Food Color + Trees

Today I’ll be repainting a tree. It’s the illustration for my lates project You Are Loved. I’m going to sketch some ideas first.

This is a project from last year. Perhaps two years ago?

This is more of a fall tree. I would like to try this mixing yellow and green. A few drops of red in a cup of water to make pink for a lovely pink tree. Mix primaries together to make brown for the trunk. Leave the circles as is and glue them onto brown paper. Or cut them into smaller circles and make Kandinsky inspired trees. Leave shapes? Great ideas!

Fork Tree

Here’s another tree. Kiddos of all ages can have fun with this tree. All you need is a fork. You could create with a spoon but the texture would be different. I did use an old tube of paint. So there are visible clumps, which made for even better texture. Using water to spread the paint helps. Then I used a marker to add finishing touches. Wait a minute, I could add to this. I could decorate the tree with thin yarn and buttons. Or white beans. I mean beads but white beans could work too! Say! What an awesome idea. These would make perfect decorations for a party. You could use some kraft string or ribbon to create a garland.

What I love about all of my ideas is that they are just an idea that you can add to and change depending on the tools you have. I should put together a post featuring all of my trees. Yes next week.

On another note I can’t believe I finished the first rough draft of Weird Is Beautiful. I’m feeling vulnerable. Having second thoughts. Should I really say this or that? It all feels so personal. Maybe others will not understand me. Maybe I’ll upset someone with my point of views. I could go on and on but I won’t All I want is for my ideas, my art to be a token of self love. The love that inspires exactly the oppositve of the shenanigin thinking. I enjoy my art. Art makes me smile, lifts my confidnece. Always does. Always will.