Expressive Flowers, Roses Project

Roses-Inspirational Quote

I had a fantabulous time painting today. It’s going to be better. As I’m being a fan of other people’s blogs, I came across this quote.

Speak your heart. If they don’t understand, the message was never meant for them anyway.

I didn’t get who wrote it but I believe in my work!

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Roses Project


usuing various tools like crayons and markers to sketch roses

Today I thought I’d get out my sketching tools and draw roses. If I’m going to paint beautiful roses, I should learn how to draw them first. Right? The pink rose I drew with closed eyes surprised me the most. I marked my favorite sketches with a blue dot. Soft pink petals with dark green leaves? Color tips were on my mind. It was fun to sketch with crayons but a voice reminded me that it’s time to paint. It’s time to paint roses, in a vase, arrangement, and with a background. I will in a week or two. I am enjoying this creative exploration phase.

Today’s #bloganuary question is who is my favorite author? All of them. Can I include myself? Sure. Every book I’ve read has taken me to places I’ve never been. Feck Perfuction is a good read! I mention Learning By Heart all the time. I appreciate Phillipa Gregory’s books. It’s empowering to read how a princess or queen thinks like a king.



Roses Project

Roses-blending with my fingers

I was going to map out the activities for my roses project. Roses plan has been on my to-do list for days. Then I realized, ideas come as I’m researching and painting roses. They have been. I believe in my work. It’s going to be good!

pink watercolor rose

What I did first was layer on soft strokes of pink watercolor. I did it in a circular motion. Next, I added red to the pink paint and painted red strokes for the petals. For watercolor, you paint light to dark. For acrylic paint, it’s dark to light. I used my finger to define the petal shapes. Yes, I believe this may be my style! The center of this beautiful rose is a mess. I’m working on that. I’m working on myself. Paint a rose every night. Studio work on the weekends? As I paint the rose, relax, and put fear in the back seat. Paint soft easy strokes. Let go. See and smell the rose as I blend. You can see the texture of the paper. That’s where I was thinking too much, trying hard. Just paint roses right? Maybe I’ll use dots to create the center?

My roses project is a book of friendship and love for the spirit. I’m off to a good start.

Oh, by the way, today’s #bloganuary is about a memorable smell? I don’t have a memorable smell. It’s been raining for days. Since I’m writing about flowers, I long for the smell of grass, roses, wildflowers, soil…the smell of spring.



Expressive Flowers

Roses-Finger Painting Roses

Today’s prompt is what do you find most challenging? Aside from cooking, painting can be a challenge. Right now it’s roses. I love abstract expressive flowers. I don’t want to paint realistic roses. I want to paint roses like Carrie. There’s this other artist. She paints on small square canvases. Then embroiders details over her flowers. Her color is amazing! I hope I pinned one of her paintings because I can’t find her Instagram profile or website. Found her!

Sometimes painting can be a challenge. I could think about what it should look like or finger paint roses! I finished mixing pinks and had leftover paint. The brush, or was it me that wasn’t painting good roses. I could have stayed in that moment or finger painted roses. I’m glad I listened to my voice. I’ll be finger painting lots more roses. Now that I realize, it’s not a challenge to listen to your voice. The challenge comes with turning off the noise.

Next time I’ll keep the paint moist with a spray bottle. Or I can thin the paint. Then I can easily spread it with my finger. I should create a flower finger painting project. A book? Doing it! Yes! Oh and I’ll use watercolor paper.

For the record, I can cook a few things, but I want to be the kind of cook who’s an artist. I want to learn the basics and just cook something good without a 10-ingredient recipe. I try!



Roses Project

Painting Roses Prompt (Sketches)

The greatest gift is…me? No physical gift comes to mind. I appreciate my mind, spirit, and body, this is everything that is me. These are the greatest gifts I’ve been given. Let me explain. My art comes from my mind and my spirit. Those times when I need to redirect myself from what’s going on around me, I do that with my mind and spirit. That day at the park, I had a million thoughts in my head. I stopped, sat, and looked ahead. Suddenly seeing tall grass and watching the breeze move through it, this feeling of you are ok because you are with me lit me up. My light was back on. I was ready to begin my day! It’s been read many times that the most powerful gift of man is the mind. Yes, thoughts are wonderful things!

thoughts are wonderful blue and green quote art

I’m certainly glad for all the creative ideas I’ve had. It’s been wonderful! It is easy to get caught up in the negative but you’ve got to be positive. Art helps me do that. Right now I’m working on the roses project. I still need to finish my wildflower paper collage book. For today I want to share a few of my sketches. That way I can refer to this post as the first official day I began my roses project. Actually, the ornament roses are the first post. I’ll write that down. I want to compare the beginning with the awesomeness that’s going to happen during the process of this roses project.

