Glorious Progress

Much better painting today! I was thinking about agua frescas and the notion of parties in certain cultures. Everybody’s invited because everybody’s family. What a wonderful idea for life, loving yourself and loving others.

Still need a few details. The beautiful blue and yellow will look even more beautiful digitally scanned.

That’s a week. There’s not much of finished paintings but the progress was good. Glorious wonderful progress!

Next week I want to paint a drum, a few flowers, lettering and…

Watercolor Sunburst

Sunburst painted in tones of Watercolor Yellow

Nothing to see here. Seriously today wasn’t a good day. It’s ok. It happens.

I started with a good sketch:

  • I couldn’t mix up the right green. (I was going by the photo)
  • I painted leaves over the flower
  • size 1 was too large for fine details
  • size o kept splitting
  • leaves looked washed out so I painted over them with a darker green
  • looking at the image I could see that stem wasn’t green but yellow brown (why didn’t I use yellow ochre)
  • Ok forget about the picture and just paint. Usually this works, not today!
  • Take a break. How about painting over the flower petasls that scanned in an ugly brown instead of a beautiful peach. Didn’t work either
  • Ok get out a stamp, mix a little paint and see what happens. Looking good, maybe
  • Time to go for a walk

There is light and hope in every day

Here I am writing this post. Wasn’t sure what to write. Then I find last Thursday’s Sunburst. That was a good day! Today is a good day too. I am grateful for the warmth of the sun. That I could walk, for my lunch, for the tea I’ll make and for the jug I’m about to paint. Thank you CatCoq. Your classes are amazing!


Focus on the details

My lines are getting better. There’s a few happy mistakes. There’s areas that needed digital fixing. This was one of those times where you intend to paint a few details and an hour later you’re done. Maybe I overthought the details…I wanted to keep going until it felt like a blanket. Looks good for practice and a post. At some point it did but I kept on adding lines.

Some artists talk about doing pages of lines, shapes, transparencies…to build skills. I prefer painting blankets. Projects are a good way to focus on the details and keep going long after the mistakes. In the making you discover how awesome White ink is. More importantly, you discover that you can draw. Still working on the drawing part, ha. I’m not used to painting fine lines which is what compelled me to kepp on painting them.

Ok this is my accountability/review blanket. In a couple of weeks I’ll do a side by side comparison. Keep practicing and the details will come together.

Next time I want to do shades of Brown. I have a new appreciation for watercolor.

Patterns of Peruvian Blankets

…this is a good place to stop

I want to add details.

Monotones of Pink with a little Blue. I should paint Blue Monotones with a little pink. Brown monotones? Yes. Not sure why the color looks washed out yet vibrant on my phone. Not to worry because I will add more details before I digitize. I was enjoying the flow of water across the page. Then a sudden, I have to finish showed up. Patience is important in painting. Patience in moving the page around. Patience in applying the paint. Patience in allowing the drying to work its magic. Patience in quieting your mind and simply painting.

Back to the idea that inspired Peruvian blankets. Made my one. Warmth for all. Speaking of lettering. I wrote in watercolor today.

Tomorrow’s another day.

Make a Wish. Now Make It Happen.

Now this is what I like to paint. Flowers and leaves are beautiful. Last week I went out for a walk to observe leaves. Today it’s going to be flowers.

I’m trying to work on lines and blending. Tomorrow I think I want to paint on a full sheet of paper.

Today’s practice leaves me with two ideas. The flower on the left is a reminder to take care of each other. The Dandelions on the right are a reminder to have your wish but go out there and make it happen one step at a time.

Ok time to clean up and go for a walk. Oh right, I need to start writing when I get back.

Night Skies In Payne’s Gray

Night skies are a wonderful companion. I have trouble finding the right deep blue. Payne’s Gray is such a lovely tone. I’ve been drawing lots of stars. Transitioning from one color to the next is another skill I want to improve. Mixing Payne’s gray with a Prussian blue is another lovely tone. I want to paint the beautiful Peter Pan ride skies filled with yellow stars. The moon has been so beautiful these last nights of 2020.

I am practicing with student grade paint on ok paper. Highly pigmented blues are a must. The blues in my student pan set are transparent to begin with. I need a high pigmented opache color. Sure I can add water but then the color changes. Canson XL is low cost good paper but not for heavy washes. I want to test my higher quailty paint.

Ok, so all those terrible night skies I painted aren’t exactly my fault. Here’s to more practice. I should look up a few videos. I’m already there.