Creative Exploration

Stamping hearts with Acrylic

The back cover of my Watercolor paper pad makes good stamps. I added a little water to the red to make pink. I could have continued those lines to fill up the page. I could take the candle jar lid and stamp a sheet of paper. Then cut out heart shapes or apply a heart shape on the lid then stamp. Now I want to try that.

There are tons of ideas. Exploring makes the best art!

Creative Exploration

Surprising ways to use a candle lid

There I was with some leftover paint. I’ve been reading about block printing and how to make stamps.

Sure I painted usual flowers but I wanted to stamp. With the lid in my had I had an idea. Paint the floral design and stamp. The stamp visibility depends on the how much paint you apply. Adding water makes the paint thinner and works beautifully too.

Oh and the fun doesn’t stop here. I could get some plain cream or light brown fabric and stamp along a a table runner. I could stamp on a wall? for the garden? I’d need different paint of course.

Some other ways I’ve used the lid…

The lid by the way, is a lid from a Bath and Body Works Candle. I wonder what else in my house could make a stamp? Aren’t you curious? Go create. If you discover something then tag me on instagram @hellomireya

See you tomorrow.