Creative Exploration

Flow. Go. Do your thing.

Sometimes I try to paint flowers. I’ll work on all the details. As I’m about to finish I pick up the brush and go for it. That’s where the magic happens. You try too hard because you’re creating from the wrong place. You have to build a habit of creating from the but I like it place. You compare and judge your work by the rules or what you think is expected of you.

Flow. Go. Do your thing.

Yes this is a good title for these blooms. I’m glad I decided to share these flowers. Ok time to work on the color book.

Creative Exploration

About painting on a wall

Like it was painted on a wall—there’s this artist who paints murals in villages and towns. He paints murals in different towns. He paints to add beauty to every town. Every town is beautiful! The people, the cultue, it’s all beautiful!

Every now and then I catch myself painting as if I’m painting on an old abandoned building. On their way tto work or school, people pass, look up and smile. Colorful blooms can always make a difference.

The weekend is almost here and it’ll be time to finish my color book draft.

Creative Exploration

About a Valentine’s Heart leaf tree

This is more of a note to self but I suppose there are others in this world who need these words too.

Left over Valentine’s hearts?

It was an idea from the start!

Teacher said green, blue, yellow or brown

The students painted with black, purple scribbles and lines

Would the tree turn out fine?

What would other teachers say?

But the children, not once did I hear is this is ok?

There were moments of look at my work.

Friendships were mended.

Quiet voices transcended.

It was like a spanish word and its accent

How does one make a masterpiece?

Tune out the noise.

Place with posie

Serves me right, well

For the chilren, I mean artists, are the swellest of the swell.

They know that a Valentine is a leaf with heart.

Creative Exploration

Fingerpainting is Awesome

Apply the color in dots. Spread with your finger. Pink ones. Yellow ones. Blue ones. Peach ones. Monotones. What a great idea. The very thought of art is my happy place. Definitely going to rescan this flower.


Sometimes it is such a releaf to let go and see what happens. Always! Maybe you accidently dip in the wrong color but now you know that with the right colors you have an awesome idea. Since 100 ways, I have ideas for stems and colors. These will make great little drops of happy. An artist, @ettavee mentioned this in a recent workshop. Any of course I was like yes! This is what my art means to me. Some people write the great song I can’t stop signing and don’t want to. I paint. I could do this forever. I am. I will!

May has come and gone. June is a good time to launch creative bloom. I’ll be working on a color project. There’s an idea related to my wise trees. I use trees to talk about my love of people. I could do the same with color? Ok now I’ll go try the seamless pattern tutorial again.

Creative Exploration


Filled up the palette and I’m ready to paint textures and patterns of the world! I tried mixing up a deep green and brown. I ordered them. I want to get more blues. These tubes have been collected over a few years. I was about to purchase another student grade palette for the metal tin but I want to use these colors.

I can’t wait to test out these colors. I like that I have Cotman and professional colors. I was going to spend more time practicing and I will. It’s time to get mixing. It’s time to paint. This year is all about making. There are no mistakes. Only make.

Maybe I’ll paint a Peruvian rug?