Expressive Flowers

Paper Collage is such a fun way to create

pink and yellow paper collage flower

The pink and the yellow just work. This piece took about two hours. It always gets me that I paint these colorful papers from copy paper. As I paint them, the textures are just interesting to make. Oh, but when the paper dries, I cut them up and arrange the papers. Only then true beauty is revealed. Beautiful art can come from anywhere. The best art does. It reminds me of the greatest hits song that was written in the world’s best pie diner in the middle of nowhere.



Expressive Flowers

Ribbon hand painted paper?

What a great idea! On this journal session I gathered a few objects. I didn’t know what I’d create but the objects would ignite my curiosity.

I could write my poems or project pages on paper with ribbon lines. Watercolor worked pretty good. Acrylic will be better. You know what, this is a great idea for my collage flower quote/poem book. The ribbon lines give my words a love note postcard feel.

I realize that I’ve been showing you most of my daily journal work. I kept thinking, why am I sharing this? These are just ideas. But that’s just it! Ideas happen as you work. I share my work to show you that being an artist is a process. You let go of everything and create. One idea leads to the next. I’m building up my confidence too. I’m working on a collage course. I’m adding new work to the shop. Once the journal is filled with ideas. I can go through and choose the ones I want to redo. I should film it. My journal is helping me share videos of my work. I have a bunch of them on pintererst.

Thank you to the new subscribers. Oh wait, I think I have an idea for my next book project. You see it begins with one and the ideas keep coming!

Please subscribe if you haven’t and share my posts with a friend.



Expressive Flowers

Pink Flower Pattern Texture

pink flower pattern on textured paper.

Even now I’m looking at the image and asking how did this marvelous color scheme happen! The blending of yellow over pink makes orange. And blending with a napkin! I think I’ve found the answer to adding more color to my paintings. Texture.

You know how you see something beautiful. Oh right, a tree painting in a museum in Mexico. By the way, it was a photo but it left me wanting to stand before it. The greens were so vibrant and made me wonder about the artist. What paint did the artist use? How did the artist mix it up? I want to know the story.

That’s the path I’m on. Not sure where this texture road is headed, but my sketchbook is filled with wonderful ideas. Here’s to more of them!



Expressive Flowers

Words By Corita Kent

Don’t Belittle yourself. Be BIG yourself

Corita Kent

Nothing is a mistake. There’s no win and no fail. There’s only make.

Corita Kent

Have you read Learn By Heart: teachings to free the creative spirit? I didn’t know that target sold this book. I will have to buy it. I read it for free on hoopla . It is a great read. This book gave me the courage to continue with my no-right way to paint a flower exploration. I’ve painted and created over 500 blooms. I’m going to paint more!

On Saturday I went to the Arts District and walked through an art exhibit. My favorite work was, ok a collage piece but really it was this room. There was a window. That window led my eyes to an artist’s studio. There were flat paint brushes and a large easel. There was no canvas on it but a canvas drop was just waiting for a mess. On the other side of the room, I could see windows. The room was dark and just now as I write, I am overcome with a sense of wishing I could be in that room. I’ll be in my room tomorrow. You see that room, the brushes and the paint, I am in the room. Every time I paint it’s just me and my ideas. It’s simply my glorious creative spirit. Art encourages you to open up, open up to your spirit. Isn’t it beautiful! Creating allows you to look inside yourself. You learn to trust yourself. You can break away from societal norms, and unchain yourself. Be free.

Expressive Flowers

I surrender to my spirit

To all the doodles

To all the ideas

like the artist who hand letters with noodles

To the moon and the stars

To the trees that breathe, it is in the cards

I am in the cards

To the birds and their song

To EVERYTHING in nature that just belongs

I surrender.

The greatest gift that art has given me is spirituality.

Expressive Flowers

Red Roses. Watercolor. You.

Two Red Watercolor Roses

Before I painted these roses, there were 4 pink roses and two dahlias. All were mixed in beautiful shades of pink. I used a little pink to make a green shade for the leaves. Everything was looking good. I was merely painting as I thought about my day. Then Carrie Schmit’s roses popped in my head. I looked at my blooms and thought, something’s missing? Maybe even wrong. Then it was on to Cat Coq’s color scheme. That led to leaves in all shades of green—too much green. It was downhill from there. No.

