Creative Exploration

Bloom no matter the season

bloom no matter the season watercolored brushed quote

Maybe the color needs a little work but the neutrals, pink, inviting blue–will my ideas grow the way I want them too? Oh but simply turn this candle lid into a stamp, swirl the paint brush, press the imprinted napkin on wet paint and see what happens. Yes! Watch how the noise fades as you do.

Creative Exploration

Shop Creatively Hue

Interested in the above design? I have a society 6 shop. In the last couple weeks I’ve been researching print on demand sites and building a few shops. You can find most of the work I blog about in these shops. Right now there’s a 30% off everything on society 6. I’m practicing my lettering skills and beginning a new project. Lots more work to come.

Society 6

I am offering all of my ebooks for free starting Nov. 1- 5th. If you haven’t read them please get them. If you enjoy them please leave a review. This will help me. Thank you if you already have.