Creative Exploration

Pink Florals With Eraser Stamp

I am curious to see how these flowers will look digitized? Love the yellow monotone stigmas. Erasers make such great stamps. I cut a rectangle shape. Then v shaped the edges on one side. What an idea! Yes some of the flowers are a mess. The stamp kept falling. The paint was too thick and too thin in other areas. What an idea that came from a customized eraser.

Just making art is about making a mess. learning and improving your skills. The 100 ways flower project helped me study the parts of the flower and improve my color palette. I no longer simply draw flowers with straight stems.

An I going to try this again? Absolutely! If you have or will be stamping with erasers email or tag me on instagram.

Creative Exploration

Update + Free books + Stamping

Update On The Book

Today I sat for three hours. I didn’t think about how terrible my writing was or any of the perfect lettering I adore. Well, just a tiny bit. I didn’t question my lettering. I did so only at moments when I knew I could do better. I did. I just drew and wrote and wrote and drew.

Then I went back to all of my designs and the writng and ideas are good. A voice said, ” Your work looks good. Don’t every aplogize for your art again.” I’m learning so much too. Instead of using a whole sheet of paper I can fold one sheet in half and staple an actual book. I’m proud of my work. I believe in the content. Everything is great but… BUT I probably won’t make the Friday September 6th deadline. In all fairness, my original goal is by the end of summer.

Free E-Books

Aside form this it’s my Birthday! I want to give you the gift. All three of my ebooks will be free from today September 6th till the 9th. Click on this link and enjoy. Please reveiw my books on Amazon. If you like any of the illustrations let me know. I can add them as prints in my limited printable art etsy shop. Please be sure to subscribe to this blog so you can get Road Trip for free too.

You are my tribe. I aprreciate you. Thank you for reading. Let’s conquer.


After three hours of writing and drawing I needed a break. I do love to paint. I’m wokring on a few quotes. For this project all you need is something to stamp with and some acrylic paint. I used size 10 paint brush. Oh and a pen to write your quote. You could use paint. I atually worked on another textture one with a make-up brush but this print needed finishing.

I’m going to change the lettering and add this to my society 6 shop.