Thought for the day

Every now and then I’ll tell someone that I’m an artist. It just comes up. Today’s respose left me thinking…

Am I ethusiastic about my work? Am I my biggerst fan? The experience always makes me reflect on my work. Yes I do paint cool flowers.

Paint more color for De Colores. Read De Colores. Finish my watercolor mosaic. Add new work to my shops. I’m ready!

Be your own fan! Create for you! Mix color. Build texure.

Facial Sponge Blue Flowers

I went through so many ideas for this painting. I stamped with a facial sponge. Did a little too much texture. I painted over that once or twice? Last, I thought about what to do with the shapes. Of course flowers came to mind!

I set out to create beautiful color and now I have all these texture ideas. I love letting my curiosity decide. It’s a surpirse every time.

Collage Flowers and Greatness

various pink yellow and blue flowers on a light blue background

What to do with leftover collage paper? My answer came as I was working on colors and textures for the book. De Colores is a celebration of color. Everything has color. Today we discussed the American Womans Quarters Program. It was inspiring to learn about the diverse women. Yes that beautiful word diversity. AND that’s the greatness I speak of ,the word I chose for this year. It made me feel like yes Amanda and Maya I too have words to sing. I’ll do it through my color, my art.

What does all this have to do with my flower collage painting? I just took the odds and leftover papers and cut. I let my eyes and my spirit decide. I tried this and that until I was was done.

Greatness is turning scraps into art.

Greatness is you keep going.

Greatness is no matter what, you rise

Greatness is both fish and snakes have scales, yet they’re different.

Greatness is though we walk and talk different, together we laugh and smile.

Veri Peri flat brush blooms

8 blooms painted in shades of purple

Not my typical colors but I’m gong for a brighter palette this year. I posted these blooms on intagram last weeK. My caption was, what a day! I’m totally in love.

My textures are looking good. The writing for the De Colores needs work. Can I use that title? Okay time to start my day. I have lots of work to do. I mean play. Yes I will lose myself in my textures. I forsee greatness. Greatness is such a wonderful word. In greatness it’s okay to always question, to invite your curioisty, to fall, rise, imagine… I am all of this.

Exploring tools to paint blooms

Testing different tools to paint flowers

Erasers, ink, brush handles, pens, pencils…. I like the idea of taking an ordinary object and making something extraordinary. Stamping with tissue paper was fun last night.

Painting helps you learn all these lessons.

Flowers are pops of color.

Or should it be pops of happy? Both

Stop thinking and get to the making…

Shades of pink and orange blooms

Sometimes it works and other times it leads to what does!

Every time I look at these blooms I fall in love with color all over again. I’m goign to make more of these. Fill a journal of my favorites?

Let’s see:

I could go on and on and I will. This will be a great project for spring! Then I could use the journal to create my creative bloom course?

Blooms and De Colores I have time for you both.

About Painting Textures

watercolor wash background with yellow butterfly

There you are walking along, sometimes the deep or negative kind and a butterlfy flutters past you settling on a flower. Yes it’s the color, it’s the butterfly that changes my perspective. I worte these words days ago. Reading my words and editing—I want to share it now.

I’m looking up texture ideas and rounding up objects. Oh I need to find the embroidered ribbon. I’ve started a folder for texture papers. I’ll be using all kinds of paper. The collage floral one is looking good. I may add this yellow butterfly to the book, I may not. This is my story, my thoughts so why not just paint textures. Instead of thinking about what to do just paint. Then I can pair the texture with the color thought. Sounds like a dream!

Very Peri-Pantone Color of 2022

I’m excited about this color. I have been painting with purple since I realized that purple is creativity.

Very Peri Bloom Framed Art Print

You get purple when you mix red and blue. Blue is the color of faith. Red is the color of passion and playfulness. When I think of red I think of Love, McDonald’s and Coca Cola. When I think of blue I think of oceans and skies. You do need faith and passion for creativity and imagination.

Yes I have purple as a color entry in my de colores book but I’m also going to include an entry for the color of the year.

Perhaps a little poem

There’s nothing shy about very peri.

Sweet like creme and berries.

Creativity is royalty.

Have your cup of tea

It’s not just purple, that’s so typical.

It’s a little more blue, just the right unmistakbale.

The name is so… I can I will I AM.

I’m the woman who knows she’s the man.

Oh very peri

This year’s gonna be merry!

Let's Do This Bouquet Mini Art Print

Ok I just wrote that poem and I’m sharing it? I made me giggle in that I’m going to paint something awesome sort of way. I am having so much fun with this book.