Expressive Flowers

Letting go with new art supplies

Three pink flowers painted with soft acrylic

I went to the art store and walked the isles. I had a great time. I intended to pick up glue and gold paint. I walked out with new paint colors. There’s raw sienna and soft acrylic. I had my hands on a yellow Sennelier oil pastel. It was beautiful and I left it behind. I could see myself creating beautiful sunflowers, but can I scan oil pastels without making a mess? There’s so many colors and brands to choose from. I simply went for the few colors that I needed in my collection. If you every get creative block, go to an art store. Be careful. I wanted to buy it all. The newsprint paper would have been good for collage. Wait a minute, that paper would be perfect for a floral project I’ve been thinking about. Ok so obviously I’ll be going back.

These flowers are just swatch practice, but they would make a cute art print. I used a flat brush to create random strokes for the petals. Oh, I made a little video on Instagram @creatively.hue if you want to see the supplies I purchased.

It has been a wonderful day,

With love,


Expressive Flowers

Thank You Blooms

Thank you for blooming in the sun.

Wishing I had the hill where I can run.

For finding a book about Amanda Gorman

For all the fish who swim extra miles with just one fin

For the girl in the wheelchair

She built musical flowers and trees because she cares.

For the flowers that always keep me on track.

Your breeze, your love, there’s nothing I lack.

For remembering how good it feels to breathe.



It’s a miracle, so lyrical!

For the bees who went buzzing from flower to flower.

The breeze, the life, the color, it’s just so powerful!

Thank You!

I love writing these little poems. These words always make me feel so, right here and now. I sat today watching bees go from flower to flower. That is what I want more of in my life. That is what makes me smile. That is why I want to run my creative business. I want more of that. Those moments help me write such words. These words help me. I know they can help you too.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing plans for my blog. I have good ideas for the summer. I have a new book project. I am always on the lookout for ideas and new tools. Please email me or find me on Pinterest. Instagram is a good place too.


Expressive Flowers

Ornament Flowers Book Cover

There’s no right way to paint a flower. That was the title from the beginning. I added a few new flowers. This book has changed the way I create. Even now I found this amazing artist. She paints acrylic flowers. Then she embroiders details over them. Her blooms are colorfully amazing! And then I go back to my work. I feel like I am still looking for my colorfully amazing.

The truth is, every now and then I feel it. I paint with it. Then the carefree painting disappears. I forget that we all walk different, but we are the same. We are the same love. This summer, just like that I decided to let go. I’ll paint flowers. I choose to be inspired by the ideas in There’s No Right Way to Paint a Flower. Yes, I’ll be inspired my book and on a spiritual quest.

You can get your copy

Expressive Flowers

Much Love Blooms

Ever see colorful blooms breezing in the sun. The sun feels warm but the breeze, now that’s a rhythm you want to dance to. I remember the day I painted these blooms. Actually, the paper was painted. I pulled out my folder. It’s filled with colorful paper. Not as cool as Eric Carle’s paper but as cool as mine.

Why do I get upset over the silliest situations? Why do I hold back? Why do I worry about what people say? It’s as a friend reminded me; you are not these situations. You are a spirit. You are blessed. I am not giving justice to his words, but I will never forget them. He spoke such truth!

These blooms came from me, my spirit. These blooms came from nature and how it makes me feel. There’s no right. There’s no wrong. It just is. We simply are! That is much love.

This weekend I’m going to paint. I’m going to have fun! I needed that reminder. I really do.

much love.

Expressive Flowers

Good Day Yellow Blooms

It’s always a good day. There are only a few days left to get For a Colorful Life for free. All of my eBooks are free.

three golden yellow blooms in acrylic paint

it’s a good day to paint flowers, just to see what I can do.

It’s a good day to be the light in someone’s darkened.

It’s a good day to be a friend

It’s a good day to encourage each other.

It’s a good time to get a long

Expressive Flowers

The Book is here!

I did it. The book has been approved and ready for you to read. I know the poems and colorful art will make you think, make you smile.

All of the books are available for free till May 5th. It feels free to have worked on this idea, carry it through and let it fly.

Happy Sunday!

Expressive Flowers

Hello Love

hello love pink blooms

Hello new ideas

Hello encouragement

Hello whispers of love

Hello hugs

Hello ladybugs

Hello possibility

Hello impossibility

Hello birds

Hello bees

Hello breeze

Flower me with all your love

Flower us with all the praising care up above

I like writing like this. It makes me smile. Hope it does the same for you. By the way, please check out my new book and all of them for free. If you like these blooms and this poem, then you’ll like the book.

Expressive Flowers

For a Colorful Life is almost final!

The book is done! The book is in a good place. For a colorful life is a great title. I have been through many revisions. I will do one final edit. You get to the point where you read it so many times. The more you read, the more you doubt. Will the book ever be finished? The more you revise the further you get from why you wrote the book. The more you revise, the more you think, and you lose you.

And so, I’ll do one final edit. Plus, if I keep working on the book, it’s too much. it’s not fun anymore. AND, I’m ready to work on these are a few of my favorite things. Yes, it’s inspired by the song in the Sound of Music.

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