Expressive Flowers

Magnolias Blooming in Blue

6 white magnolias on a blue and emerald watercolor background

For these magnolia’s I applied the watercolor techniques I learned from a watercolor video. It seemed like a typical video but the lessons hold true to the title of the video. Sure you’re practicing techniques but the idea is about play and letting watercolor do what it does. Watercolor lets you embrace curiosity and unexpectedly fall in love.

I had an idea, referenced a photo, and sketched with a pencil. I rarely sketch with a pencil. I probably should have sketched my trees with a pencil. That’s another post. I added layers of blue and emerald green. I dabbed a little color here and a little water there. Halfway through I had an it’s a mess I tried moment. I’m glad I kept painting. I let go of the photo and dismissed perfection. The line work, the color it works. These magnolias are imperfectly unexpected and beautiful!

Let these magnolias and all their blue remind me to have faith in my art and my process. Ok, the cat coq make a ton of art advice helped too. Perfect timing. My lines may curve a little more than they should. I may use a few more sheets of paper but the important part is to paint. How else will my best work come? I need a ton of paper.