Expressive Flowers

Rain means spring is going to be beautiful

Yellow mug with pink flowers done in collage

Now it’s cold

But soon we will have spring to hold

It’s raining

Far too often, you are complaining

I don’t see change

Oh, but it’s time for YOU to rearrange

Rain is here

Leaves have fallen there

Colors are always growing

Your spirit is always glowing

When it rains

Imagine and dream, take that train

Rain means spring is going to be beautiful

Spring needs rain

Fall needs summer, it’s a chain

Now rain can lead to a storm

It’s scary to be beyond the norm

Take care of you you

Do what you do!

Rain gives us that time, you know

We can sit and feel the spirit who’s ready to go!

I appreciate this poem. I’m sitting her on a Saturday morning. Yes it’s been cold and raining but spring will be beautiful! Thank you for reading. Make sure you subscribe. Did you know I have books for sale? Art prints?

Expressive Flowers

You will bloom, so bloom!

two orange paper collage flowers with a you will boom quote inside them

It feels like I haven’t worked on paper collage in a long time. I’ve been having fun with my journal. I’m taking time to explore ideas, layouts and color schemes. I spent at least a few hours working on ideas. These blooms are my mood right now.

And so I simply say don’t wait for someday. Don’t wait until…because you are blooming right now. You are growing. Have a plan but like you cut and paste in the process do the same with your life. Live for today. The peach color has a walk in the park vibe. You get this breath of fresh air. With this breath of fresh air comes, you got this! Oh my goodness I do have this! This thought is the theme of my flower collage book.



Expressive Flowers

Keep Going Blue Wildflower

There’s this

There’s that

A million things going wrong

Oh but listen to your heart’s song

The one that’s neutral

The one that knows

In each moment love always grows

Look at what’s right

Your ideas shine

You paint with color, fingers, a dented brush, everything’s fine!

You are the colors of the rainbow

Together we’ll rise

We’ll be the kind of friends who always share fries

Just a little poem to commemorate these past days in a second-grade classroom. Oh but the art we’ve painted and will paint tomorrow, it’s going to be great! I’ve learned to listen to the strength within, to rely on my neutral state. May this spirit leads me to my weekend. I’ll be painting, adding more work to my shop, and developing my collage course.



Expressive Flowers

Self-Love Book Project

I’m enjoying my summer and just like that my new book idea is here. If you haven’t been reading the blog then head here. My other project was to paint ideas taken from my self-love pinterest board. These flowers that I’ve been painting, well that’s self-love.

The magenta one was beautiful, these all are. Imagine flipping through the pages of a book like this. Each page has its own bloom, texture, and color. Making me smile already.

The magenta is getting a little more love. I’ve redone the bloom. Being that it is collage I can simply paste another bloom over the one that didn’t work. I have an it’s beautiful. Oh and the quote is even better!

Self love is painting from within, from your place.

It has been a good day.



Expressive Flowers

Here growing and loving you

These flowers were just a journal page. The centers were painted droopy and sad. Not sure how that happened but maybe I was painting how I felt. Oh right, I was questioning the way I paint. Thinking my blooms had to be more, the other day’s post. I grabbed a white gel pen and paper collage. My creativity ignited. And all that makes me think of how I go for walks with all my thoughts and suddenly a peach bloom catches my eye. The birds and the breeze are before me. I know all this beauty is right here with me, loving me.

Noe I have another print for the shop.



Expressive Flowers

…because you just never know orange-yellow blooms

I was working on a flower for the upcoming college course. I have been building a collection of objects to add texture to my paintings. It is amazing how you can paint with a simple brush. Use it dry, wet, horizontal, vertical, stamp with the handle, and how the paint looks when you dry it and moreso cut it. Oh and then there’s the layering.

I am going to scan these beauties and paste them onto a watercolor paper background. They should be hung in a studio. Maybe in a classroom, although a studio and a classroom are the same. Should be anyway.

Let’s keep painting and creating because you never know.



Expressive Flowers

Art is such a wonderful world

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

Pablo Picasso

What a wonderful quote. And just now as I was about to work on this post, another blogger posted about feeling like your work isn’t enough. You play a comparison game. I should fill up the page. I should work on patterns or certain motifs. I can recall some time ago when I set a goal to fill up my pages. Then a few days ago I came to my senses. I’m just going to trust the process. Ok, I am on a roll with textures right now. I’m going to watch a video on textures but I’ve realized this.

The very point of practice is not about building skill. The point of every project is that you get brighter and bolder. Each project allows you to wash away the dust of every day life.

This flower is beautiful. I was building these words of self-love. All good words by the way. Now that I realize so much, I am going to scan this flower and put it on watercolor paper. It’s going into my shop. It’s going to be beautiful. It’s a beautiful flower.