Painting flowers

Today was a great day. I did what I do when I’m surounded by art supplies. I created. This morning I began another round of editing. There’s much work to be done. This process is tedious and it helps to paint. Painting always helps. I did some research for the love book. Painting flowers in differnet color and shape seems like a good way to let my curosity play, stay positive and deal with the craziness of working on various projects at once. I plan on scanning these for more art posibilities.

A few thoughts from Different Is Beautiful

Nature is a masterpiece…

Curiosity is all that makes us wander and wonder. What is the point of life if we do neither?

What happens when a bird cage is accidently left open? The bird flutters, flutters back to its own intentions, free to roam from flower to flower. Birds are after all, wild and free. Wild and Free

Live Your Love Story

Happy Valentine’s Day! I always loved decorating a shoe box as my mailbox. Then I’d look at all my cards as soon as I got home from school. Fun times. I took the heart pattern idea from the book cover and painted cards.

Painting hearts is relaxing. Painting hearts is an easy way to create a hand painted card. Oh by the way, my ebook is available for free until February 18th. The paperback should be available today if not by Saturday. The paperback is available for a specal price of 7.99. Here’s a link to my author page on Amazon.

Thank yu so much for reading. The tribe keeps on growing and it means the world to me that I can share my art with you. Have a good day!


The process is what it’s all about. Taking the time to review and asses your journey allows you to see how much you’ve grown. So much work goes into perfecting a craft. It could be writing a song, story, movie or playing Basketball. Practice is how you become the best that you can be. Thanks Kobe.

Every doodle and idea takes time. Is it Michelangelo who described the idea of creating a statue as the form is already there? You just need to carve out the parts that don’t belong. Process helps you do this. Beautiful.

My Process

First the idea floats around in my head. Sometimes nagging me to be written. I draw a thinking map to gather my ideas. Then I start writing. I write and keep on writing. In between I go for walks. Heree’s the fun part. I am open to inspiration and let ideas happen. Ideas don’t just happen but because I am relaxed I can freely create.

I don’t know but last night I was amazed at how all the process work led to the awesome story about to be published.


I’m a little late but here we go. Yesterday I was feeling great with the book progress and made a few changes to sites and this morning it hit me. I forgot to write this mornings post.

I tried painting the fish in the ocean. I wanted a deep black blue with a contrasting bright yellow fish. I aimed for color with a top layer of black and it took a turn for the worst. This would have made a beautiful galaxy.

But that of course has led to an idea that will work.

I’ve been cleaning out my old papers. Too much paper and stuff drives me crazy. I realized how much work it takes to put together a fabulous book. More on that tomorrow.

Self love by means of self positive talk.

Different is Beautiful Preview

Different Is Beautiful

Nature is beauty. Nature is unity.

There are millions of animals in the world. Many are yet to be discovered. I’ve always wondered…

Butterflies are generally one size and yet Birdwings have a wing span of 11 inches. Could it be to remind us that although we come in different sizes, we are still butterflies? No matter the size we can all fly.

The softness of a cute chick and a rabbit’s big floppy ears all had me wondering what my cuteness was.

What would the ocean be without the color, stripes, dots, patterns and fins and bodies in all shapes and sizes?

Not sure when the ebook will be ready. I do plan to offer a free ebook before the paperback launch. More books and art to come. Subscribe so you won’t miss a thing.

Dung Beetles

Flightless dung beetles don’t fly. They can roll a ball 50 times their weight. Not easy yet they do it. Seems impossible but flightless dung beetles do it. They don’t sit around and focus on the fact that they will never fly like all the other Beetles…that would be a good story to write.

These days have been emotional. Have yet to do the paperwork for Live Your Love Story. I finished the edits. They’re beautiful! I might redo the bee for Different Is Beautiful.

Make Your Art

This weekend was full of work. I painted, experimented and drew. Finished the edits for Live Your Love Story. The paperback will be ready for Valentine’s Day. I got through the next round of digitizing animals for Different is Beautiful. And I added another big butterfly. There was a few projects for the shop. I redid the potion bottle.

Not a perfect bottle, neither am I. I am here. My gift is my potion. My art is my voice. In this life all that matters is you. You and your gift matter. Just like every fish in the sea and every butterfly that flutters in a spring morn, we all have a purpose. We don’t need a potion. We are the potion. Does that make sense?

Now I need to plan out my week and update my shop.

Investing In Myself

I’ve been stocking up on supplies. I am gathering my thoughts.

I want to have a book on my shelf that containes all of these easy wonderful textures. I can fill the first pages with my collage animals. I can have pages filled with 50 ways to paint a flower. I can have pages filled with letterforms. These letterforms could be fonts.

On the subject of letter forms, I can paint on colored paper and use various tools to create layered textures.

I was supposed to use these aniamls sketches to creaate my collage animals. At some point this voice said,” oh come on, just draw.”

I just read about rhythm vs. counter rhythm.

I don’t need facny pastels. Certain paints do make a differnece.

I think, say and write these ideas often.

If you want it then never stop fighting. Keep moving. These are the words I read in a Martin Luther King Jr. book. Just what am I doing to frully trully live my freedom? I know I need to invest in myself. How and where I choose to spend my time is a reflection of how I feel about me and my dreams. I apreciate the positive feeback for my books. Your kindness means the world to me. Monday will be a great day to work on the book layout.

I’m reading Think and Grow Rich and all I can say is I’m feeling vulnerable. I know what I want and yet my focus gets lost. It’s time to get real. Have something to say and say it. Go get em’. I’ve got to go.

Love Letter

I don’t feel much like writing but I do love this letter. This sprinkle of color seems like a good idea. I will be making a few minor changes to the book before I launch the You Live Your Story book on February 14th. I’m excited.

This is by far is THE BEST LAYOUT FOR THIS LETTER. LOVE THE COLOR. I simply had an idea and I went for it. I have to replicate only more color. But this is perfect.

I can’t believe I’m done with all of the collage animals. All I have to do is scan and add them to the book. I have a few days off next week and I’ll work on layout and design. For a moment I had no idea what book or project I’d work on after I finish my book Love. Of course I have tons of ideas. I always do. Spring is a good time to work on 21 ways to create a flower. Yes It will be an art book/ creativity/curisoity book. What a brilliant idea!

I am after all a self made artist. I will contiune to explore and grow. I have a beautiful new journal just waiting to be filled with wonderful color and texture. Oh I can tape the collage animals to save on a few journal pages. I can redo some of the techniques I learned about in the creative exploration class.

And I said I didn’t feel like writing. Ha.