Q-tip tree take two

I didn’t use a q-tip. I used a size o round and size 6 flat brush. There are two lessons today.

1. Sometimes it’s not what tool you use but how you use it.

2. Not every idea is a winner but to get to the wins you must do the work.

I have lots of work to do. Mixing blue with hot pink made a difference. I’ll use watercolor paint to paint the sky around the tree. By the way acrylic paint works similar to watercolor when you water it down.

I did use the q-tip for painting flowers.

I’ve been listening to an awesome podcast by James Victore. Have a good weekend all!

Creative Exploration

New tools and new techniques. This is an old image but it makes sense here too. I’ve begun creative exploraion. This weekend I painted mushrooms. I’ve just started the first layer.

I’m taking this skillshare course, Acrylic painting for beginners. This is a great course in using your paints for more than painting from the tube. Days before I had begun mixing blue with all the other colors in my palette. This class uses this technique to build a cohesive color scheme.

This week I’ll be making a list of ideas I want to try. I almost forgot I was working on painting nature made heart shapes. Today I saw a lovely variety of clouds. The hearts covered in gray clouds held a few hearts. Wait a minute, I have an idea. I can’t believe it’s the second week in March already. This week I’ll be working on cleaning up my files, getting rid of old work and building a to-do list. I’ll be positing some more collage work and ideas. You’ll see some of my lettering practice. I really want to test all of my brushes and see how they write. Maybe I should invest in some watercolor markers. I’m really interested in drawing my words with acrylic or maybe even color pencils. My acrylic writing sometimes looks great but most of the time its a mess. Do you know of any resources?

Have you checked out my Live Your Love Story book in black and white? Let me know what you think? Go to @hellomireya

Thanks for reading and subscribe. Spring is almost here! There’s lots to come.

Edits for the book

I’m changing the name from weird is beautiful to different is beautiful. So yesterday I had the house to myself. I painted. I painted lots of textures. The video is posted on my Instagram @hellomireya. I’m not a YouTuber but I’d like to do more videos on Instagram.

My favorite textures are the ones I just mix up with color. I like just applying the drops of paint. Then using a wide brush to blend. The beauty is in knowing how to blend the right color combination.

Oh and I’m looking at animals. There’s so many to choose from. I’ll just create. No need to be realistic.

One final truth is acceptance. I never realized how beautiful this word is. I accept that I want to keep creating. I accept that I haven’t been dedicated as I should be. I accept that I am a talent and a force to be reckoned with. This part of me is slightly hiding. Hiding. Got to think more on this…

Thumbprint Painting Tree

I like trees. I’ve dedicated a few of them to fall.

Change and uncomfartableness are part of growing. It’s somethng we must do. Of course change isn’t easy but that’s why I drew this tree. We must edure the change. I struggled with bear vs. bare. I intened to write bare but my mind and pastel insisted on bear. I suppose bareness helps us get rid of dead weight. The process can be cold and ugly but we must bear, for when the time is right, beauty will prevail.

Here’s a quick easy and fun way to paint a tree.

Play around with color.

This is playful and cheerful. The quote for this tree is change is good.

This color scheme is energetic. Looking at this give me a warm feeling.

The fun is feeling the intended message as you paint. I have an idea for a really cool Johnny Appleseed tree. I want to paint some more pumkins.

Today is the last day to get my Road Trip book for free. Hope you got it. Oh my, this weekend I have to paint some new ideas for my shop and keep researching animals for the book.

And so I begin a new book…

The first step is reviewing my notes. Typically I’ll be among my usual and idea comes begging to be written. Sounds crazy I know, but Elizabeth Gilbert describes this so well in her book. It so true! Any way I’ve had this story for months and it’s the one I want to work on. These are a few of the animals.

I’m thinking of so much right now but animals from the most beautiful color to the rarest of the world intrigue me, spark my curiosity really. I’m always left with a notion that beauty before me is purpose. We all have a purpose and in that purpose we are bound by love. Yeah deep stuff. BUT I see a book that children of any age can read. It must be read.

