Expressive Flowers, Valentines Day Workshop

Valentine’s Finger Painted Heart

EttaVee’s finger-painted butterflies and hearts inspired this project. I like the feel of the paint on my fingers and making a mess. Then my mind wanders to my heart. I’m all about love. Sometimes ego takes over. I make mistakes. Right now I’m feeling gratitude. I want to do a paper collage flower for the word gratitude and I want to say believe in yourself. Just be yourself. And that’s what I was feeling when I painted this! I didn’t get to write the letters. I almost don’t want to. I mixed titanium white, fluorescent pink, magenta, rose pink, and a little turquoise to get deep magenta. I didn’t even use a brush to mix color. Palette paper where have you been all my life! It was just way too good. The flowers I painted afterward are beautiful but that’s tomorrow’s post.