Neutral and Flow

Created a dot journal. Had to create an art print too.

Neutral and flow. You paint. Keep working until the idea comes. Even when it isn’t there you keep working. Then you realize these are the florals that give you hope. These are the florals you want to paint.

You have lots of ideas. I am sure you do. Keep going. Practice. Focus. Trust will come.

Live Your Story Letter

I posted twice the other day but here I am for real. Today is a good time to share thee words. Warmth isn’t just sitting around in the sun dreaming and flowing. Ok I do this a lot but it’s about creating, doing, making especially when you don’t have the answers. Pracitce. It’s all in the practice.

So What Makes You Special?

This is the question for week 12 of Mark McGuinness’ The 21 Century Creative. What makes me unique? Different? What can I do that is better than anyone? I thought about this question as I painted this flower. Why do I do what I do? Am I good?

Off the top of my head here goes:

Ideas. I have lots of them! Great ones!

I am really good with optimism. Even on dark days I almost refuse to be anything but positive.

Happiness takes work. I work at it.

I’d like to think that those who know me or you who read my post comment that my work makes you smile. I bring color and a positive environment. Oh I hope it’s true.

What is different about me is that

I am not a good cook but I like to cook.

I can’t sing but I love to sing and I often do!

I am no good at art in the sense of realistically drawing/painting a town in Mexico. Oh but the flowes I think I can do that.

What makes me an artist is that I am curiously creative. or is it creatively curious?

There’s this sense of ease and playfulness in my work. The color, textures and ideas IDEAS are cool. I like my ideas, Period.

I have always been curious about the animals. About the world.

Well that is all for now.

What makes you special?

The first idea didn’t work, paint flowers

I was listening to a great podcast featuring Seth Godin and his latest book The Practice: Shipping Creative Work. It got me thinking yet again about yesterday’s post.

Yesterday I attempted to paint four lanterns. Lovely shades of blue and floral patterns. I didn’t have my usual quiet space but I needed practice. I speed painted the lanterns. They weren’t bad but weren’t good either. I knew I could paint better. I painted a flower.

Yes right on the other side of the folded up paper about to be trashed. I kept painting. Not the same lantern idea but a flower. And it was beautiful. This is the simple stuff I want to do more of.

How to Turn 8 colors into 64

I have seen these color charts before but wasn’t sure where to start. I found this video and here we are.

Good greens. Good peaches. Good yellows. Good purples. I love the purple pink. (bottom row first square) Good browns. Not so good blues. Blue is my favorite color to paint. Teal. Aqua. Turquoise. Prussian Blue. I love them all.

Ok there are a few good blues but the oranges are lovely! Interesting what happens with the shell pink tones. What gets me even more is that with 8 colors I made 64. This is not including the tones I can make if I take each color and create transprencies, like I did in the above art print. You slowly add white gouache or water. One color is beautiful but I had no idea my 8 tubes of paint could produce many of the tones I painted.

We all have talents, skills and there’s certain problems we can solve. When we get to know and combine these, that’s where magic happens.

I think I just starting writing for the color book. Oh yeah, it’s going to be an awesome project. I just painted a Protea. That will be tomorrow’s post.