Creative Exploration

Painting guitar with watercolor

Using a chopstick to create pattern dots? Yes why not. I actually saw a video on lettering with a chopstick. I have yet to try that. Perhaps I should today. I am working on a t-shirt project. Maybe.

This guitar is practice for the Venetian one I am painting today. Music moves me. Music is huge in Mexico. Music is to celebrate, honor and express the truth, the love for land and love.

Back to this guitar, what a roller coaster ride. The drawing was good. Mixed up a good brown. Tested new acrylc paint. Then I wanted florals on the botton of the guitar. I can’t sing but I do. I wanted this to look like a real guitar that I had painted on. My guitar. The flowers were all wrong. Just as I was about to flip the page and draw a new guitar…

What do I do when I make a mistake? Paint over it with acrylic! I applied my floral making skills and began stamping petals with a round brush in the shade that popped in my head in the first place.

There is only make! I think I now have the theme for my t-shirt project. Love when this happens.

Have a good day!

Creative Exploration

Sometimes Ideas Work

Sometimes the first one is the ONE. Many times it is. Yesterday I drew my inspiration from two sources: the poster project from a graphic design class and Corita Kent. Except for font changes and layout adjustments, my poster was good. I had an idea. Let it flow into the next. Happy.

Sometimes the source of inspiration shuts down the creative free spirit. My focus becomes how can I make this look like a source. A record should look like a record. A poster should look like a poster. It becomes a guessing game.

That’s where this little book comes in. Begin with am image, painting, or photograph. Fiil the first page with words from your recent grocery list. Keep Going. Go where the inspiration takes you. Observe connections and create the next page. End with some poetic words. Remember there is only make.

Yes, taken from Corita’s book. I’d say that’s great practice!

Potatoes, tomato, onion, beans, chips, ground beef, turkey, buns, hot dogs, buns

What’s good for you? Turkey or Beef?

Beans for protein IRON pack a punch!