I folded up the mess and painted two red roses. I painted the way I paint roses. I painted the way I visualized. I want to improve the white areas but these red roses are beautiful! I’ve been paitning with acrylic so much that I forgot how much I love the sporadic beauty of watercolor. These are the flowers and creative flow I want more of. I love Carrie’s work but I can’t paint my work if I’m too busy thinking about how her work looks?



Expressive Flowers

Let’s Just Paint and Be Happy

A third-grade class doing spinning art? I should have taken photos. There was blending and foregoing the brush to finger paint. Everyone started with primary colors. The colors they mixed were purple, teal, avocado green…

I hadn’t planned on teaching art but it was a wonderful surprise. What I saw was a genuine focus. They tried one color or one technique. If it didn’t work they layered over it and kept working. There was no, I can’t do this. I don’t know how. Can I throw this away? I don’t think they planned on making wonderful art today. In fact, they were surprised when I commented on their work. It was interesting to see the different splatters. blending color and space techniques.

Then I came home and got to work on my art. What a day. These pink flowers say it all. It was wonderful to take a break from it all and just paint.



Expressive Flowers

Wild Rose Ink and a Cheap Brush Later

three blooms in a ceramic pot-painted with mixed media

I used my round stamp to paint the petals. The beautiful pink with ink and gouache was an interestig idea. This paper is mixed media but it’s terrible for watercolor. When I stamped I made more of a mess. The paint dried with blotches. Instead of the watercolor magic it just stayed and absored into the paper like a napkin. I should recreate the pink and swatch it on watercolor paper. Oh but the ombre effect on the vase is beautiful. Now that I know I can paint like this, I will on watercolor paper. Seems like I’ve been back and forth. It’s all in a good day of creative exploration.

What I love most about art is that the process satisfies my curiosity. I wrote these words in the last post and probably in others but it’s for good reason! Love the process and you’ll learn more. Here’s to making more messes. The land of a cheap brush that’s great, on the right paper. Here’s to posting work and who cares what people think. Yes, that is my kind of place.

Thank you for those of you who emailed suggestions for redesigning my website. I appreciate you!

Expressive Flowers

Pink Peonies and Wild Flowers

Three pink peonies and two wild flowers painted with acrylic

Peonies are beautiful flowers. Aren’t they all beautiful! How does nature always get everything right?

The paint went on thick. I didn’t intend for all the texture. It was a lovely surprise. I have a palette knife. I prefer a smaller one. Sometimes you order thinking it’s a great idea. When it arrives, you want to send it back. Ooh, I should stamp with the handle and see what happens! I used a size 10 brush to mix color. Not a good idea. All the paint builds on the brush. I’ve ruined a few brushes like that. White and Quinacridone Magenta you make lovely pinks. The green is a good shade. In between the flat brush and a round brush, I stamped with a bottle cap. What an idea! What other shapes can I stamp with? I haven’t thought about the background. I have, just not sure what direction I want to go in.

AND that brings me to let go. For real. Let this post be a reminder to play. Some ideas are good. Some ideas are ok. Some of them, ALL of them are gems. This is a journal. I’ll fill it with fabulous ideas. It’s a journal. There’s room for fun and play. Oh, I’ll scatter some aqua blue hearts around the flowers. Maybe a butterfly. You see, point proven. Trust the process. Enjoy the ride. I write about this all the time. I know. I need these words in my heart and in my toolbox.

Enjoy the process. It’s going to be good.



Expressive Flowers

Always blooming with you

I sat under a tree. It was a hot day but the breeze and the color of the plants,flowers, and rocks had me focused on the moment. I took deep breathes. I felt energized and revived.

Now that I have the layout down, it’s time to glue. Oh, and I need to use white ink to write the word with inside the pink bloom.

These letters aren’t perfect. I did use a pencil to draw a few of the letters but mostly just cut. Good letters. Good color scheme. Nature you’re always cheering me on. Thank you to the fan who posted the words, you’ve got skills. When I was done cutting and pasting, your words came to mind. Not that I’m boasting, but I do have skills. I’m going to keep going and keep creating. In the words of Tabitha Brown, it’s my business.

What, a week into this journal and I’m already in a playful mood. Good!