Expressive Flowers

There’s a Gem In Every Project

Ana & George was my first book project. For a short time, it was published but I stopped selling it because it was too much of a work in progress. The story began with a destined-to-be queen bee. Bellisia wanted to travel the world, and engage with all her worker bees. She wanted to fly with the butterflies and visit all the flowers. Somehow Bellisia turned into a baker bee named Ana.

And slowly all these characters emerged. Each one with a spirit that refuses societal norms. It’s not about being different. It’s a want to be yourself. I kept going back and forth with ideas. I would sit for hours and write. Then throw it away and start over. I loved imagining the characters, letting my mind wander, and writing. I got to be part of the adventure. Painting is my love and my adventure. Every project I work on is an adventure.

I now realize that I let this story go for good reasons. What do I know about writing and illustrating a chapter book? Absolutely nothing. That’s exactly why I had to write it. If it weren’t for this story I wouldn’t have had the courage to write Different Is Beautiful. I have many more poems and stories to write.

I just read Ana & George. It’s been years since I’ve read this story. I thought I deleted it. I’m glad I still have it? Maybe I can turn the book themes and characters into a whimsical thought journal book? What a cool idea! I should do some creative writing while the idea is still fresh in my mind.



Expressive Flowers

Flowers we need you all!

The world needs me. The world needs you. There is a reason for us all. Let’s keep painting. Let’s keep creating. There is plenty of love for everyone!

I hope you are creating with me. Please email me or tag me on Instagram. Follow me on Pinterest. I am working on filming little process and inspirational videos for my work. Those videos will be on Pinterest. Do I know how to film? Not a clue but I want to share my art. There are many more flowers and textures to paint. I’ve been painting textures. I’m excited to share it all. I have so much to say.



Expressive Flowers

If you want to be happy

Not sure why but the song, if you want to be happy for the rest of your life popped into my mind. I suppose at that moment I was feeling the breeze from all the trees surrounding my home. I had just come home from a wonderful walk. I started collaging and at that moment I sang the lyrics, if you want to be happy for the rest of your life paint colorful blooms. Ok, I changed the ending, but I can still feel the breeze.

Creative Exploration

You are a gift

I’ve been wrapping up 2021 and focusing on preparing for 2022. I have tons of projects. One of these is redesigning my blog. I wrote a new about me page. I am working on a year in review and a preview for 2022. The year is going to be big. I feel blessed and brave enough to share my gifts. In doing so I enourage you to do the same. You are the gift. No matter what happens know that you’re not the experiences that you’ve been in. Who you truly are no one can take that from you.

This post contains a list of art resources inculding a sunflower fingerpainting idea

Here’s the new about me. I’m still working on the page.

Mireya is a visionary creative with perpetual curiosity. Her true loves are culture, animals, flowers and color. Her work is expressive of the emotions and thoughts she’s felt since childhood. Growing up art was always murals and line perspective. Her favorite work of all is School of Athens. The little art that she was exposed to was perfect with all its principles and elements of design. For a while she stopped painting because self-portraits and capturing the light on a rose? That’s not her kind of painting. Yet she loved color. She fell in love and continues to fall in with love with every artist’s why and how! No matter how much she pushed away her creative spirit, that light it was always burning. She filled the house with paper decorations, imagined the worlds inside her books, wrote her own stories, many of these are still in her mind. She would constantly zone out, lose herself in thought. She still does.

Not sure how but a door opened to up a world of black marker doodles, radical typography, hardcore aesthetic, texture tissue paper animals and her favorite resource of all, Learning by Heart: Lessons to Free your Creative Spirit.

Yeah, that’s my story and so Creatively Hue is my place, our place. A place where you make art and be you. You don’t have to know who that is. You just pick up the paint brush or paint with your fingers. There are no rules. Sure, learn what you want to learn but the real magic happens when you bloom with you. No not the physical you or the societal you, but your inner spirit. One day you’ll realize I knew who I was all along.

Bloom with you. Your best work is waiting.  

Creative Exploration

Flirt with creativity

Shades of pink acrylic blooms

Not the pinks I intended to mix up. Thank goodness. Mix red with a little blue and then white. Using turquoise and aqua creates plum pinks. The color of a blouse? A shade of lip balm? The color took over. I had to paint. I finished with a paper roll flower. These flowers are easy to make and sporadic. At first it seems like a mess, As you work the idea begins to bloom. I’ll share the finished floral soon. Here’s the blooms that started it all.

Flirt with idea.

Flirt with imagination.

Flirt with creativity.

Flirt with impossibilities.

Just looking at the the blooms encourages me to keep creating and keep sharing.

I was in an Anthropologie store today and inspiration struck. I am already excited to paint this week. Want to purchase this print? Click on the art print.

Ok time to go for a walk.