Is it time to swatch all of my pinks? Oh yes.



Expressive Flowers

Rain means spring is going to be beautiful

Yellow mug with pink flowers done in collage

Now it’s cold

But soon we will have spring to hold

It’s raining

Far too often, you are complaining

I don’t see change

Oh, but it’s time for YOU to rearrange

Rain is here

Leaves have fallen there

Colors are always growing

Your spirit is always glowing

When it rains

Imagine and dream, take that train

Rain means spring is going to be beautiful

Spring needs rain

Fall needs summer, it’s a chain

Now rain can lead to a storm

It’s scary to be beyond the norm

Take care of you you

Do what you do!

Rain gives us that time, you know

We can sit and feel the spirit who’s ready to go!

I appreciate this poem. I’m sitting her on a Saturday morning. Yes it’s been cold and raining but spring will be beautiful! Thank you for reading. Make sure you subscribe. Did you know I have books for sale? Art prints?

Expressive Flowers

Viva Pink Ornament Roses

Today’s prompt is what brings me joy?

Lovely rows of flowers painted with an ornament and with tones of pink

Let’s see…nature, family, helping others, the moon and stars, a slice of cake, a cup of tea, and the noodle soup I’m about to have for lunch. Painting roses with an ornament brings me joy. Painting gives me confidence and makes me feel free.

To paint these beautiful roses I held a mini ornament in my hand. I wanted to wrap rubber bands around the ornament but the rubber bands wouldn’t stay on the ornament. And I painted. I mixed up some sweet pinks. I dipped the ornament in paint and I painted. The paint should have been thinner. I didn’t want the texture to be thick in some areas. Yet I can imagine these roses in a pink frame. I think I have the first project that will go into the roses folder. Roses are my new project.

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Expressive Flowers

Sweet spirit of mine pink flower

A large flower made from various tones of pink

This paper collage flower is my first project, not just of the year but it’s been a while. It felt good to have the time to cut and paste, let my eyes do the arranging and realize that my greatest treasure is me. The #bloganuary prompt for today is what is a treasure that’s been lost? When I create like I did for this project, I create with spirit. The times that I don’t, those times are felt with doubt and worry. In all of that, there is a need to belong. Sometimes I care too much about what people say or think. The truth is I don’t want to belong. It’s not my job to care about what people think of me. I’ll be creating and it’s good!

And then a voice will remind me that I haven’t sold a single project. Yet, I am smiling as I write this. It’s not because of the books or courses I’ve sold. I can’t imagine my world without art. That’s probably why I can’t be a full-time elementary teacher. I wouldn’t have the freedom to create, to teach the way my artistic spirit commands. Art is my center. This year, my word is de colores. I want to live life colorfully. Let my spirit do the thinking and the loving. Far too often it is the ego who speaks. Those situations and circumstances are not me.

Expressive Flowers

Art and Bravery

How are you brave?

I’ve been thinking about this question all morning because am I brave? Just now, I have an answer. Bravery is in the small big things. Bravery is knowing what’s you, what’s the outside, and choosing you. Who you are is a light shining so bright, it’s a gift and like a cup of water versus the shores of Lanikai Beach, we all make a difference. Any time you can stand against the talk, or see spring amid a storm is that not bravery? Maybe one small act will lead to something bigger?

This is a hand painted collage art animal book about self love. It's dedicated to us.

I have published 8 books. I have written, edited, and illustrated these books. Do I have a degree in these subjects? No. All I have are the words I’ve written. I like writing! I wrote in college. I write for this blog. I do all of this despite the small voice that says I shouldn’t. There’s an even bigger voice that says I should. That’s brave right?

Thank you, WordPress for encouraging me. Art dreams here we come! WordPress is doing #bloguary daily prompts in January. I’ll be using these prompts to share my work every day.

Do you know of a video, course, or post that will help me paint roses? Comment below and thanks! Feel free to share a link to your art as well.



Expressive Flowers

Wildflower thoughts: from the spirit of an expressive artist

It all started with an Anthropologie window display. I’m always inspired by the color, textures, and art on merchandise bags. But this display caught my eye, and I’ve been dreaming ever since.

…and for a while this idea was fresh in my mind, until I started painting. I had an old calendar book and it’s been colorful, whimiscal and wonderful!

Various papers painted with vibrant orange and pink tones

I’ve got quite a collection.

This spring or summer, my collage flowers will be a book. Each page with its own blooming thought. I want my book to be a silly delight for the spirit. That sounds like a great idea!

As a sweet for Valentine’s Day, I will be painting roses. I’ll be swatching all of my pink paint and mixing viva magenta, working with fluorescent pink, I’m going to study stems and leaves, explore different tools, and work on texture…it’s going to be good. I’m filling out my agenda and will begin the roses project in January and lead up to February.

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