Paint a Pinata

I saw this cool tutorial on how to make a pinata. I’ve been seeing these colors associated with Dia De Los Muertos decor. I painted one.

I used a Bath and Body Works Candle lid to draw the circle. Then I drew various narrow triangles. I now realize I should have added more texture.

Now for the right quote. There should always be a reason to celebrate life. At this moment I want to celebratae artists who inspire me. Their songs make me dance. I love to dance. The want to celebrate the people I love. I try to help and be kind as often as I can. I celebrate the students who teach me. And every member of my tribe. I’m grateful.

I’ll rescan and fix a few details but the colors are beautiful. Yes, I should definitely do another layer. For the record, I believe Dia De Los Muertos is important. BUT I also want to celebrate and thank the people who live. Life is short. Love Yourself and Love Others. Wait… I should jot these words down for my lipstick diaries project. Maybe I need to get rid of the word Dia and just write de los vidos, suggesting we must celebrate one another as often as we can. Yes.

Monday I’ll be posting ideas to decorate/ paint pumpkins. I have tons of ideas for these. Maybe I’ll do a special post on Saturday. My book is coming together. The excitement is building. I posted a video on my instagram. @ hellomireya

Have a great weekend!