Creative Exploration

You Are Loved

Ok so I thought I had a good idea for a book cover and it’s a good idea but… one more try. Let me look through my artwork. Wait a minute, I painted these words weeks ago. What’s wrong with them? Nothing. So glad I had a sporadic moment to, oh yeah paint a new cover. This is it!

  • simple color
  • relates to the emotions readers should experience (hope you have if not don’t worry it’ll be free very soon so subscribe)
  • watercolor is the medium for all illustrations
  • feels like a journal
  • easy

For the shop and as a reminder to us all. Looking good.

Creative Exploration
By surprise I read this book today. I was looking for a file and noticed an error. Glad that was just a draft page. Not only am I thinking of the road trip but wow do these lessons apply to what’s happening in our lives. This is a good book. I am proud of every illustration and hand drawn word. I spent days, months working on this book. I am so glad I wrote it! I have skills.

Hope you are having a good weekend. If you got a glimpse of the roller coaster drawing that’s ok. I decided to take it down and redraw it. I lost that file.

Interested in reading the book?

Creative Exploration

Here We Go

again! I am here scared and tired of hearing about sickenss. A voice keeps telling me refuse scarcity. I could focus on what is wrong or take this as an opportunity to work on my ego. That is a good one. James Victore posted about this very topic. I will take this time to work on my art and ego.

I’ll leave you with two works.

Taken from Different Is Beautiful, all it takes is one fish to shine in darkness like a star in the sky.

How the stars comfort me

Take care and oh my goodness the tribe is growing. I appreciate all of you! So what do I do with my free time? I made a few edits to my books. Free ebooks coming soon!

Creative Exploration

Thinking map for Live Your Story

Rewind. I have a way better idea for this book. I’ll use color and fun hand lettered pages to tell my story. I’ve added a few words so the poem will change.

I’m so excited for this poem. It’s a great way to kick off my summer and it’ll be completed just in time for back to school.

I need this poem. I need this book. The world needs it too. It’s a win-win.