Creative Exploration

Circle Flat Brush Blooms

acrylic painted blooms with the words hello

There are all these tutorials on painting flowers. There’s this specific one on getting the right shadows. Although I do love the reflection of the sun shinning down warming me, that’s just not my kind of painting.

I want to take a flat brush

Choose the colors I feel, no rush

Paint in a circle motion

It’s just you and me, no comotion

Big circles

Small circles

A little orange a little pink

blending and dry brush textures

you are my kind of drink

Beautiful art with simple shapes

That’s it. That is all you need to make these flowers. You take a flat brush, dip it in paint and paint in a swirl motion. Next year I am putting together a course on flowers and bloomg as an artist. Are you interested? Le me know.

Now I’m going to do some serious writing for the book.

Creative Exploration

Surface Design Patterns

I painted this

After scanning and sketching I arrived at this pattern.

This is just the beginning. Cat Coq has a great tutorial and there’s a few of them on You tube as well. There is a simple techique to creating seamless patterns but all you need is practice. You keep creating, letting your eyes tell the story. Eventually your color and layout will get better.

Ok time to go paint flowers.

Creative Exploration

More sketches

Markers worked for a few of the details but not for the hotel. I do have acrylic paint. That works. I keep going. I’m all for painting texture pages but now there’s scrapbook patterns.

Writing a book is harder than working on one piece. I’ m working on a million pieces at once.

I’m going to take my time and understand:

  • girl there’s going to be 100’s of illustrations
  • my drawing will improve
  • I need to step up my watercolor game too.
  • let’s face it you need opaque color.
  • transparency is terrible for scanning
  • I need to work on cleaning up my flies better

Ok for now I should spend the evening reading and sketching with a pencil.

Creative Exploration

Better Days

It’s always a better day when I paint. 

Seriously, I tried doing something I’m not good at. I was trying too hard. Then I sat on a Friday night and repainted.  

Oh goodness…

much better

I did include hand lettering on my to-do list.

-there are no impossibilities