Expressive Flowers

A poem about minding your business

Frost your cakes while you’re doing a dance

Stamp with eye glasses

Wait for no one to give you a chance

Paint copy paper

Cut and paste a field of blooms

Giving love, there’s nothing greater

Design with blue, orange and hot pink

Pour your paint in the middle and turn the table

What are they going to think?

That isn’t your business.

With your florals, painting a car or a house of bliss

Now that’s your business!

Alright, hope you liked my poem. This week I have been inspired and motivated to further create my art. The blooms I painted today…amazing! By the way, the siempre means always in Spanish. Not my idea but when an email sender ended her note like this, what a reminder to always be you.



Expressive Flowers

It’s Nature

three golden yellow blooms in acrylic paint

Every bloom

grows under the moon

I have a walk

You have a walk

We all have a different walk

We all have our dance

want the chance

We all have a gift

gifts set differences adrift

the smiles, the lessons, the laughter

it’s pure nature hereafter

It’s always nature

Believe it or not these words were inspired by a man who happens to call the streets his home. Oh, and all who inspire me. I show up to teach them but wow they teach me. Bless you all. Oh, and thank you readers.

Expressive Flowers

A Colorful Tool

An old watercolor sheet repurposed

It was florals and swatches

A new idea always resurfaces

Stamp paper with paint.

Collage Wildflowers?

Make sunflowers too, without restraint.

Spray, Splatter, Splash

Get rid of cares

Have a blast!

It is moments like this that I grow. I grow as an artist. I painted a pattern art print. If I recall, all but a square in the left-hand corner was stamped with royal blue lines. My keychain broke off. I could create a similar stamp? Ok back to the pattern. I mixed up a bubblegum pink. I painted a big pink flower in the empty square. That’s a good idea. The practice was messy, but the idea was brilliant.

I keep referencing, There’s No Right Way to Paint a Flower. That by the way is the new title for Creative Bloom. I need to go and enjoy the outdoors. I need to learn how to breathe. Then I can come home and paint all the beautifulness I’ve seen. And that’s exactly what I’ll do this summer! There’s one other project I want to work on. That’s these are a few of my favorite things. Although, there is Just Ask by Sonia Sotomayor. I’ll just have to paint and figure it out.

What are you planning this summer? Any floral fields on your vacation? Art Projects? New Courses? Workshops? Do tell!

By the way I may post a quick quote for Saturday but other than that I’ll see you Sunday.

Lots of Love,


Expressive Flowers

…a little courage

a little passion…a little courage and a smile. I started with some red paint, and I mixed in yellow and white to get orange and pink. I should use red more often. I have trouble finding the right pink, but these pinks are lovely.

I want bolder and brighter colors. I want to take a course on expressive flowers. I want to paint peach roses and Cosmos. Ok, time to go work on a few pieces for The Magic of Color.

Go for a walk

Let the pink roses give you a pep talk

Orange roses let me nap in your peace

When it’s time to go I’ll move forward with ease

Expressive Flowers

It’s the ones who bloom from a mess

Intentions are good

But trying too hard to be understood

The fire is stubborn

Pick up the brush without concern

Suddenly it’s the colors in my heart

Why, oh why, would we ever be apart.

This is art

Aways been home right from the start.

Not even sure if I can call these rhymes poems but hey, I love these rhymes. More rhymes, more blooms and more color.

Creative Exploration

It takes ALL of us

The lesson on how we get our food

The podcast on gratitude for the farmer to the clerk

I don’t want to ever be that kind of jerk

Sometimes I am

I fuss over nothing

Forget who I am and what I bring

It is great and sad that we need a month to love ourselves.

To celebrate with stuff off the shelves

Look around

You and me, we make the town.

Let’s celebrate everyone everyday by being kind.

We do every time we sing and unwind.

Ok if you’ve been reading and enjoying my poems, thank you! I do like these poems. I’m just rhyming and having fun. Honestly that is what this is.

Creative Exploration

Poemas Encontradas – Day 4

Finding Poems.

Find some words that interst you. I have been obsessesed with Bruce Lee. What a great article to start my day!

Cut out likable words. Arrange them in patterns. I thought about common themes in these words and…

Paint a roinbow of colors. Perhaps I was thinking my someplace over the rainbow where troubles melt…

Here is the beautiful masterpiece! I have seen Austin Kleon post many of these and often wondered how and why. Had no idea this was so much fun. Time, it takes lots of time and thought. I had to focus on pulling all the details together.

Another great day! Creative Exploration resumes Monday. I can’t wait!