Expressive Flowers

Sunflowers you make me happy!

There I was painting sunflowers. I had Cat Coq’s sunflower tutorial on my mind. I’m ready for fall. Sunflowers are trending. I want good work for the shop. I kept painting and referencing photos. This technique never works because I obsess over details. I was about to call it a day when pink sunflowers popped into my head. Pink and peach express how nature makes me feel. At that moment I knew I needed to paint and let my flowers bloom. Then I thought about the rainbow watercolor art print. The lines in between colors were uneven but the neutral colors and the Maya Angelou quote, beautiful!

I’m going to paint more sunflowers this week. All these sunflowers gave me the confidence to design a logo for my website but that’s another post. Here’s to painting like you mean it, painitng with your heart. Wait till you see my pink and orange collage sunflower!



Expressive Flowers

Smile Paper Collage Flower

Doesn’t the smile bloom make you smile? The brushstrokes and color make me smile. I’ve been holding on to the green paper. Oh but the lines create such a texture! I like the other quote too.

You are a part of nature. Nature is living breathing and beautiful!

These words make me smile too. I was supposed to write, not sure what the original thought was but these words work! I should spend time writing for these blooms. Eventually, I will have a book full of these blooms. Each page, has its own thought, color, and texture.

I”m looking for a stamp to replace my awesome candle lid. I can get like an old wall texture. Oh that’s right, I used yellow green collage paper for the leaves and stem isntead of the painted ones. It’s even better.

Pink flower with world needs love quote

These paper collage flowers help declutter my mind, meditate, breathe, pray, reflect, LOVE, play and smile! That is everything I want my art to be. It’s going to be a great book. I know I’m not the only one who needs my expressive wildflowers.

Alright so what am I working on this week?

Let’s see more collage blooms, of course, acrylic flowers with a q-tip technique I saw on Pinterest, lunchtime writing and sketching, add work to my shop and what shall I paint to celebrate my birthday?



Expressive Flowers

Words by John W. Gardner

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.

John W. Gardner

When I work on a painting, I don’t use a pencil. I don’t even think about sketching, anymore. I haven’t in a long time. But I saw an artist on Instagram. She painted abstract flowers. Pencil marks were visible. Beautiful work! Part of me thought, should I sketch first? Then my thoughts wandered to an artist describing his process while working on a black ink illustration. The interviewer asked, “What happens if you make a mistake? Ink isn’t easily fixable. What if you accidentally splatter the ink?” The artist replied, “Then it becomes part of the illustration.”

The interview and the artist are still with me. There’s freedom in not using a pencil or eraser. It’s about the power of trusting in your process. Besides, where’s the fun without making? In the making you discover. In the making, your creativity ignites. Make is my word of 2022. Always will be.

Choose a word and doodle images that represent the word

It’s far better to not know than to think you know everything. Right?



Expressive Flowers

Art makes you…

I have written these words who knows how many times. Yes, I want to try new techniques. New color! Oh, I should try the ribbon. I will do that for the words I wrote about a tree. Yes, I sat one restful afternoon, on the bleachers overlooking this beautiful tree. Just feeling the breeze and writing. That’s a wonderful idea!

Yes, I rewrite these words for the process and practice but it’s self-love. Painting this latest version helped me realize that.

Here’s a few others I’ve written.

Expressive Flowers

Alma Libre Collage Word Art

Collage pink flowers and lettering the words free soul in Spanish

This design was inspired by the song Quiero Ser by Amaia Montero. The song is a Spanish song and means Free Soul. My favorite lyric is Quiero Ser Un Alma Libre. I want to be a free soul. Oh, I want to be the verb can is a good lyric also.

I’m having so much fun with textures! Makes me feel like I could paint this as a mural. I surrender to love. I surrender to all the ideas that will come.



Expressive Flowers

Always blooming with you

I sat under a tree. It was a hot day but the breeze and the color of the plants,flowers, and rocks had me focused on the moment. I took deep breathes. I felt energized and revived.

Now that I have the layout down, it’s time to glue. Oh, and I need to use white ink to write the word with inside the pink bloom.

These letters aren’t perfect. I did use a pencil to draw a few of the letters but mostly just cut. Good letters. Good color scheme. Nature you’re always cheering me on. Thank you to the fan who posted the words, you’ve got skills. When I was done cutting and pasting, your words came to mind. Not that I’m boasting, but I do have skills. I’m going to keep going and keep creating. In the words of Tabitha Brown, it’s my business.

What, a week into this journal and I’m already in a playful mood. Good!

Expressive Flowers

Butterfly Floral Collage

a yellow butterfly filled with pink and blue flowers

Not sure where this came from but Wow! I wasn’t sure what my journal entry would be. Catcoq’s email was about animal motifs. I read a fabulous EttaVee post on abundance mentality. You know I had to do something with flowers and a butterfly. Beyoncé’s new song was fresh on my mind. That is all I have to say about this beautiful butterfly. I do want to paint the background. I want to cursively write the word fly someplace inside the butterfly. I want this to be a print on the wall. As the color catches your eye, you’re curious, and your eyes lead to fly. Altogether the word fly just makes you want to release, flow and fly. Fly like the wind. I want to fly. I need to fly.

Ok so I had a lot more to say. I should write a poem. I shall. It’s written.

With Love


Are you a subscriber? There are lots more blooms to come. All these journal entries are going to lead to a book project. Not sure what that book will be. I do have an idea. It will come together.

Expressive Flowers

Wise Trees Collage Tree

There are a few trees that I redid for the re-release of Wise Trees. The other is a crayon one. Glue gun and crayons is amazing! I should add that to my Pinterest. I will. I have many many more trees to paint but I’ll save these for the next book project.

Ok I’m kicking off my summer painting this week and what better way to do that then with Wise Trees.

Have you read the read? Oh it’s so good and azure to spark your curiosity and make you feel like you can paint what you want to paint! Please do leave a review of the book on Amazon. Your support means so much to me.

Let’s make it a great week! Let’s make it a great summer.

Expressive Flowers

Giving art a second chance?

Use new tools like a dagger brush to paint flowers

I had these flowers in the love the color and petals but not a good bloom pile. The file was on my computer and in a redo file. The color is beautiful. Seems like color is a constant in all of my work. What was wrong with these in the first place? Maybe it was because the idea was quick to produce. I’m adding these flowers to my shop. These flowers are my process and a reminder to always have a faith in my work. Do I still have the actual artwork? I could paint a textured background. Even if I don’t have the actual blooms, I have the brush! I suppose it’s important to ask why I’m rejecting my work. Wait I’ve seen this quote someplace:

Make now. Question later.

You see that is a true artist. Though I may not be physically painting, I am painting in spirit, in my imagination! Art is always on my mind, in my heart.

With love,


Expressive Flowers

A sponge a stick and you have a bloom

Simple tools. It works. I haven’t painted much these days. Today I finally doodled with some pens. It was like, ah everything is suddenly right again. It felt like the breeze.

It’s been breezy and there’s nothing like a breeze. It’s fresh, free and nature! It’s almost like painting or drawing.

I need more of just watching the breeze. Suddenly I am thinking about all of my thoughts. It’s so important to take care of your mind.

Art helps you do that. I’m still working on a summer reading list. Oh and there’s a few new tools I want to test out. Oh and paint a few trees.

I guess I now have my weekly to-do list.