Typography Class Assignment

Today I am working on a the final project for a typography class. My goal is to refresh my memory and improve my work. I started taking notes recalling the course details and the poster samples. Then I realized, wait a minute, where’s me in this poster. What would I like to do with this poster? I want to be able to fulfill the intention of the the project and have fun too.

I like color and texture. I can create a Tiger texture. The eyes of the tiger would be my focal point. Instead of the typical block lettering I could handwrite? Add a little blue, teal perphaps in the hair.

The Rocky Saga is my favorite. What I would really like to work on is a record or album cover.

What am I working on this week? I need to publish the edits. I’ll be working on an Owl, lemonade jug and lettering. I want a few art supplies.

Ink+ Strawberries

I’ve painted with ink before but never like this. Part of this project is creative exploration. I’ve looked at texture videos and found an artist who paints with only ink. The colors are vibrant. I use them to mix with other watercolors.

I really like the easy flow of painting with liquid. Sometimes too much water makes a mess. With liqud you get solid color. The other day I painted strawberries.

It’s interesting that some strawberries have a heart shape. Some reveal a heart when you slice them in half. The strawberry I painted here was one featured in a recipe blog. There’s this odd shape but there’s a heart nonetheless. I thought…

Everybody loves strawberries. One can eat them as is. You can make Strawberry Shortcake, lemonade, ice cream…who thought of these ideas? We all have this “sweet likeablikty” but what are we going to do with it? Strawberries are good but there’s delicious possibilities. Wait, not everyone likes strawberries. What does all this have to do with love? Plenty.

How do I draw a chair

I have an idea for a pink chair.

At first I wasn’t sure how to draw a chair. I drew many. Now I have a chair that I like.

If you don’t know how to draw a chair, then draw until you can.

Now I have a chair that I like. I keep going back to the You are loved theme. The idea keeps changing. I want a book that is filled with positive thought provoking images.

Sometimes you’ve had a long day. Too Long. You go through the day wanting to close your eyes and rest. When you do get the chance you breath relief. Many times I circle Disneyland. It’s hot and I’m thirsy looking for a place to sit. When I finally do it’s always a breath of fresh air.

With every bite or sip I wonder of all the people sititng nearby. What brings them here? Are they happy? Am I?

Olives + Olympian Crown

Where did I get the idea to paint a olive leaf crown? Maybe it was in my research? I’ve been going over the places where I’ve noticed hearts. The one I keep drawing and trying to get right are the white iron chairs at Disneyland.

I sitll want to draw and paint a pink chair perhaps. I love Disneyland because every little detail is reminder of fun. play, love, and magic. It is easy to walk the park and feel Walt’s words.

“If you dream it. You can achieve it.”

That gives me a whole new idea for this chair. AND so Olympians used to wear crowns of olive leaves. I can only imagine how it feels to win. You work hard. Endurance is beyond words. You focus and you go where no one else can, above what you can do.

No we are not all Olympians or Walt Disney but as teachers, artists, dreamers, Imagineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Officers, Firefighters, friends, mothers, daughters….we all are olympians in one form or another.

Kindness is golden. We can do way more than what we give ourselves credit for. Here’s my gratitude for all who have been kind to me. Here’s my gratitude for all who inspire my work and for those who deter it. For it is you who give me the greatest lesson…to keep on.


practice quote with wash

I’m taking this creative innovation class. These words really spark my curiosity.

Your problem is likely not your ideas, but your skills for pitching ideas to others.

Many books on creativity are surprisingly uncreative.

My answer to both is practice. Practice helps you work through idea after idea until you arrive at IDEA! I speak from experience! Today I had this leftover paint. I painted lilac. Wait, that was a good practice too! It didn’t work out but I wanted to enjoy the experience and explore. I now have wonderful Lilac and two quotes! I’ll finish up the lettering but the ideas are awesome! The best part is we all struggle with this. This never gets old. Many times we stop at a mess and toss it out. What we really need to do is work through. It’s only after the mess that THE IDEA happens. The idea that works. There are no messes. There are works in progress. CREATE.

