Love this new pink acrylic paint

I was painting blooms and thinking spring. Today is cold and winter is almost near. I’ll sit in thought and dream of spring as I glue, paint or write.

Oh but there are many of full mooms in the winter. There are breezy cold days just right for blankets and hot cocoa. The sun shines so your nose won’t freeze. Oh my every season has its beauty! I have so many blooms to paint and a book to finish!

This weekend I’ll put together the ebook layout, the first rough draft. I may share it sooner than you think.

Feeling Free Bloom

Painting dots is relaxing. Here I used a paper roll to stamp the flower petals. You can see some of the texture in the light blue. The stigma was done with yellow ochre watercolor. The outline was made by stamping dots with the top of a paint brush. The blue with the yellow ochre is amazing. Some time ago I shared my blog with a co-worker. Her words, I love your use of color, made my day! My yellow and blue made me think of her.

I love trying techniques. I love mixing color. There is a thrill in leaving everything up to chance. You never know what will happen. In making this bloom I had amazing texture. I used a flat brush to further paint the petals. It was all good. I was happy but the bloom wasn’t finished. I added more petals with a darker blue. I almost threw it away. Why did I cover up the lovely texture? I kept painting. What a roller coaster ride! Oh my I almost forgot the orange and burt sienna dots in the center. Thank goodness I had the idea to blend the color together with yellow ochre.

Paint like the artist you are

three peach yellow blooms with the words feel the breeze dance with ease.

Today I went to a Target store and there was a display of 2022 floral agendas. The roses were painted almost the same as the tutorial I watched on You Tube. The only beautiful difference is that the artist in Target did what the You Tuber said not to do. Rules? The only rules you should follow are your own. Courses, displays and tutorials remind me that my work is possible.

My tool box

I’ll be putting together a list of tools I wish I had when I started.

Orange and Pink Keep Going Bloom

pink and orange keep going flower

I love the soft pink with deep greens. I never would have had this beautiful idea had I not made a mess with the watercolor marker.

To make this bloom I added drops of paint to the paper. Then I blended and painted in an upward motion to get the ragged border. That’s it! Easy and unexpectedly beautiful every time. Can’t wait to scan and rearrage a few of the details.

Copy Paper Feels So Free

I ran out of mixed media paper. It’s more like acrylic paper. Mixing is harder with acrylic than with watercolor. By the time I mix a good color the paint is all dried up. Mixing with these types of primaries is a good challenge.

These blooms make me feel like I painted a mural. I could change the color but the blooms and the blending are beautiful. Then I started painting on copy paper. Copy paper and inexpensive paints! It feels so free. Oh and spraying watercolor over dry acrylic is like using watercolor over masking fluid!

Yes it’s possible

three orange and pink blooms with emerald green stems

Your dreams no matter the time or circumstance are posible. The color on these blooms are like yes of course your dreams are possible. Now how do I make that happen??? Ha

I was mixing up my version of turquoise green and suddenly I’m expressing a recent conversation.

Hue Beauty

A hue is beautiful on its own but it’s only until you mix it with other colors that true beauty is revealed. You have your primaries. You have your secondaries. Add white or water. You can take 8 shades and turn them into 64 colors.

I am an artist and I like to paint without pencil sketches and referemce photos but my best ideas come from nature, podcasts, music, my experiences and those yet to come. I am grateful for every canvas that made me ask why. I am grateful for the songs that encourage the grandeur between us. I am greatful for the lessons that each season brings.

Wild and Free

That’s it. That’s why I paint. I want to run like the wind. I want to frolic, feel the warmth of the sun, have time to fall in love with the flowers, the breeze, birds…and keep wandering right into the moonlight.

Creative Bloom

There I was encouraging students to write. Don’t worry about the grammar. Don’t worry if it makes sense. You listened to the podcast now answer the prompt. This is journal writing and it’s practice. The only way to get better at writing is to write.

So this blog is my journal. These are my blooms. I share process. I share progress. I share projects. I share poetry.

The only right way to paint a flower is to paint one. Not with judgement, not with comparison but just paint like you did when you were a kid.

Yes, that is what Creatively Hue is about.