Creative Exploration

Plastic Wrap + Rock Texture?

I intended to paint a place somewhere in Australia. Not sure where this is, but what a beautiful photo. This voice insisted on realism. I decided why not check off the texture list I started. Plastic wrap it is.

All I needed was shades of blue and black. Then I cut the plastic wrap to fix each section accept the heart. Trying a new technique with no expectations but a little visual interest.

Magic happens during the drying process. I did add a few more layers. I love my iteration. The color and texture are amazing! And the thought…change is good, change is beautiful. Change takes time and evolution is always changing, growing and gift for us all.

Now this is the art that I want to create. These are the ideas that make me dance and sing!

Creative Exploration

Random Texture Idea

I had some leftover paint from the tree I painted yesterday. I wasn’t sure what to paint and then, why not? It’s fun to see what happens.

Press the paper on the plate and rub.

This is what happens when the paint is almost dry.

I added a little water to the plate. I love this pink.

I pressed a new sheet of paper into the paint I pressed the paper into the plate two times. In between presses I added more water to the plate. Here’s what it looks like dry. I like the texture. The dry paint created the circle patterns. Maybe I could create a butterfly. Oh wait, there’s this quote about us all having these wings to fly. Maybe?

I had to use every last drop of paint.

I do have an idea! I want to paint some blue texture paper for the butterfly. These days I spend my mornings reading, writing and updating art. In the afternoon I paint. That’s what you’ll be seeing for awhile. This technique is fun and easy because you never know what you’ll get.

Thanks for reading. Every week there’s more and more of you. Stay healthy. See you tomorrow.

Creative Exploration

Sketch in Color

the color sketching has begun. This will be the Road Trip Color scheme.

I wrote the story, created a story board, took notes, made revisions and it’s sketching time. I want to get used to painting without drawing with a pencil first.

The color scheme makes sense because with any journey you have happy times. You have times, lots of them, when your faith in you, your abilities and humanity will be tested. The aqua is a reminder for not becoming negative circumstances.

I know that my attitude was negative during the trip…I think a lot about the trip. The one year anniversary is approaching and this book is a good way to celebrate.

And just like that, I found the personal theme for this book.

  • Paint all objects with watercolor. (working on watercolor skills)
  • Use markers and pencils to add details. ( gain confidence in drawing)
  • paint pages of textures( let color and texture tell the story)

I’m going to paint several sketches and choose the best ones for the book.