Creative Exploration

Doodle with Walnut Ink

drawing various flowers with walnut ink

Years ago, I purchased Daniel Smith Walnut Ink. It’s a container with a lid and no glass dropper. It makes a mess. For the past few days, I’ve been painting some of my favorite flowers with walnut ink. Cheap $5 paper and one color is all you need to practice your doodles.

There’s something about drawing with ink instead of a pencil. The ink glides on the page. You get to work with the brush. There’s no wasting the expensive sheet of watercolor paper or Mission Watercolor. Oh and I recently started a sketchbook. The green Crayola marker on green paper makes me feel like a kid in a candy store.

I’m not sure why I purchased Walnut Ink. Oh right it was to add a new to my tool box. Creative exploration is such a breath of fresh air. This weekend go for a walk. Pay attention to what catches your eye. Listen with all your senses. Go to the art store and do the same.

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Creative Exploration

Walnut Ink Flowers

Walnut ink is messy, at least in the container I have. India ink is a better option. It’s cheaper too. Working with one color helped me focus on the feel of the brush and how to work with the medium. I focused on the shapes of the flowers instead of mixing the right hues.

I was working with a big brush and it holds a lot of water. It would be interesting to try inks with cotton paper. On my cheap paper, the paint went all over the place, making it hard to add darker areas.

BUT I don’t usually work with walnut ink. It felt good to try a new tool. Have you painted with inks? Coffee? I will probably use the rest of this ink to paint trees. A bear? Perhaps I should make a list of all things brown? Start a collection?

Creative Exploration

Growing Beautifully

Walnut ink is new for me. Aside from the messy bottle, this ink is beautiful. Reminds me of painting with coffee or tea. I want to stain and create vintage paper. Maybe a love letter note to self? In the shape of a flower? Yes.

My thoughts were begin with what you know and find new ways to combine ideas. I ended up with weeds. You might be growing beautifully. Weeds start growing, wanting to choke you. That’s when you proceed with heart.

Society does impose. I suppose.

There’s this whimsical need to express the imagination. Every impossible or crazy idea began with a crazy idea. It’s only sound, good when oh, it works!

I can use walnut ink for a holiday themed creative exploration. Choosing a favorite color would be great too.

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I’m wondering how others would paint or draw flowers? There’s more than 100 ways.

Next week I’m doing brush techniques. And after that flowers with napkins and ink. I’m surprising myself.

Thanks for reading. Thank you to those of you who have emailed me your kind words. Oh I made a few changes to You Are Loved.

Have a good weekend! Stay cool!