Creative Exploration

How lovely Are Your Branches

Go for a walk. Paint what you see. Sometimes it’s good to just be.

Use paper scraps from projects throughout the year. Curiosity is here.

I read my book. It’s work more than a look. It’s silly and fun. Made made feel love. Get your free copy today and tomorrow. Don’t make time for sorrow. Share with someone you love. We are so blessed from above.

Creative Exploration

Stamp Tree + Book Update

Today begins the new schedule of posting three days a week. Let’s begin…

I have been in a creative slump, which is weird because I always have something cool to work on. Really. I love the creative exploration class but it’s been weird trying write the book. I threw out most of my old notes. Nothing felt right. I updated Live Your Your Story book to the original title. The original title is Live Your Love Story and I changed it because I wasn’t sure about the word love. But this is the original title and I decided to rename the book. Maybe it isn’t a big deal to you but to me it means owning up to my creative style. I should never hide my creative style. Everything I create comes from a place of love for love. I made a few other changes too . How did this come about? Yeah I asked myself as I was editing late last night until 12:07 am.

It all started with editing my Wise Trees book. I changaed the cover and repainted this tree. And you know what, the beginning of the book is the perfect way to start my new book. Are others curious about all the animals in the world? I am. Yes what a brilliant idea.

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I’m going to continue writing this book.

For this tree I used acrylic paint and colored pencils. Trees are best when it’s breezy. Or in the summer.

Creative Exploration

Painting an Apple Tree

Last Friday’s post was on painting trees by stamping with your thumb. The beauty of stamping is that you can stamp with any object.

For this tree I used tempera and acrylic paint. I stamped with various sizes of paint brush handle bottoms. Of course I had to mix up the right tones of red and green. Adding a little of the pink red to the brown gave me a beautiful brown.

Here’s the final tree. I love the Green and the Pink Red is just right with the emerald green. These aren’t typical red and green apple tree colors but neither is any life changing story. All I need is to write my quote:

All it takes is one idea, one seed, and one YOU. I love reading the Johnny Appleseed story. If you think about it all awesome ideas simply began with one idea and gradually others came on board. We can all make a difference. I have painted and included a similar tree in my Wise Trees book.

More fall painting ideas coming Friday and Saturday. Tomorrow I begin more research and sketching for the book.

Creative Exploration

painting trees with a q-tip

pint tree painted with acrylic paint

This tree didn’t make it in the book but here it is. I used a round q-tip.

purple hand painted tree with brush texture

This one was painted with an angled q-tip. The idea behind this purple tree is that art can be anything you want it to be. You can create art from literally anything you want. In my case a q-tip.

I’m reminded of a few words in a book I started reading. They are purpose, persitence and a burning desire.

I’ve thought and THOUGHT about these words. I recognize persitence and burning desire sometimes get lost. And that confuses my purpose.

We all have purple ideas. Or as Seth Godin says. a purple cow.

But it’s up to us to stand up with our purpose, persist along the way as others laugh because hey, our desire is burning.