Creative Exploration

Painting the moon and the stars

I’ll be painting the moon and the stars today. I have a few texture ideas. I decided to do a few of my illustrations in collage style. I like looking at all the texture paper and letting my senses take over.

College work with texture allows for curiosity and in the moment ideas. I did get my journal books. Maybe I should go around the house and gather some odds and ends and…

Creative Exploration

What’s my problem?

What exatly was my problem with this? Twice I tried to paint and I’ve come up with a great gouache blending technique but…

I appreaciate my own work. Do I really? This weekend I finished editing the book. I expected to finish at 7:30 but ended up finshing at 10:15 or so. This morning I read through the book and of course the illustrations had to be changed. I still need to work on page layout.

So her I am left with sore eyes and a headache. The first step of any project is always to sketch. Put your ideas down on paper. Not so you can perfect but rather draw upon various resoruces to achieve maximum intention. So I’ll leave you with some of my begining sketches for the next book called love.

This week schools across the country will be celebrating Dr. Suess for Read Across America. I thought it would be fitting to share my collage animals and the inspiration behind them. These days I find myself inspired by my own work. Yet there are still times when an artist questions. Sometimes I’m melancholic and sometimes I’m over the clouds. Most of the time my head is in the clouds. So here we go.