You are Brave

…just an observation I made as I was on a morning walk. There I was in uncertainty and nature took over.

Then I came home and painted beautifully…

I wanted to paint a sketch of three flowers in complimentary color. The idea is to compliment each other with our talents, strengths, culture, language, art etc.

Now that’s certainly worth celebrating.

Create For You

You have no idea how this flower connects with my creative life right now. Always really. You learn. You grow. You grow. Learn More. Last night I read the first book I wrote. I write stories. They linger. I edit. I edit. They go out into the world like little soldiers of peace offering smiles keep goings.

It is hard to admit that glorious summer days spent writing ended up unpublished, trashed and collecting dust in the sucks pile. Deep down I know. I wasn’t writing for me. I wanted this story to be told. I wanted to say I am a writer because I say I am. I thought I was writing and rewriting letting the story speak for iteslf and I was merely the note taker.

Smewhere in all that I lost myself in a pile of MANY, I think they’ll like that. I kept asking how will this resonate with the audience. Many writers say that the most important part of writing is to write for you. Now I will rewrite the book FOR ME. I know why I wrote the book. I’ll write it like the kid who knows.

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You Are Loved

The ebook is ready. I may make a few changes. Now there’s this around the world beautiful culure idea that popped in my head. That project is happeing. Not sure when. Maybe the holiday season is a great time to start!

I did start a little…

Eric Carle inspired lettering is woderful! The ebook will be available for free beginning Monday August 17- 21. Check it out here. If you like the book please leave a review.

A world full of ideas

Would I rather have a set list to check off or build a list as I go? I like knowing direction and then letting my curiosity take over. I prefer why over how?

I painted these with a q–tip. I could have easily used chopsticks or a toothpick. The lesson was on using these to develop fonts. I could use these to paint flowers! I should write with a branch!

I have used the back of my sumi brush.

I have tons of ideas. Corita taught a wonderful idea. Playing with tools and techniques allows you to explore, imagine, be curious, and connect. I like asking why, always have and always will. There are so many ways to paint flowers. As you paint you discover ideas that perhaps you always wanted to express. Perhaps you didn’t realize you could or you had creative block. I don’t believe in creative block.

Our talents are with us. We need to practice them and make.

These flowers seem to say together we will. Together we shall. Juntos

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Today was a great day!

I started early and had better luck with the pink elephant. I painted a few flowers. Digitized a few prints for the shop. I still need to work on list and creative write. Tomorrow’s another day.

In intense days, the ones lived and yet to come why not have a few words. I speak of the outdated Posters with good intentions. What a great idea!

Collage Lettering

There’s always a reason to believe that someone…the moon and the stars or the cool breeze on a hot summer day is routing for you.

It’s us, our ego that gets in the way.

Now is a good time to start my creative journal. I have a list. It’s good. Maybe today’s the day I’ll read You Are Loved.

Multi – Lettering

I wanted something simple and fun for the last three pages of the book. What a beautiful ending. I explored different tools but the calligraphy brush and acrylic worked. Choose colors that mix well. Dip in different amounts of paint. Results vary. That’s the fun part.

Testing out on copy paper. Copy paper is much cheaper than watercolor paper.

On watercolor paper for the book

Maybe it’s time to write a what I would tell the beginning artist. Sounds good.

Moon and Stars

There is such a place. Not sure where but glad I found it during my research. I’m piecing together the book layout and checking my email. There’s a contest. What does your art mean to you? Choose one product and share it. Right now my etsy shop is empty. This is a great idea!

Painting this was another experience. Layers and layers. I do believe I got it right!