Creative Exploration

Book Update & Painting Insects

This book process has been different from the previous books. With the other books I had a summary of the story idea and created from there. This time I’m researching and painting animals.I’m relying more on my curiosity and imagination. I’ve had to review what this book means to me. I’ve always been curious about animals. What they look the way they do. How did they get their names. What’s it like to be them. Weird I know, but when I admire all their color I can’t help but see that it’s natures way of showing us that weird is beautiful. This is what I want my book to be about.

I’m still working on the creative exploration class. I’m learning to work through mistakes by painting and incorporating various tools. I like this. I’ve been finding a quiet place and writing. Even if it’s 10 minutes, I write. I think about why I want to write this book. Then I write. The deadline for this book is December 31.