Christmas is a colorful time

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Chrsitmas Tree how lovely are your branches. Oh how the lights and ornaments shine against green branches. I’ve never thought like this before. I’ve been taking evening strolls in my neighborhood. Shiny lights warm me like the sun. Using crayons to color vintage bulbs. Christmas is such a colorful time of year. The moon, the stars shine every night. It’s all such a symhony.

I feel like I’ve written this before. It’s true. Aren’t we lightbulbs lighting up the world with our art, our song, and our lessons. We decorate the tree, adding this and that. Somehow it works.

Should I add this to the color book? Yes and I’m ready to get back in the editing game.

A world full of color

pink blue and orange mosaic colormo

All of the colors work together. You have colors complimentary to others. You have contrasting colors. You have monotones. You have analogous colors. Somehow it works. That’s what this great big world is full of, COLOR. What a beautiful world! Mosaics are a wonderful example of how color works together.

This bloom can be the cover of a square book, A World Full of Color. The pages will be filled with colorful illustrations and thoughts on color. Each thought printed on a colorful background? Oh my, what a wonderful idea! I can’t wait to put my book together.

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The playfulness of color

a tree from the book Wise Trees

At lunch time I sat in thought, as I always am. I sought words for the color book. I looked before me and here we are.

Palm trees. Trees! There’s an idea. Trees before me, on the side and in the distance. Green trees of every size and shape. Blue, black, and green are shooting hoops. Gray and red are running to catch the ball. Children are always the color of every party. It’s our curiosity, questions, PLAFYLNESS and our amazement of simple rocks that never get old.

Yeah. On this sunny afternoon, color told me a wonderful story. Or did nature?

Thanks for reading my thoughts on color. If you enjoyed my writing, please let me know. I’m going to fill a book full of colorful thoughts. I’ll be giving the ebook away for free.

Light and Dark Color

Oh my I forgot how beautiful this painting is. There is dark mysteriousness. The moon is dreamy, so warm.

Without a dark stky there is no glowing moon.

Always greeting my mind my heart, hi!

No dreans are to big

No matter the season there’ll always be a fig

The way you glow

Needs and wants I have them, this I know

Ok we’d be foolish to say more dark times please. Dark times are the moments we become wiser, braver, stronger and smarter. Maybe many dark times hurt so much because we aren’t used to being responsible for our inner experience. Many times what we call dark times aren’t that dark. It’s more like time to remind ourselves of who we truly are. We were born to make beautiful art!

With color this is the same concept. You have red, mix in a little white and you get pink. You have black, mix a little white and you get graceful gray. Lately there have been several occasions where I add too much blue or green and the color is dark, all seems unworkabke. Then I add a litle white or yellow, sometimes who knows what I I mix up. Suddenly, it’s where have you been all of my life.

The magic of color

Remember the days of back to school crayons and markers? Maybe you had a big box. The other kids wanted to borrow your carnation pink. Yes the names are fun to read too. If felt good that you owned the box. You share and your just having fun. It still feels good. Crayons, wait a minute, why don’t I have a box in my tool box?

Crayons are simple, inexpensive

With every color you can be expressive

Dandelion Yellow

You make me feel mellow

Young or old

We can all be bold

Did I say old?

I mean little kids big kids

With crayons I can be a big jar of hearts no lid

Yeah I like that.

Yes crayons are so simle, easy and beautiful. Color is all around us. As children simple makes us happy. The older we get the more we forget. Oh the magic of color. The magic of color? Maybe that’s good name for my book.

Hope you are enjoying these thoughts on color. I am working on the book. Ooh I can paint crayons!

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Hue Beauty

A hue is beautiful on its own but it’s only until you mix it with other colors that true beauty is revealed. You have your primaries. You have your secondaries. Add white or water. You can take 8 shades and turn them into 64 colors.

I am an artist and I like to paint without pencil sketches and referemce photos but my best ideas come from nature, podcasts, music, my experiences and those yet to come. I am grateful for every canvas that made me ask why. I am grateful for the songs that encourage the grandeur between us. I am greatful for the lessons that each season brings.