Creative Exploration

There’s power in creating

These are a few of the lessons I ‘ve learned with 100 ways to flower with power.

On day one, I had plans. I drew my flowers. I had a list of tools/techniques to try. Then it was, what can I do with one tool. At some point I forgot about the list and let my thoughts and curiosity guide me. That’s where the real exploration began!

After that I found this place. It wasn’t comfortable. I lost track of time. There was no joy, fear, happiness or anger. Perhaps I started with feelings and then creating took over. Nothing else matterd. Gita and Learning by Heart are wonderful! Yes, creating gives me such peace. I am a creative. During exploration my mind is at play. I’m curious, imagining and working utill I look at it and say ok I’m done. Detachment is powerful!

There’s power in creating on your terms, your rules and learning that there’s only make. Moving forward leads to new ideas.

A Rose is a common flower. I like these two colors together. I drew the flower with an oil pastel. Crayons, permanent markers and pens. work good too. Test to make sure the color won’t bleed unless you’re curious! I was and yes that too made a fine flower.

Have a good weekend! Next week I’m starting with creative exploration-fall! 100 ways to flower with power will resume in the spring when the book launches.

Creative Exploration

Drawing Letters

If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.—Dolly Parton

I am looking for fun ways to express ideas with letterforms.


tools: markers, oil pastels, toothpick, q-tip, pens, glue

Arts Here: has this don’t let your dreams die halloween vibe.

Live: a reference to a favorite game

Now: Pen over watercolor

Love me always ok: inspired my Corita Kent and writing with lipstick

Book B: the fun I had in mind

I like drawing block letters .

Intersting how the blues and reds group together and reinforce the message.

Maybe I could double check the tones here but I really REALLY like this print. I try this with my new soft pastels when get here. This is going in the shop.

What a good day!