Collage Flowers and Greatness

various pink yellow and blue flowers on a light blue background

What to do with leftover collage paper? My answer came as I was working on colors and textures for the book. De Colores is a celebration of color. Everything has color. Today we discussed the American Womans Quarters Program. It was inspiring to learn about the diverse women. Yes that beautiful word diversity. AND that’s the greatness I speak of ,the word I chose for this year. It made me feel like yes Amanda and Maya I too have words to sing. I’ll do it through my color, my art.

What does all this have to do with my flower collage painting? I just took the odds and leftover papers and cut. I let my eyes and my spirit decide. I tried this and that until I was was done.

Greatness is turning scraps into art.

Greatness is you keep going.

Greatness is no matter what, you rise

Greatness is both fish and snakes have scales, yet they’re different.

Greatness is though we walk and talk different, together we laugh and smile.

Christmas is a colorful time

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Chrsitmas Tree how lovely are your branches. Oh how the lights and ornaments shine against green branches. I’ve never thought like this before. I’ve been taking evening strolls in my neighborhood. Shiny lights warm me like the sun. Using crayons to color vintage bulbs. Christmas is such a colorful time of year. The moon, the stars shine every night. It’s all such a symhony.

I feel like I’ve written this before. It’s true. Aren’t we lightbulbs lighting up the world with our art, our song, and our lessons. We decorate the tree, adding this and that. Somehow it works.

Should I add this to the color book? Yes and I’m ready to get back in the editing game.

Who are you? Be You Lip gloss Blooms

We all have a voice inside that begs to be heard

‘It’s not begging, its just that nothing feels absurd

We want to ride like the big kids

We fall, we ride, we fall and then we learn to skid!

These moments, who you truly are will never fade away

I do have a shop

I have a few shops. Every print, tote, pillow and book are mindfulnes. My color, my words, my use of everyday ordinary tools, these are all about nurturing the creative spirit.

I am working on a course and the color book for next year. Thank you for being a fan and leaving your comments. Everyday Creatively Hue grows and I am happy, always happy to share my art with you.

A Free Creative Spirit

These are a few of my favorite sketches. I seem to be doing this a lot these days but sharing keeps me creating.

My lettering isn’t centered. Some wouldn’t even call it lettering. Together we bloom was painted on copy paper. The collage flower was painted with old paint. I painted the tree with a Crayola flat brush. Nothing on Crayola, Crayola makes good art supplies. Some might say Crayola is for kids.

Artists like to build up a tool box. I watch videos and see expensive brushes and premium paints. The truth is who cares. Ok I am a collector of color but what produces good work is a free spirit. It’s the freeness that comes form a state of being. You go fron idea to idea. There’s no mistake or mess. There is but you just fix it and move on. You keep working and enjoy the process.

Sweet or sour? It’s your choice. This painting was a distater. Who knows what the green was before. I painted over it and covered the mess with the letters. Oh that’s why I added the lightbulb. The color is brillant and what an idea. The texture is amazing. I guess today I just wanted to write these words.

Who cares what people are doing. Who cares what people think. Live for you. Create from your awesomeness. That shines much brighter than the perfect hue.

Here’s to more work. Oh my goodness the editing for the color book is amazing! I’ll tell you about that in a few days.

Love this new pink acrylic paint

I was painting blooms and thinking spring. Today is cold and winter is almost near. I’ll sit in thought and dream of spring as I glue, paint or write.

Oh but there are many of full mooms in the winter. There are breezy cold days just right for blankets and hot cocoa. The sun shines so your nose won’t freeze. Oh my every season has its beauty! I have so many blooms to paint and a book to finish!

This weekend I’ll put together the ebook layout, the first rough draft. I may share it sooner than you think.

Colorful Petals Colorful Life

olorful collage flower

Paint a bucnh of paper in all kinds of color. Add texture. Cut and paste according to your eyes. Save your scraps for the next project. The stem and petals are scraps from my last project.

I paint what I feel is a good one too.

Keep creating and let brilliant ideas find you. That was Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic. I always have ideas, more ideas than I know what to do with. You just have to start cutting and arranging and keep working till the bloom—it’ll bloom right before your eyes.

Thank you for being a fan. Everything in my shop will be 35% off this week.

Literally keep creating

I am so glad the watercolor stem and leaves didn’t work. Instead of thinking mess or mistake I kept going. I thought of these blue deep green papers I painted. Then I cut out the shapes and let color tell the story. When you create, you have to make a choice. Are you going to let go, get out of your own way and paint. Or are you going to think comparison, perfection and all that nonsense.