb to flicker the brush and watch the snow fall. Test this to make sure it looks good first. I used pens to create the hat, face, buttons and scarf. This could easily be done with tempera paint. And use circle stampers to create the snowman.

Now I’ll go upload my signature so I can add it to my art. I’m an artist right? Why haven’t I been signing my work? I don’t think I even realized the importance of doing so. Ok time to put on the tea and get to work.