Oh Friday I begin my fall workshop. On various days I’ll post fun fall projects. I’ll also post on my book process ,Tuesday through Thursday. I’ll be painting some fish. Yes I have great ideas for mixed media fish. I hope you got my Road Trip e-book. If you haven’t there’s still time. It’s available for free till Friday October 11th.

Collage Animals

various paints and origami paper

You know when you get an idea and you’re excitied. And right when you get around to it the light bulb’s out. I love Eric Carle’s collage work. I had fun painting the papers but I don’t think the book idea is going to happen.

These guys are cute …

but I started researching fish and… alll these thoughts floureshed. I have some cool pencils, markers and watercolor that could be used to paint coral reefs, fish and some polka dot paper that would make a great Pippi Longstocking horse. My ideas are about all the animals I love.

These animals are so fun to make. I will always remeber the fun I had at Lee School.

Did you get my free copy of Road Trip?

Sennilier Swatches and Free E-Book

This weekend I tried my new Sennilier 24 color pan set. I’m happy. Not bad for a student set. The colors are smooth and easy to work with. There are a few colors that aren’t as warm or vibrant as I’d like them to be. I can fix these with a little India ink or mixing. The first three rows are pan swatches. The fourth row is premium paint swatches. There are a few differences. This is a good set to practice mixing various tones and for painting earth/nature tones. The blues and greens are beautiful. Some of the browns are too. My E-book will be available for free until Friday Oct. 11th. The Fall workshop will begin Friday. Every Monday and Friday I will post a fun project idea.

Creative Exploration: Animals

Now that I’ve explored textures with water and brushes it’s time to paint some animals. No sketching just paint or what ever it is you have. Project rules are to choose one animal and explore various ways you can draw it. We can change the mood, character and emotion with various elements. There are many ways to draw.

Bird ( This was the warm-up which involved painting a bird with watercolor pencils and marker.

I really had to work through the bird. I had an idea of a flying bird yet it has a fish tale. Not to worry. I may have a story about a bird who looks like a fish. I’m going to seriously think about this. I’ll write about it tomorrow.

First bear on botton left

I wanted to test out some of the textures I created. I messed up on the mouth but this is practice. The importance is I now have a bear who seems sad. Why?

Scary Bear

I love this one. I was instructed to take the brush and spread some paint on the paper. then observe shapes and form a bear. Maybe this bear is misunderstood becasue he’s a bear and unusual.

Draw a bear using geometric shapes (bottom right)

I should have used a better contrasting color.

Use an unusual color and observe changes

Pink makes the bear seem goofy and maybe this could be a story about a bear who changes color.

Big Orange Brown Bear

Love this bear. Here I was able to fully use the texture I discovred with the 1/4 angled Princeton Brush. I believe I have a smaller size brush.

Here are my bears. I admit that I was tempted to give up and call some of these bears faliures. Instead, I let Adolfo’s words guide me. This is practice. Experiment and play like you are a kid. See what happens. You never know where ideas will take you. There’s no perfection. Don’t think.

Hope you enjoyed this. I’ll keep posting and working. This weekend I have a couple of projects planned. I’ll be swatching my new paint palette. I have an fun paiting project to test out my new paint. I’ll be planning the fall workshop. As always, I invite you to create with me.

Oh, I used colored pencils, markers and a little watercolor.

Happy Friday!

Creative Exploration: your brushes

The creativity continues with exploring paint brushes. I like to stamp with ceramic things, q- tips the back of a paint brush handle and what my curiosity demands. The brush makes some cool textures for animal hair. I bought a five pack of Daiso mixed media brushes for $1.50. They work good with acrylic but not with watercolor.

Another surprise was the size 8 brush. Some of these textures work well for bear hair. I painted backwards up instead of upward down.

The idea is to see what happens. You never know what you’ll discover. I have some cool textures for some animals I want to paint.

I used watercolor and acrylic. I’ve got lots of brushes and some random things. Go around the house and see what you can find. Paint with a leaf, stamp with a soda cap, crunched up paper, the back of a lip balm and …