Expressive Flowers

You are Art

These days and this year has been wonderful. I’ve realized that we are all artists. It’s like a friend once said, we all have our walk. Yes we all have our walk but what’s the same is what we give to each other, our laughs, our words, or smiles, our trust, our encouragement and simply every element that makes us who we truly are. We are all artists! How we give may be different.

Oh, that reminds me, I rewrote these words with blue paint. I want to do multiple versions of this prom. Yes, why not call it a poem. Every now and then I say yes that’s why I wrote this poem. And that’s another reminder. I was doing a little Pinterest research and a self-love painting project sounds like a great idea!

Thank you for reading and please subscribe if you already haven’t. It’s going to be a great summer. Fall is looks good too. I may not post on Friday.

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Expressive Flowers

The Mind of an Artist

blue watercolor collage flower

First of all. this image doesn’t give justice to the actual color. The blue ink and the green collage are right together. I like painting pops of color. Ok another artist said that, but I am borrowing it. Today I was working on tulips in shades of pink. I was pairing green collage patterns and papers. I thought about the street art in the Art District.

It’s been a few days since I roamed those streets, taking photos and just taking it all in. The art was social, political and self-love. And the self-love part is my thing. It’s why I create. My colorful art is mindfulness. Yes, I make colorful art. Making colorful art helps me be me. Art is our freedom of expression. Art is our voice. It’s how we can speak the truth and do for the greater good OF ALL OF US. Isn’t art wonderful that way!

Expressive Flowers

Sunday Sunflowers

Sundays are meant for fun

Go for a run

See the blooms

Gaze at the moon


Take it all in


Hopeless love?

A hopeful love that’s all around and above

So bright and colorful

My blooms reflect the whimsy in my heart and the gratitude to be among it.

Expressive Flowers

The Peaceful Place (tree with a flower swing)

tree with colorful flower swing

It’s warm and breezy.

To dream, to imagine, to live, it’s all easy

With every swing

you know home, where your truth is

Oh, to sit and ponder

of all that you wonder

because spring

you are the real thing

We are never too old

All we need is a seat and a rope to hold

The highs the lows

Peace and play, now that’s a flow!

Last night I sat for a good hour working on art for the book. Today I sat for less than 15 minutes, and I have a good poem! At lunch I’ll work on a collage project for life is a rainbow. I’m thinking a field of colorful blooms, in collage.

Ok time to start my day! Thank you to all of the new subscribers. Or I should say welcome! More fun flowers, more poems and more books.

Expressive Flowers

The Color of Nature?

Have you ever gone for a walk to silence your mind and listen to the birds, feel the breeze and observe all the color?

colorful fall leaves

I’ve written this section a few times, but this poem feels good.

Talk about color
I love it when, there you are walking along
And your day, just taking it on
You see tones of brown, orange leaves
The color, the position, oh please!
Nature you just are.
Always guiding us home; love is never far.

This was in the fall. Today is the first day of spring and I am so excited! Spring is a wonderful time to explore nature. The Magic of Color is almost done. Are you ready for the eBook? For a limited time, I will release a few free copies to blog readers. If you are a subscriber, then email me if you’d like me to send you the book?

Expressive Flowers

Love collage blooms

You have an idea, and it doesn’t work out

Keep going because that’s what art is about

There’s no try,

It’s like the best friend who lets you have the last fry.

Use collage and the eraser tool,

Don’t be a fool

Don’t make a big deal

It’s going to be beautiful, for reals.

Creative Exploration

What is Christmas?

Christmas is what you make of it. There should be a little of Christmas every day.

It could come listening to a song.

How about walking with your head held high because you know you already belong.

What you say to start the day.

Letting your friend know that it’ll be ok.

a cup of tea.

A podcast episode that reminds you to open your heart and let it be

Having a warm blanket when it’s cold outside

it’s paintng with neon acrylic or melted crayon, you decide

Christmas is the light that burns inside you

it’s your courage and bravery in everything you do.

it’s a laugh, a vocie that says yes when the world says no

it’s rocking a polka dot dress because you’ve got places to go