Expressive Flowers, Valentines Day Workshop

Paper Palette Collage Hearts

Have faith and love writting on blue swatch palette paper paper

I was going to look for the flower shapes and doodle the details but cutting heart shapes was lovely! Thank you EttaVee! I can glue the hearts onto paper and turn them into art prints! I’m still going to do the flower shapes doodle. Tuesday I’ll get back to my roses project. Well, I did paint roses yesterday. I want to paint pink roses. I have been sketching roses. Oh, I have an idea for a wildflower thought. Yes, I’m still working on that project.

Do you have palette paper? I’ve just been using the back of mixed media paper or copy paper. Copy paper works ok. The creamy acrylic gets lost in copy paper and dries quickly. Let me know what kind of paper you use?



Creative Exploration

On being an artist…

Today’s class had these up on the wall. The artist is Kandinsky and the artists are Adult Transition students. I like the hearts too. Simply tissue paper twisted around a pencil and a little glue is all it takes.

What I LOVE most about art is I can get lost. I can simply be in a state of create. No past or present just a creative and curious soul who’s fascinated with simple objects that unify to become beauty.

Working out some minor details for the book but it’ll be out sometime this week. Wait, I should try this?