Mosaic Fish

The park in Barcelona is a beautiful wonder. There’s something about painting each shape. You have to have patience. How it dries and the effect it leaves is all up to the water.

As for the color, it’s all complementary. Mixing a drop of green with a magenta makes lovely shades of pink. Having a size two brush helps.

I didn’t have a plan. All I wanted was happy tones and let the shapes find themselves. Fish are another world of curiosity. No two fish are alike, much like us.

Painting with white space helps me slow down. Not bad for a student grade pan set. I can paint all day like this! I will. Paint patterns and textures of the world while I write for 100 ways to flower with power? Sounds marvelous. I still want to paint flowers. I will.

What do you like to paint? Please share it on instagram or email me. These days I feel like a kid in a candy store. I find such peace in painting, that is until perfection shows up. I find myself asking everyone around me if they like to paint. I hope everyone has something that makes them feel the way I do when I paint.

Note to Self

I just needed a sweet reminder.

You are Brave

…just an observation I made as I was on a morning walk. There I was in uncertainty and nature took over.

Then I came home and painted beautifully…

Let go, see what happens…

Paint flat, glide and twist. I love that you can, stamp, drag, dab, tab or use the end to create dots. One of the major takeaways for flower with power is letting go.

I don’t know how to draw a flower. But it isn’t perfect so I need to throw it away. These are what get me, prevent me from pushing further.

Last night I made a horrible mess trying to fix what I thought needed to be fixed. Yes there were mistakes. And I walked right into them. I’ almost threw it away but it’s a beauty! Collage was a brilliant idea! Interestingly, the fix was closer to the idea in my head, without the clutter.

What a lesson for the other aspects of my life! Seriously.

Again I say thank to my new readers. We are growing. It is wonderful that I can share my art with you.

Create For You

You have no idea how this flower connects with my creative life right now. Always really. You learn. You grow. You grow. Learn More. Last night I read the first book I wrote. I write stories. They linger. I edit. I edit. They go out into the world like little soldiers of peace offering smiles keep goings.

It is hard to admit that glorious summer days spent writing ended up unpublished, trashed and collecting dust in the sucks pile. Deep down I know. I wasn’t writing for me. I wanted this story to be told. I wanted to say I am a writer because I say I am. I thought I was writing and rewriting letting the story speak for iteslf and I was merely the note taker.

Smewhere in all that I lost myself in a pile of MANY, I think they’ll like that. I kept asking how will this resonate with the audience. Many writers say that the most important part of writing is to write for you. Now I will rewrite the book FOR ME. I know why I wrote the book. I’ll write it like the kid who knows.

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The Opposite Hand

What a flower. Painting with the opposite hand gives up that control. You aren’t used to painting with this hand. You don’t know what the results will be. The variation in the strokes, size and width are much more interesting than a simple right hand. The brush and the color made me feel fall.

Change may feel weird and scarry but good willl come. Let the beauty happen by not dwelling on what was lost. For what will come will be far more beautiful. It always is.

And just like that I have and idea for the book. I am not going to plan or share every detail of this journey. I’ll share the bits I feel need to be shared. These flowers were painted with a mix of tempera and acrylic AND MY LEFT HAND. Who knew. I’m excited for what’s to come.

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You Are Loved

The ebook is ready. I may make a few changes. Now there’s this around the world beautiful culure idea that popped in my head. That project is happeing. Not sure when. Maybe the holiday season is a great time to start!

I did start a little…

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Paint an Apple With Dots

Why not? Each dot represents a person with an idea. Millions of ideas have changed the world. One simple, I’m choosing to win the race without shoes. He won, an olympic medal no less. That thought, that drive the racing heart kept racing even when his legs couldn’t. All the world needs is one man or WOMAN with a brilliant idea. Brilliant ideas come from all over the word. A seed here and a seed there. Together change happens.

I’m stuck on the legend of Johnny Appleseed. He walked and walked so others could have cider. The apples that we eat, well the pigrims were the first to grow these in America. So yes all the world needs is one idea because in that one idea are the countless ones that helped. Instead of tearing each other down. Let’s enjoy the fruit together!

Drawing Flowers Take 2

Since I like the apple activity so much I decided to have another take at these flowers. It it so free to use 2 cent copy papar rather than expensive sheets. All in good practice. Great practice.

My tools of choice: a pick, the tip and flat part of a sponge brush. Oh and the handle my watercolor brush.

What I love about experimentation is you can’t control the outcome. What will happen will happen. I wanted to have straight lines in the yellow flowers. Sometimes you do get surprices.

My favorite. It’s a flower. There’s color. Shapes. The playful way you read it. Everything about this is excatly what I needed to express.

In the middle of washing the brush, I had this idea! I need a close-up.

I am in California and yes I needed a reminder to stop complaining and be grateful for what I do have. I really need this flower! Lettering went from ok I have some ideas to I beleive it works. More on that tomorrow, I just had to share.

You can make flowers out of anything, cruncheed up paper or straws…I will have to build the collection. Wait a minute, this is my book idea.