Expressive Flowers

Much Love Blooms

Ever see colorful blooms breezing in the sun. The sun feels warm but the breeze, now that’s a rhythm you want to dance to. I remember the day I painted these blooms. Actually, the paper was painted. I pulled out my folder. It’s filled with colorful paper. Not as cool as Eric Carle’s paper but as cool as mine.

Why do I get upset over the silliest situations? Why do I hold back? Why do I worry about what people say? It’s as a friend reminded me; you are not these situations. You are a spirit. You are blessed. I am not giving justice to his words, but I will never forget them. He spoke such truth!

These blooms came from me, my spirit. These blooms came from nature and how it makes me feel. There’s no right. There’s no wrong. It just is. We simply are! That is much love.

This weekend I’m going to paint. I’m going to have fun! I needed that reminder. I really do.

much love.

Expressive Flowers

Much Love

Sometimes I feel small

but then I see you growing and it’s all so tall

And I come to my senses

This season, especially at this moment, I feel much love.

My poems are getting better. My blooms are wildly free? That’s a good aspiration. Here’s to you. Here’s to me. Here’s to us!

Expressive Flowers

Art makes you

Wait a minute I have a new brush. I could paint I could write these words in brighter livelier colors. Oh, this reminds of the quotes in the Arts District. This will be a good weekend project.

Here’s the pink tulips I’m working on.

shades of pink collage flowers.

The best part is putting it all together. There’s the painting of the papers, then cutting and arranging until it looks and feels good. You might go for a walk at some point. All of it is process, and process is the best part because soon you’ll look at your work. All the work. the curiosity, doubt and mistakes it’s all part of your bet work.

Ok I have been working on my blooms. I guess these past weeks have been writing to finish the book. I’ve been doing a lot of collage too,

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Expressive Flowers

The Mind of an Artist

blue watercolor collage flower

First of all. this image doesn’t give justice to the actual color. The blue ink and the green collage are right together. I like painting pops of color. Ok another artist said that, but I am borrowing it. Today I was working on tulips in shades of pink. I was pairing green collage patterns and papers. I thought about the street art in the Art District.

It’s been a few days since I roamed those streets, taking photos and just taking it all in. The art was social, political and self-love. And the self-love part is my thing. It’s why I create. My colorful art is mindfulness. Yes, I make colorful art. Making colorful art helps me be me. Art is our freedom of expression. Art is our voice. It’s how we can speak the truth and do for the greater good OF ALL OF US. Isn’t art wonderful that way!

Expressive Flowers

What’s my process?

I found an amazing content marketing article. I started answering questions.

pink and orange paint on a ceramic plate

Why do I paint flowers? Who do I want to help? What do I want to do?

I am an artist. I mostly paint expressive florals. My work is colorful and feeds my spirit, my soul. I hope that my work sparks joy, invites you to play and encourages you to be you.

That led to a big thank you to all of the artists who encourage me to create and tell my story. The main reason why I like Instagram is because I can connect with other artists. This appreciation led me to think about my process. There was no better time or place than being surrounded by my ideas. Of course, it helped that I was in an art room!

I do my sketching, drawing and coloring all in one. I enjoy the simplicity of my curiosity. I like to take my time. I thrive on quiet time where it’s just me and my tools. I had a good creative day, and it was good for me to organize my thinking.

I’m just getting started! I want to share more of my process, explore more and have fun.

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I always share my process, but hardly share my portfolio. Here it is?