Flirt with creativity

Shades of pink acrylic blooms

Not the pinks I intended to mix up. Thank goodness. Mix red with a little blue and then white. Using turquoise and aqua creates plum pinks. The color of a blouse? A shade of lip balm? The color took over. I had to paint. I finished with a paper roll flower. These flowers are easy to make and sporadic. At first it seems like a mess, As you work the idea begins to bloom. I’ll share the finished floral soon. Here’s the blooms that started it all.

Flirt with idea.

Flirt with imagination.

Flirt with creativity.

Flirt with impossibilities.

Just looking at the the blooms encourages me to keep creating and keep sharing.

I was in an Anthropologie store today and inspiration struck. I am already excited to paint this week. Want to purchase this print? Click on the art print.

Ok time to go for a walk.

Is nature in your creative tool box?

nature is your best inspiration.

Go For a walk.
Feel the breeze.
See the trees.
Tell the blooms your dreams.
Tell the blooms your fears.
Warmth will hold them dear.
Soon she will pass them to the
moon and the stars.
Until then keep walking.
Keep drawing.

I was looking for a project today and I found it. Or did it find me.

Take one of your old projects and turn it into something new.

I created a sketchbook journal using leaves I painted months ago. I added a creative write about a previous experience going for a walk. Ok time to paint a Hopi Crape.

Be True To You Blooms

I have been busy learning color and painting. I have also been going through old work. Love this design. Proud of the book too. Creative Bloom is really the beginning of exploring and painting flowers. I’m going to get even better. I have plans to create an online class where we can have fun and paint together. Oh in an Anthropologie store? That would be cool too.

Walk With You Always Neutral Blooms

Nature is a creative boost

It is hard to think of you always. The voice in my head always has something to say. I do think of you always. You are a part of me. But these thoughts try to keep us apart. Oh but with your breeze you hug me. I did see the Hopi Crape with all it’s color and strength. I shall paint one. I must.

Painting is my reminder that I am here. I am here and with you always.

I received feedback from one of you and I thank you. Hope you are a subscriber. I started learning poetry. More on that in coming posts. There’s much more happening at creativelyhue. I recently painted a tree. I haven’t painted trees since Wise Tress. The Hopi Crapes I keep seeing are calling my name. I love painting trees and beautiful flowers. Yes I did come home after a walk and paint a tree. It felt good.

I ‘d love to see what you are working on. Find me on instagram @creatively.hue and tag me.

Have a good week.

I know and I hope you do

Do you know about the murals.? I couldn’t believe that the whole school worked together to create it. At the time I was working on my book and loving Ericle Carle’s work. My letters are good but I want to change the color and texture. In a couple of weeks I will be redoing a few book covers and other art projects to celebrate my books and the new one to come.

I have been going over my blog and me as an artist. Why do I create? I simply can’t imagine doing anything else. I am working on a career move. This one must encourage me to keep going. A creative’s life for me always.

For now creatively hue is just making art and nourishing the mind. Sound good?

A Love Letter

Love letters for the soul. I like that idea. I wrote this letter/ poem call it what you want, but I wrote it a long time ago. It is now a little book. When I say self love I mean taking care of you!

I am releasing my books this spring and will be doing lots of fun art projects to celebrate. One of these will be to rewrite this letter for a poster and print. I am excited to share.

Watercolor, Ink and Weird

I’ve been painting all day. Finished the brown blanket, an apothecary bottle and three flowers. Feels like I should have painted more. Let’s see, I painted with walnut ink, did some lettering and mixed up a beautiful vanilla yellow ochre. The India ink surprised me the most!

I hoped the alcohol dots would give me a beautiful texture. The results are weird. Weird is good.

India Ink dries quick. It leaves interesting texture. I’ll remember that when I paint leaves. Outlining the petals in blue…I like it! There’s no right way to paint a flower.

Ok so I did some good exploring. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

Little Strips For Practicing Watercolor

Now is a good time to review your work. The end of the week, month or year is a good time to review work. I had a stack of work and intended to paint around painted sections. BUT I like painting on small strips of paper. It feels easier to paint small strips to practice lines or layering. Having a black page in front of me, compels me to paint ideas. The problem is I want to paint fast and painting takes time. Lately I’ve been rushing through with the need to share my work and then mistakes happen. No they are’t happy mistakes. These little strips of paper help me focus and take time.

Last night I went through a stack of watercolor paper and cut strips. In each one I will practice drawing shapes, lines, washes, layering, salt, night and galaxy skies. When I started painting I did what kids do. I just picked up a brush and painted. I was a kid. There’s something about the water and how it dries that captivates me. I am a creative and painting is what I do. Right now I want to practice the fundamentals and be ready when I get back into the culture project.

The tools I am using for practice are as follows:

canson xl paper ( not sure why it’s expensive on Amazon but I buy it at Walmart for $7)

sennelier student grade watercolors


Would you like to learn more about the Sennelier pan set? I will be creating a new pan set with my pofessional grade watercolor tubes.

As always thanks for reading. I do enjoy writing.