James Victore Poster

This poster came with the book. Oh right I have the book. Anyway I was looking through my photos and getting rid of the practice stuff. Sometimes I want to share everything as a reminder that we all have a starting point and who cares what people think. So here it is. I am just sharing it,

Different Is Beautiful

This is a hand painted collage art animal book about self love. It's dedicated to us.

Have you read this book? This is books has a special place in my heart. All of my projects do but this book, this book is filled with my swagger. When I was a child I would think about everything in nature. Why a fish is a fish. How extraordinary that their water is what breath is to me. What’s it like to swim in the dark depths of the ocean? Do dogs talk like we humans do. Everything is exactly as it’s meant to me. In this book I explored the ocean, insects and my favorite horses. From the horse who reminds us to be wildly free to the small bees who make a world of difference in spite of their size every single animal, flower and the universe all of it is a reminder that we each have a color, a talent or a skill and where would we be without that love.

A dark side? Yes there are dark forces who tell us or treat us other wise but let’s focus on us. This year I became a Star Wars fan. I am still surprised by that. Everything is connected by a force and energy that binds us all. Every time I go for walk and breath in the breeze and the beautiful peach pink blooms I feel it. Wait a minute, Star Wars has been me all along.

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Joy & Friendship Blooms

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Show your work

“Make stuff you love and talk about stuff you love and you’ll attract people who love that kind of stuff. It’s that simple.”

― Austin Kleon, Show Your Work!: 10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get

Show your work is a great read. This post is all about showing your work. I love art. Art is how I live my life. I am a visionary artist. Art helps me see the beauty and love in everyone, most of the time. Yes I am human. I get hangry. Any way my birthday is September 6. I am going to be offering my books for free. Yay! Creative bloom is a great read. Different is Beautiful is too. Thank you so much for all of you who email me your kind words. You have given me and continue to inspire me to create my blooms of optimism. I create because of how it makes me feel. I go for walks and a sudden burst of color reminds me of love. I want to share this with you. Every day we are blooming. Thanks for subscribing!

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Make Art Poster/Print Part 1

Use red paint to sketch flowers. Stamp with random objects

Red paint you are my sketching color

Time goes by and all of it is wonderful, these are my moments. I stamped and turned the stamps into blooms. The blooms were already there. It is I just needed to paint them. Green was for laying out details. Red isn’t a color I use in my artwork. Red is my mix in color. I mix red with blue, green and white. I’ve been using red to sketch . Red is assertive, energetic, exciting, passion, confidence, courage…do I need more reasons to make this color my sketching color? No. Red blooms with pink stems. Monotones! Love it.

Funny how this cheap watercolor paper turned out to be wonderful. You don’t need fancy tools all you need is you. I could do this all day. Using random objects is a reminder that everything is art. I should round up random objects and turn them into blooms. There’s so many ideas. The next part of my project will be to start painting. This is going to be great.

Be color and height in every garden

Not bad but my sketch is better. The other day I sat and painted. Oh but the sketch is great. I’ve been listening to Swagger. It’s such a good book. You know those times when you are deep in thoughts. The negative ones are horrible. You are unsure and worried. Then you see a burst of color and you feel it. It’s an energy I can only hope to feel and give as often as I can.

In her book Leslie says Swagger is your authenticity. My cocoon post and painting from a place of me has everything to do with Swagger.

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Love is always blooming

This week was weird. I find myself wanting to fully connect with my authentic me. I started a great audio book, Swagger. There’s been a few words of brutal honesty. I had to calm myself with Gospel Morning’s Love podcast. Last night’s evening stroll was a game changer. Always is. All the podcasts have been about love. Everything leads back to love. Love my authentic me, my authentic child soul who wants to draw all day long and share it.

This week I painted a few butterflies, paper roll flowers, an Allium and I still want to paint another, and abstract brush stroke flowers.

As always thank you for reading.

Every Butterfly Needs a Cocoon Collage

every butterfly needs a cocoon collage

I was painting, when am I not painting. I mixed up a lavender tone. I had a fresh sheet of paper and a brilliant thought. Bring color and balance to every garden. What an idea! I was in my flow. I could go from idea to idea, let go. Then came noise. My mind was cluttered. I was painting to finish. Peace was no longer there. It was, always is but I detached from it.

The Allium I painted, it was the wrong color, wrong stems, and most of all it didn’t come from the inner me. How could it? My best happens in my zone, in my cocoon. Yes my cocoon is where nothing exists but me and my idea. Sometimes you have no idea. The skills are always there. Skills can always be improved.

An hour later I was in my zone and sketched a beautiful Allium. I will paint the Allium and share the rest of the story on a later post. My point for today is that we are all butterflies capable of being that burst of color that happens upon you. Butterflies remind us to flutter flutter and be color.

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Pinterest and Getting Organized

Blue thumbprint flower with the words who are you

I spent two hours organizing my Pinterest boards. I’m really excited and had to share it with you. When I started pinterest I created boards on hand lettering and rules of art. My ideas on rules as well as hand lettering have changed.

Some of my new boards are:

  • Mexican Aesthetic
  • Self love Art Projects
  • culture
  • Ceramic Artwork
  • books for creatives
  • I believe in my work. You guys always motivate me with your kind feedback, Thank you so much. I want my Pinterest boards to be a reflection of my creative journey. There’s so much inspiration and I want to share that with you. I am going to be creating my ultimate favorite list of resources. I have so much planned, my new course, courses, a few new books…

What are you working on? Let’s encourage each other. Voice them right now. You could email me about them or just right where you are at think about your projects. Say them out loud if you can.

Pink and Yellow Friendship Blooms

joy and friendship watercolor blooms to remind you that nature is on your side

The other day I went for a walk. I was deep in thought. I often am. I heard birds singing. Then a pink bloom or a peach bloom gets me. Suddenly I stop and each breath is love. It’s almost like that friend who calls you up. Sometimes you call them. You ramble about the days events just to get them of your chest. You ramble on about your fears and doubt. You dream. You dream the impossible. You let go. No judgement. No fear.

The great part is that there’s always nature. She’ll always give you a breeze or if not a warm hug. Or a rain dance … I could go on.

Hope you enjoyed these blooms. If you want to purchase the artwork go to the shop page. Are you a subscriber? It’s almost my birthday. I ‘ll probably give away a few books.