Blooming thoughts for a wild spirit

Dance in the spring

Actually, it’s fall and it feels like summer. I just came home from an evening stroll and spring is in the air.

a pink and orange strokes flower with a quote about dancing in the spring

The day is warm and easy. I walk among colors. There are peach roses, pink daisies oh, and white and yellow roses too. I stop and admire it all. I take a deep breath. That’s when I see the rhythm of the petals. I can’t explain it, but the beauty of nature, how it all works together makes me want to dance, right there on the sidewalk. Sometimes I do. My spirit always dances. Today my spirit danced because now is fall, then comes winter, and finally glorious spring. Spring is neverending. Maybe I did explain how nature makes me feel?

Paper collage flowers are my lates book project

Last night, I painted lovely shades of blue paper. Right now I’ll work on a few blue blooms. I have this folder full of paper collage blooms and collage paper yet to bloom. This book helps me reflect. I can work on my art at lunchtime and trust the process. I’ll keep cutting pasting and writing until I have the book Blooming Thoughts for a Wild Spirit. The book will be colorful, whimsical and invite the reader to entertain their ideas and perhaps realize them. I should include a few pages for readers to paint their own flowers? What a great idea!

You can find the video of my paper collage process on Pinterest. Pinterest is the place where I pin all of my supplies, nature walks, and process videos. The videos are wonderful to practice for my collage course.



Expressive Flowers

Life Is A Fiesta- Paper Flowers

colorful paper collage flowers
art print avilable

Step out

In your color, in your dress no doubt

Knock on the door without your face to the floor

Greet with a smile

Choose to listen to whoever for a while

Move to the beat

Be merry and eat


you can be fashinably late.

Sit and wonder about your fate.

Did you wear the right dress?

Should you eat that slice of cake?

What if?

Ooh I like this song

But I don’t feel like I belong

I can’t dance.

Know you are always invited

Your light is undisputed

You choose

If you truly don’t like the fiesta you’ve been invited to,

Host your own fiesta, just know there’ll be lots to do.

I do like to express my thoughts in poems. Working on the collage flowers and the life is a fiesta sticker was good too. I’ve been seeing colorful Hispanic Heritage displays and merchandise. I was motivated to create something. I am proud of my Mexican Heritage.



Wait a minute, would you like this poem in art print form? I think I like it.

Expressive Flowers

In a Blue Moon Sunflower

Interesting story. I wasn’t sure where this was going. I started painting and the circle made me think of the moon.

Blue sunflower painted with various shades of blue

I worked with one shade of blue. It was too light. Then the color was too dark. I blended and lifted color with a brush. Out of nowhere, I had a glow. It’s a glowing moon. I kept mixing various blues. I kept painting and uttering motivational words. Keep working. Keep mixing. It will be good. If not, it’s practice.

I added a little orange to my green because orange is complementary to blue. This is confidence for the Hispanic Heritage paper flowers I want to paint. I want to explore warm blue tones. I love the idea of using color to express emotions. Blue makes me think of George Michael’s song lyrics: “I gotta have faith.” And to paint your best work, you have to have faith right? Faith in yourself allows you to be free.

Posting three days a week is working out well! I am able to have fun reflecting on my process.



Expressive Flowers

Sunflowers you make me happy!

There I was painting sunflowers. I had Cat Coq’s sunflower tutorial on my mind. I’m ready for fall. Sunflowers are trending. I want good work for the shop. I kept painting and referencing photos. This technique never works because I obsess over details. I was about to call it a day when pink sunflowers popped into my head. Pink and peach express how nature makes me feel. At that moment I knew I needed to paint and let my flowers bloom. Then I thought about the rainbow watercolor art print. The lines in between colors were uneven but the neutral colors and the Maya Angelou quote, beautiful!

I’m going to paint more sunflowers this week. All these sunflowers gave me the confidence to design a logo for my website but that’s another post. Here’s to painting like you mean it, painitng with your heart. Wait till you see my pink and orange collage sunflower!



Expressive Flowers

Be different. Be brave.

Be different be brave collage flower

Yes I keep thinking about our painting adventures. The book All Are Welcome is a fabulous read. It’s right there with Just Ask. These words are indeed from the pages of Just Ask. Oh wait a minute I wrote a book on this very subject too. It’s called Different Is Beautiful.

If you really take time to enjoy nature. You’ll realize how magical it is. Oh and you and I are part of it. It isn’t radical or outrageous. It simply is. Peach roses. Yellow Butterflies. Trees and all their breeze. The firefly squid shores of Japan. I think of all this and I fall in love all over again!

And so I paint what I feel and what I see.



