Lessons from a Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower

I did have fun painting the Lotus because I tested a variety of watercolor techniques, wet on wet, wet on dry, drops of color and mixing pink. I should definitely practice color mixing tomorrow.

Two lessons learned here. I don’t care about painting realistic details. The best happens when you just create without the need to “get it right”

I prefer the loose expressive strokes of vibrant color. A Lotus flower comes from mud….a beautiful flower that grows out of mud… the way it holds it’s petals welcoming the sun. Oh and the illuminating yellow with a shade of pink, these are the ideas I want to capture in my painting of a Lotus.

So now, how can I or what tool can I use to create these radom petals. How do I mix up that lovely shade of pink. Not to worry the answers will come during my afternoon stroll. I can test out a variety of brushes and there’s a big bottle of tempera paint waiting to be used. Perhaps.

These ornaments are made with felt fabric. They were orginally made as wood toys for Swedish children. I certainly did play as I painted. There was color mixing, using watercolor pencils and details. This Dala Horse gave me good precision practice. Letting the kid play is really important. At some point you have to keep going. Watercolor pencils didn’t work out so I applied a watercolor layer with my pan set. There is some added texture but the color and the details, this is going to look great when I scan it.

I will keep reminding myself to keep making. Time to go draw…

Painting Ornaments

I don’t get writers or creative block. I always have ideas. Yesterday I didn’t know what to work on. I had to stop and review why. Why am I working on celebrations around the world? Why haven’t I been painting more? I’ve been reading about holidays. Where do I start? Culture is big and beautiful. There’s the small towns, color, oceans and Christmas. I enjoyed painting ceramics and soda bottles. I am going to paint a few more ornaments this week.

I want to paint drums. Every culture has it’s beautiful melody. Every culture is worth celebrating. We are to be celebrated. Now that I’m back in perspective, let the painting begin!

There are no mistakes. Make. Make. Make.

Every culture has an iconic flavor

There’s this soda shop online. Is there a location? I don’t care much for soda but Jaritos are special to me. I want to walk the isles of all the bottles wondering where a certain drink is popular. I want to try the Mango and Rose drinks. All this reminds me of Coca-Cola samples from around the world.

Every culture has an iconic flavor

Evergreen Boughs of Luck

Boughs of Evergreen to ward off evil spirits. Boughs of Evergreen to have good luck for the coming harvest. Evervasting life is a good one too. I found this really good article on the history of Christmas Trees.

Adding a little blue deepens the green. I like using yellow ochre as well. Next week I want to paint an Egyptian ornament. I found a website full of sodas from around the world. I’ve started painting these. I’m still learning color.

I’m having a good time learning about culture. When I was painting flowers I mostly focused on flowers. Occasionaly I’d paint the moon or my shaddow. That was an amazing idea but it needs a redo. When I go for walks I get ideas and feel that I have to paint them. Right now I am about making making making. My main focus is on a celebration of us. As I learn about culture I’ll observe and paint what captivates. I should proabably oraganize my thoughts because there’s so much to explore.

Pause for Reflection

What was I intending to paint? Intentions, what happens to them. I scribbled…folded…all ready for the trash. But why not practice Decalcomania. I added paint and let the left side blend with the right side. I still wanted to throw it away. I kept working and all of a sudden a butterfly appeard giving me wings to fly.

a little note to self

Keep going, stop just stop the maddness of wanting to throw out your work. Not everything you make will be for the shop. Create and when you feel stuck shut up and keep going. Yes intentions are good but it’s the surprises that happen in the midst of intentions that …that’s what great art is made of. I know, I have seen my work. For every idea that you think didn’t work there’s an idea, a technique that does. Look closer. The flowers that bloom don’t have perfect petals so don’t expect yours to be either. Wait that’s one for the book. I’m going to paint that too.

Be proud of your work. I sure am!

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Mixing Color

Speaking of using color. There I was mixing inks and watercolor just as I have before. Only this time I’m discovering all these beautiful tones! I’m rethinking this piece again.

Yes I need some pulse and precision practice. That’s what practice is for.

Notes: brighter orange, a darker blue, bigger petals on the flowers. Keep with the idea of being a post card. More of a peach pink instead of the purple. write lindo y querido with thicker strokes.

You’re thinking too much. Paint.

I love my work and I’m having fun with these ideas. I found amazing pinks on Peruvian blankets. I really needed color harmony in my life.

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Free Flowing and Beautiful

Ok I’m realizing that the more I explore worldly color and textiles, the more possibilities exist for me to share my work. The orange has a hint of yellow ochre but beautiful for a student grade paint. I’ve been seeing these abstaract tutorials on pinterest. You paint shapes and then use pens to build flowers or fish.

At least that’s what I’ve been painitng. Along the way I keep reminding myself of two important rules. There’s only make. Who says it has to be perfect? Anthroologie’s watercolor shopping bags and store decor remind me of play. On the bag there’s this watercolor design that is free flowing and beautiful. I want more of this in my work. I want all of my work to be this way. I also used dots and circles, random ones. Next time I’ll use the back of a sumi brush.

Here’s to lots more art and fun. The remainder of this year is all about creative exploration.