You are a gift

I’ve been wrapping up 2021 and focusing on preparing for 2022. I have tons of projects. One of these is redesigning my blog. I wrote a new about me page. I am working on a year in review and a preview for 2022. The year is going to be big. I feel blessed and brave enough to share my gifts. In doing so I enourage you to do the same. You are the gift. No matter what happens know that you’re not the experiences that you’ve been in. Who you truly are no one can take that from you.

This post contains a list of art resources inculding a sunflower fingerpainting idea

Here’s the new about me. I’m still working on the page.

Mireya is a visionary creative with perpetual curiosity. Her true loves are culture, animals, flowers and color. Her work is expressive of the emotions and thoughts she’s felt since childhood. Growing up art was always murals and line perspective. Her favorite work of all is School of Athens. The little art that she was exposed to was perfect with all its principles and elements of design. For a while she stopped painting because self-portraits and capturing the light on a rose? That’s not her kind of painting. Yet she loved color. She fell in love and continues to fall in with love with every artist’s why and how! No matter how much she pushed away her creative spirit, that light it was always burning. She filled the house with paper decorations, imagined the worlds inside her books, wrote her own stories, many of these are still in her mind. She would constantly zone out, lose herself in thought. She still does.

Not sure how but a door opened to up a world of black marker doodles, radical typography, hardcore aesthetic, texture tissue paper animals and her favorite resource of all, Learning by Heart: Lessons to Free your Creative Spirit.

Yeah, that’s my story and so Creatively Hue is my place, our place. A place where you make art and be you. You don’t have to know who that is. You just pick up the paint brush or paint with your fingers. There are no rules. Sure, learn what you want to learn but the real magic happens when you bloom with you. No not the physical you or the societal you, but your inner spirit. One day you’ll realize I knew who I was all along.

Bloom with you. Your best work is waiting.  

A world of color in every mosaic

I’ve seen mosaics before but not like the ones in Park Guell You have colors complimentary to others. You have contrasting colors. You have monotones. You have analogous colors. You have bright colors, warm colors, cool colors…somehow it works. That’s what this great big world is full of, COLOR. I can’t get over how each tile brings out the beauty in the others.

Paint a mosaic and let color guide. I sometimes choose a dominate color like blue or pink and let go.

The cover of my book should be a mosaic. YES! Now I’ll go edit the book and do a little lettering.

Who are you? Be You Lip gloss Blooms

We all have a voice inside that begs to be heard

‘It’s not begging, its just that nothing feels absurd

We want to ride like the big kids

We fall, we ride, we fall and then we learn to skid!

These moments, who you truly are will never fade away

A world full of color

pink blue and orange mosaic colormo

All of the colors work together. You have colors complimentary to others. You have contrasting colors. You have monotones. You have analogous colors. Somehow it works. That’s what this great big world is full of, COLOR. What a beautiful world! Mosaics are a wonderful example of how color works together.

This bloom can be the cover of a square book, A World Full of Color. The pages will be filled with colorful illustrations and thoughts on color. Each thought printed on a colorful background? Oh my, what a wonderful idea! I can’t wait to put my book together.

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Finger painting. Paper rolls. Flat brush. Clouds. Scraps of paper. Scrappy sponge. What do all of these ideas have in common? PLAY. For the past few days I’ve been painting. I always paint, every single day. These past days I haven’t had a single bloom that I want to share, scan or add to the shop. I did do a little writing for the color book. The writing is good. I like the writing. With the painting, it felt like I had to paint. I no longer have the entire day to paint. My best ideas, my best artwork happens when I have time to play. I miss the days when the ideas keep coming and I don’t want to run out of paper. I suppose that I forgot to simply let go and paint. I’ve played for 5 minutes or 10 minutes.

Yes this post and all of these projects are examples, reasons to let go and play. Surrender. We don’t need to be perfect because we’re not. We don’t need to have answers. We just need to pick up the brush and paint. Ok this post was my hold up wait a minute breath moment. Now I’m going to go finger paint some flowers.

Paint what you want

I was listening to a James Victore podcast and his words practice without doubt, practice without perfection and practice without comparison are golden. When I practice it’s not that I’m happy or perfectly painting. There is this peace and in that peace are me an the idea. There are no rules, that terrible sense of rules that makes you hold the brush wrong and you’ve made a mistake. Someone shared that very notion with me. We think it’s wrong because we’ve conditioned ourselves to believe such lies. We have allowed outside forces to condition us.

I just had my birthday almost a week ago and I’m still celebrating. I’ve been posting some of my words and getting more likes. These are what I really want to make. Thank you for your feedback. Your likes are inspiration to keep painting. I’m going to keep painting regardless.

Different Is Beautiful

This is a hand painted collage art animal book about self love. It's dedicated to us.

Have you read this book? This is books has a special place in my heart. All of my projects do but this book, this book is filled with my swagger. When I was a child I would think about everything in nature. Why a fish is a fish. How extraordinary that their water is what breath is to me. What’s it like to swim in the dark depths of the ocean? Do dogs talk like we humans do. Everything is exactly as it’s meant to me. In this book I explored the ocean, insects and my favorite horses. From the horse who reminds us to be wildly free to the small bees who make a world of difference in spite of their size every single animal, flower and the universe all of it is a reminder that we each have a color, a talent or a skill and where would we be without that love.

A dark side? Yes there are dark forces who tell us or treat us other wise but let’s focus on us. This year I became a Star Wars fan. I am still surprised by that. Everything is connected by a force and energy that binds us all. Every time I go for walk and breath in the breeze and the beautiful peach pink blooms I feel it. Wait a minute, Star Wars has been me all along.

Once again I thank you all for subscribing. We are growing! I have so much planned this year. New course, courses! New books. New blooms!

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Live your love story


You will come across naysayers and circumstances that want you to fail. Persist. Persevere. Yes, I wrote these words for me too.

One afternoon I was dreaming in the sun. I wote this story down. Was it it a pink pen and composition book? There have been many versions since then.

The art print is the first $12 I earned. It was a great letter but the typography was terrible, Yet someone on etsy purcahsed it. I have been writing ever since.

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