Expressive Flowers

Art and Bravery

How are you brave?

I’ve been thinking about this question all morning because am I brave? Just now, I have an answer. Bravery is in the small big things. Bravery is knowing what’s you, what’s the outside, and choosing you. Who you are is a light shining so bright, it’s a gift and like a cup of water versus the shores of Lanikai Beach, we all make a difference. Any time you can stand against the talk, or see spring amid a storm is that not bravery? Maybe one small act will lead to something bigger?

This is a hand painted collage art animal book about self love. It's dedicated to us.

I have published 8 books. I have written, edited, and illustrated these books. Do I have a degree in these subjects? No. All I have are the words I’ve written. I like writing! I wrote in college. I write for this blog. I do all of this despite the small voice that says I shouldn’t. There’s an even bigger voice that says I should. That’s brave right?

Thank you, WordPress for encouraging me. Art dreams here we come! WordPress is doing #bloguary daily prompts in January. I’ll be using these prompts to share my work every day.

Do you know of a video, course, or post that will help me paint roses? Comment below and thanks! Feel free to share a link to your art as well.



Expressive Flowers

Butterfly Floral Collage

a yellow butterfly filled with pink and blue flowers

Not sure where this came from but Wow! I wasn’t sure what my journal entry would be. Catcoq’s email was about animal motifs. I read a fabulous EttaVee post on abundance mentality. You know I had to do something with flowers and a butterfly. Beyoncé’s new song was fresh on my mind. That is all I have to say about this beautiful butterfly. I do want to paint the background. I want to cursively write the word fly someplace inside the butterfly. I want this to be a print on the wall. As the color catches your eye, you’re curious, and your eyes lead to fly. Altogether the word fly just makes you want to release, flow and fly. Fly like the wind. I want to fly. I need to fly.

Ok so I had a lot more to say. I should write a poem. I shall. It’s written.

With Love


Are you a subscriber? There are lots more blooms to come. All these journal entries are going to lead to a book project. Not sure what that book will be. I do have an idea. It will come together.

Expressive Flowers

Wise Trees Collage Tree

There are a few trees that I redid for the re-release of Wise Trees. The other is a crayon one. Glue gun and crayons is amazing! I should add that to my Pinterest. I will. I have many many more trees to paint but I’ll save these for the next book project.

Ok I’m kicking off my summer painting this week and what better way to do that then with Wise Trees.

Have you read the read? Oh it’s so good and azure to spark your curiosity and make you feel like you can paint what you want to paint! Please do leave a review of the book on Amazon. Your support means so much to me.

Let’s make it a great week! Let’s make it a great summer.

Expressive Flowers

It’s Nature

three golden yellow blooms in acrylic paint

Every bloom

grows under the moon

I have a walk

You have a walk

We all have a different walk

We all have our dance

want the chance

We all have a gift

gifts set differences adrift

the smiles, the lessons, the laughter

it’s pure nature hereafter

It’s always nature

Believe it or not these words were inspired by a man who happens to call the streets his home. Oh, and all who inspire me. I show up to teach them but wow they teach me. Bless you all. Oh, and thank you readers.

Expressive Flowers

Because I love Eric Carl‘s Work

Tomorrow I’ll finish this flower but yes, I love Eric Carle’s simplicity. He just paints and it’s beautiful.

I like my work too.

olorful collage flower

Collage has taught me to have patience and trust the process. It could take about two hours to work on a piece. You let your eyes do the arranging. Maybe collage can help me be a better painter.

Expressive Flowers

Art is Freedom

The weather feels good. It’s breezy in the shade and warm in the sun. I can feel the breeze and here the chitchat. The bird’s are singing their song. It’s a lovely day to admire and fall in love…

Seems like I haven’t done much walking for the sake of walking and admiring it all. Seems like I’ve been clearing my mind instead of taking note of all the details. Like right now I’m seeing the swaying of the branches and the breeze, it feels so free.

Our best work originates in the freedom. Oh, trees remind of painting a few trees for Wise Trees. There’s a few trees I want to redo.

Expressive Flowers

Collage and Color Purple Bloom

Same concept but better. The color, color keeps on shinning much brighter.

I can actually look at my work and see the ideas. It’s like I’m looking at someone’s work thinking, ok yes, beautiful, I see what you’re doing!

Expressive Flowers

Going back to the basics

three flat brush florals

Picking up a few new supplies has been great. I’ve been going back to the basics. By basics I mean no agenda, no specific tool just curiosity and play. I let my eyes choose and mix the color. I choose one brush, right now it’s a flat one. Feels like I’m falling in love with quinacridone magenta all over again. Oh, and watching Carrie Schmitt’s live painting party was wonderful inspiration. I’m repainting old favorites. I’m appreciating my own work. Yes, I sorted a file of MY old work and I’m on fire. All of a sudden, I have lots of flowers to paint. Oh, and I just remembered, there’s a new book idea too. I have to write the book. I will.

These petals were created with random left-hand strokes. I have a few more details to add. What’s the rush, right? I have time and so much more to paint.

This sense of play is what brings, or should I say, reveals our best work. I am open and ready to accept all the blooms that I have yet to paint. My best work is here. It’s always been here. I just have to let go and be like water. Ha. In the meantime, paint.

With love,


Expressive Flowers

A Colorful Tool

An old watercolor sheet repurposed

It was florals and swatches

A new idea always resurfaces

Stamp paper with paint.

Collage Wildflowers?

Make sunflowers too, without restraint.

Spray, Splatter, Splash

Get rid of cares

Have a blast!

It is moments like this that I grow. I grow as an artist. I painted a pattern art print. If I recall, all but a square in the left-hand corner was stamped with royal blue lines. My keychain broke off. I could create a similar stamp? Ok back to the pattern. I mixed up a bubblegum pink. I painted a big pink flower in the empty square. That’s a good idea. The practice was messy, but the idea was brilliant.

I keep referencing, There’s No Right Way to Paint a Flower. That by the way is the new title for Creative Bloom. I need to go and enjoy the outdoors. I need to learn how to breathe. Then I can come home and paint all the beautifulness I’ve seen. And that’s exactly what I’ll do this summer! There’s one other project I want to work on. That’s these are a few of my favorite things. Although, there is Just Ask by Sonia Sotomayor. I’ll just have to paint and figure it out.

What are you planning this summer? Any floral fields on your vacation? Art Projects? New Courses? Workshops? Do tell!

By the way I may post a quick quote for Saturday but other than that I’ll see you Sunday.

Lots of Love,


Expressive Flowers

Thank You Blooms

Thank you for blooming in the sun.

Wishing I had the hill where I can run.

For finding a book about Amanda Gorman

For all the fish who swim extra miles with just one fin

For the girl in the wheelchair

She built musical flowers and trees because she cares.

For the flowers that always keep me on track.

Your breeze, your love, there’s nothing I lack.

For remembering how good it feels to breathe.



It’s a miracle, so lyrical!

For the bees who went buzzing from flower to flower.

The breeze, the life, the color, it’s just so powerful!

Thank You!

I love writing these little poems. These words always make me feel so, right here and now. I sat today watching bees go from flower to flower. That is what I want more of in my life. That is what makes me smile. That is why I want to run my creative business. I want more of that. Those moments help me write such words. These words help me. I know they can help you too.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing plans for my blog. I have good ideas for the summer. I have a new book project. I am always on the lookout for ideas and new tools. Please email me or find me on Pinterest. Instagram is a good place too.