Expressive Flowers

Lovely Pinks Ornament Flowers

I posted new artwork on society6. I worked on my calendar. I started my journal! I’ve stalked up on supplies and ready to go.

Here’s my summer to do list:

  • Promote books with Pinterest story videos for each of my books
  • Self love art projects. One idea is painted book paper blooms inspired by an Anthropologie window display. This begins July
  • Read. I have chosen poetry and a biography for starters. I have a list of books
  • organize/map out a collage course Oh I could host a mini course idea here and video on Pinterest
  • AND the biggest of all is to continue with flower exploration. It’ll be part 2 of There’s No Right Way to Paint a Flower

Now I’ll go review my notes, and go for a wonderful walk.

Expressive Flowers

Art is Freedom

The weather feels good. It’s breezy in the shade and warm in the sun. I can feel the breeze and here the chitchat. The bird’s are singing their song. It’s a lovely day to admire and fall in love…

Seems like I haven’t done much walking for the sake of walking and admiring it all. Seems like I’ve been clearing my mind instead of taking note of all the details. Like right now I’m seeing the swaying of the branches and the breeze, it feels so free.

Our best work originates in the freedom. Oh, trees remind of painting a few trees for Wise Trees. There’s a few trees I want to redo.

Expressive Flowers

Blending is Beautiful

This flower represents why I create. I take ideas never knowing how they’ll turn out and start creating. This type of creating comes from me. There’s no fear or doubt. Fear is always there but, in these moments, only idea patters. There’s this voice that tells me keep going. I know I need more of that in my whole life.

I painted the bloom on copy paper. The blending is beautiful! The stem and leaves didn’t come out good, but collage paper was the answer. Stamping with the round handle of a craft brush added a little more fun to this flower. I should add a little more space around the flower, so this bloom feels like it was painted on a dot wall.

Expressive Flowers

The Peaceful Place (tree with a flower swing)

tree with colorful flower swing

It’s warm and breezy.

To dream, to imagine, to live, it’s all easy

With every swing

you know home, where your truth is

Oh, to sit and ponder

of all that you wonder

because spring

you are the real thing

We are never too old

All we need is a seat and a rope to hold

The highs the lows

Peace and play, now that’s a flow!

Last night I sat for a good hour working on art for the book. Today I sat for less than 15 minutes, and I have a good poem! At lunch I’ll work on a collage project for life is a rainbow. I’m thinking a field of colorful blooms, in collage.

Ok time to start my day! Thank you to all of the new subscribers. Or I should say welcome! More fun flowers, more poems and more books.

Expressive Flowers

It’s the first day of spring!

I can’t wait to go for a walk and see the yard full of colorful cosmos. Maybe that should be the entry for seasons change? There’s going to be lots of new flowers. I’ve been having so much fun with lunchtime art. Next week I’ll take my watercolors.

Here’s a few of my favorites.

Expressive Flowers

The Color of Nature?

Have you ever gone for a walk to silence your mind and listen to the birds, feel the breeze and observe all the color?

colorful fall leaves

I’ve written this section a few times, but this poem feels good.

Talk about color
I love it when, there you are walking along
And your day, just taking it on
You see tones of brown, orange leaves
The color, the position, oh please!
Nature you just are.
Always guiding us home; love is never far.

This was in the fall. Today is the first day of spring and I am so excited! Spring is a wonderful time to explore nature. The Magic of Color is almost done. Are you ready for the eBook? For a limited time, I will release a few free copies to blog readers. If you are a subscriber, then email me if you’d like me to send you the book?

Expressive Flowers

Listen to the voices of the mountains collage.

voices of the mountains quote collage

Another wonderful example of how painting random strokes leads to interesting texters and beautiful mountains. These mountains will be in The Magic of Color. Not sure if it’s the color or the formations but driving along the Colorado Mountains was breathtakingly peaceful. It’s both. I think the key to happiness, or a meaningful life is to flow with this rhythm.