Creative Exploration

How lovely Are Your Branches

Go for a walk. Paint what you see. Sometimes it’s good to just be.

Use paper scraps from projects throughout the year. Curiosity is here.

I read my book. It’s work more than a look. It’s silly and fun. Made made feel love. Get your free copy today and tomorrow. Don’t make time for sorrow. Share with someone you love. We are so blessed from above.

Creative Exploration

Heart Shape Tree + Sponge Brush

Not exactly the shade of green I wanted but I like the shape. I was looking at printouts of trees and wondering.

What other heart shapes am I missing? AND there it was, the outter line of this tree forms a heart.

I want to glue the sponge back on the wood stick. and create more of a flower petal stamper. Yes, I could use the flower stamp for more trees and for the next book project.

When the handle brakes on the brush you customized, use the sponge anyway.

I almost started painting a bigger version of one of my favorite trees. The blues and the greens are beautiful. I’ll paint this tree but not right now.

blue green and yellow round stamped tree

I’m glad I didn’t. I could have. There was this other idea that didn’t work out. I wanted to cover the mess with dots but and even better idea strikes. I could cover up the mess with acrylic paint. I’ve already drawn the shape with a watercolor pencil. It’s going to be beautiful!

The big lesson for this week is to be proud of every piece. Every piece is a learning point.

Being proud of your work doesn’t mean perfection.

Our proud should always be in the process.

Creative Exploration

Q-tip tree take two

I didn’t use a q-tip. I used a size o round and size 6 flat brush. There are two lessons today.

1. Sometimes it’s not what tool you use but how you use it.

2. Not every idea is a winner but to get to the wins you must do the work.

I have lots of work to do. Mixing blue with hot pink made a difference. I’ll use watercolor paint to paint the sky around the tree. By the way acrylic paint works similar to watercolor when you water it down.

I did use the q-tip for painting flowers.

I’ve been listening to an awesome podcast by James Victore. Have a good weekend all!