Expressive Flowers

Smile Paper Collage Flower

Doesn’t the smile bloom make you smile? The brushstrokes and color make me smile. I’ve been holding on to the green paper. Oh but the lines create such a texture! I like the other quote too.

You are a part of nature. Nature is living breathing and beautiful!

These words make me smile too. I was supposed to write, not sure what the original thought was but these words work! I should spend time writing for these blooms. Eventually, I will have a book full of these blooms. Each page, has its own thought, color, and texture.

I”m looking for a stamp to replace my awesome candle lid. I can get like an old wall texture. Oh that’s right, I used yellow green collage paper for the leaves and stem isntead of the painted ones. It’s even better.

Pink flower with world needs love quote

These paper collage flowers help declutter my mind, meditate, breathe, pray, reflect, LOVE, play and smile! That is everything I want my art to be. It’s going to be a great book. I know I’m not the only one who needs my expressive wildflowers.

Alright so what am I working on this week?

Let’s see more collage blooms, of course, acrylic flowers with a q-tip technique I saw on Pinterest, lunchtime writing and sketching, add work to my shop and what shall I paint to celebrate my birthday?



Expressive Flowers

Keep Going Blue Wildflower

There’s this

There’s that

A million things going wrong

Oh but listen to your heart’s song

The one that’s neutral

The one that knows

In each moment love always grows

Look at what’s right

Your ideas shine

You paint with color, fingers, a dented brush, everything’s fine!

You are the colors of the rainbow

Together we’ll rise

We’ll be the kind of friends who always share fries

Just a little poem to commemorate these past days in a second-grade classroom. Oh but the art we’ve painted and will paint tomorrow, it’s going to be great! I’ve learned to listen to the strength within, to rely on my neutral state. May this spirit leads me to my weekend. I’ll be painting, adding more work to my shop, and developing my collage course.



Expressive Flowers

Collage Wildflowers

Love source collage flower

Not sure about the title for my next book project but wildflowers are what I paint. Wildflowers are wild and free. On my daily walks, I see these blooms. There’s this lawn. In the spring it was covered with tall grass and random colorful flowers. The way my thoughts meet their color and breeze, as I write the freeness and wild dreams linger. You know when you go for a walk and you begin with a thought. With each step, you let go. With every breath, you dream, you imagine and live your artist dreams. Every bloom I paint has the essence of wild and free.

Everything in nature is wild and free. It’s beautiful. The Just Ask book expresses this wonderfuly. I’m an expressive artist who paints wildflowers. Flowers that are wild and free. With every bloom I paint, I am brighter, bolder, and free. The time is now to let go of all that no longer serves me. Oh, one of my favorite songs is Quiero Ser! Yes my about me page needs revision.

My new book project will be page after page of these collage blooms. Each fower filled with experiences, thoughts and it’ll be a self-love memoir. Maybe. In the meantime, I will keep creating these blooms.

Pink flower with world needs love quote



Expressive Flowers

Blue Wildflowers

This week I went through all the artwork in my journal. I started scanning. I’ve been getting to know my paint. For instance, this blue is one of the first blues I purchased. It’s a Royal & Langnickel Primary Blue. I was almost going to throw it out. There’s not much paint left but it’s enough to practice and play. Oh, I think I’ll use the blue for a handprint classroom activity.

Speaking of play, I have painted paper roll flowers.

Lots of them. Using a paper roll to create a stencil was not exactly my idea. The shape was my idea. Now I have these wildflowers. Wildflowers? Wild and free with heart and all the love that breezes and blooms everything is possible. I am possible. I think wildflowers is a great name for the poem expressive of a classroom painting session. I shall write. What a wonderful idea!

Aren’t all of the flowers I paint wildflowers. Yes. Wildflowers should be in the name of my new book project. I paint to be wildly free. Wildly free sounds flirty and fun. In every project you are brighter and bolder, wildly free. Love it!

Creatively Hue is blooming! Thank you to all the new readers. Thank you to the ones who’ve been fans.



Expressive Flowers

Thank you

2 light and 2 dark pink wild flowers

It’s another week in Creatively Hue. For some reason, I had a daydream that someone was commissioning me to paint my blooms. I thought, what if they expect me to paint these realistic fabulous blooms? I can’t do that. Nor do I want to. And then I started adding more color, and more details to my stack of artwork. I have lots of work that should go in my shop. But, I came to my senses and realized if they are asking me to paint flowers, they want my blooms.

Ok, I had to share that from time to time I have doubts. We all do. Let the doubts be times of mindfulness. Anyway, thank you for being a fan. Every day there are more of you. More blooms, a collage course, and a book. What a summer! It isn’t over yet. I try to have a little spring and summer in all of my days. Thank you for helping me do that.

Have you read my books? If you have leave a review. Shop my art too.