Expressive Flowers

Wise Trees

The book is once again live on Amazon. I made of few minor changes. Here’s a preview of some of the trees. This book could have been called There’s No Right Way to Paint Trees.

I wrote this book as a celebration of nature and us. Wise Trees is an invitation to play. Since this book, I have worked on many projects. Each project gets better than the last. I think I needed this reminder. Now I’ll go paint flowers.

To get your copy of the book click here.

Creative Exploration

Celebrate fall with dots

Yesterday I read this post on a book.

That led to learning about Yayoi. Everything from the title to her dots made me wonder. People, teachers probably thought she was weird and wanted her to stop. And Yayoi wasn’t sorry. Why should she be. I’ve seen this artist before but what, dots everywhere! I like to paint with dots.

Here we go.

A tree seems like a good way to start fall. Soon the leaves will be falling. The cold nights are approaching. Then comes glorious spring. Now is the time to get rid of dead weight, all that prevents us from not being sorry.

To create this tree I used tempera paint and a Bruno Munari tutorial. Begin with one trunck. The trunk divides in two and contiune knowing each proceeding branch gets thinner.

What about a Kandinsky tree?

Creative Exploration

Drawing Trees ( Day 3)

Draw trees from memory. Draw my favorites. Draw what comes to mind. The more unusual, like leaf shape or color, the better.

Intersting how the mood of the tree changes with the strokes. My favorite is the hair looking one. It’s a great one for some of my breeze thoughts.

The square leaves is my favorite.

What should the words be? Find a place where you can rest, think, think, rest, PLAY, and dream. The color and path of the leaves make a heart shape. Literally eveything about this is thinking, resting, playing and dreaming. No doubt.

Well done!

Creative Exploration

Acrylic + Stick Tree

I like painting trees. Greens and blues are a color scheme that I often come back to.

I like appying the paint in a series of dots and then using a brush or in this case what’s left of the brush. Wiat a minute, I carefully squeezed the paint bottles in a tree shape. All I did was take the stick and spread the paint in a right to left line pattern. Simple. Easy. Beautiful.

Mixing the right color is key. Did the brush in a little water helps spread the paint. More trees to come. I’ll add these trees to my holiday etsy shop.

Creative Exploration

Geometric Shapes Tree

I’m using shapes to express what Christmas means to me. Color helps me express how Christmas makes me feel. I used watercolor paint, pencils and a pen. I sat for a few minutes pondering ideas and then circles popped in my head. This is a simple idea with lots of posibilities. More trees to come.

The book’s going good. I have a litttle over a month to finish. Tomorrow I’ll post an update on my book. SO glad it’s Friday!