Have a good week! I’ll be on a another round of editing for Different Is Beautiful! Working on more Creative Exploration for You Are Loved.

Note To Self (daily prompt-hidden)

Most of the talent in this world remains hidden. You have ideas, precious wonderful ideas! The problem is you leave them in a box lost in a cabinet and collecting dust. Your ideas are like hidden treasure burried deep in the sea. The good news is you can grab that box, open it and share those treasures with the world. Here’s how to open the box:

Replace negative thoughts with positive ones

Replace hopes and wishes with actions

Love Yourself

Daily Prompt-Exilir

What breaths life into me? What an easy question! Art. Flowers. Love. Music. Books. I am creating every day. Art makes me happy. I’ve been creating for a long time and can’t imagine not creating. I like the paint. I love color. It’s knowing that I can take a plain canvas and make it my own. Art feeds my curiosity. All of my favorite things feed my curiosity. Curiosity and imagination are what give me life.

When things go wrong I imagine what they could be, will be and are. When it comes to my favorite book, it’s being transported to a new world. When it comes to flowers, I’m curious about the shape, color and then I wonder about tree, people, animals…

It’s the artist in me that knows this world is a beautiful place. Why even the snakes who give me the creeps have their own respect. The very phrase I keep going back to feeds my curiosity and imagination. I’m inspired to keep on creating!

Nature has given you the means to command respect. It is us who choose not to use those means.

even when you don’t feel like it

hand lettered quote for self care

My colored pencils are drawing great things for me these days. I go from collage to pencils. Oh yeah I’ll be doing some lettering with sharpie markers. I painted a lilly on this page and it came out awful. SO I mixed up leftover paint and applied it to the page. I love doing these. Not sure why?

hand lettering

I’ve been sketching on tracing paper. I went from sketch to pink tones.

ink pen sketches

When you begin to fear, doubt, get angry, engage in the wrong, just let go. Enjoy. When I say enjoy I mean, be the state of curiosity that makes you smile and gives you, I can do this. I’ll be all right. I was thinking of the circus. I believe that in every successful idea there must be this state of curiosity and play. To take an idea and make it real, you have to be free.

Ok now I’ll do some reading. I have been taking Design courses. I’m learning so much! Can’t believe it’s been a week. This weekend I’ll be reviewing Different Is Beautiful. Oh I need to add new work to the shop.

Thanks for reading.

Curious + Imaginative

That’s me. I’ve been painting flowers. Lots of them. I like the colors. The shapes. I’ve noticed some but there are many heart shape petals out there. Since I can’t come to nature, nature seems to be coming to me. I’ve had a how to create a flowers idea for a long time but…

flowers with quote

In a few days I should probably give Different Is Beautiful another round of editing. I do take breaks. I want to judge with a fresh pair of eyes. Wait judge? It was interesting when a podcast host advised me out on judging my work. Sometimes students will look at my work and say” wow that’s so good.” I react with an atittude of, really? The advice, STOP! We all think about our work. Don’t think just create. I seem to be doing that these days. I just go with a sketch.

I love to create! I always have. Here;s to all the awesomeness to come.

Painting flowers

Today was a great day. I did what I do when I’m surounded by art supplies. I created. This morning I began another round of editing. There’s much work to be done. This process is tedious and it helps to paint. Painting always helps. I did some research for the love book. Painting flowers in differnet color and shape seems like a good way to let my curosity play, stay positive and deal with the craziness of working on various projects at once. I plan on scanning these for more art posibilities.

A few thoughts from Different Is Beautiful

Nature is a masterpieceā€¦

Curiosity is all that makes us wander and wonder. What is the point of life if we do neither?

What happens when a bird cage is accidently left open? The bird flutters, flutters back to its own intentions, free to roam from flower to flower. Birds are after all, wild and free. Wild and Free