Expressive Flowers, Roses Project

Roses-Just Paint Them

eight pink roses in various sizes with pink and blue leaves

I don’t know why I place so much thought in the outcome. I’ve blogged about hoarding my paint. I’ll use professional paint when I’m ready. Will I ever be ready! No, but as I paint I become ready. My mind wanders to the children I had the honor of chaperoning at the California Science Center. At first, the grown-up in me was reading the exhibit info. That was fine! The students got right into exploring. Some were so eager they forgot to wait patiently for their turn. We speak of it still.

Amazon like all print-on-demand platforms are changing its pricing system. That led me to update my book collection. There’s No Right Way to Paint a Flower is about painting and exploring. In that book, I painted flowers with erases, fingers and a variety of tools. I’ll keep filling my journal with lovely roses. I’m halfway through the journal. Actually, I am more than halfway done! I want to be like those children who are eager, curious and just want to explore. I am!

I saw large beautiful orange roses yesterday! I am overwhelmed with peace and love when I see roses. Days ago, it was yellow and pink roses. Once I finish the journal I’ll start painting and write the roses book. I’ll paint orange roses! I want lavender roses too! I’ll be sharing my progress in daily blog posts. I’ll post some of the artwork in my shop. This week I’ll talk more about my summer plans. Wait, I think I just did.

For today only, you can get the book for free. Click on this link. How do you paint roses? Have an artist tip? Or who’s your favorite artist? Perhaps a garden that you enjoy visiting. Comment below.