Creative Exploration

Copy Paper Feels So Free

I ran out of mixed media paper. It’s more like acrylic paper. Mixing is harder with acrylic than with watercolor. By the time I mix a good color the paint is all dried up. Mixing with these types of primaries is a good challenge.

These blooms make me feel like I painted a mural. I could change the color but the blooms and the blending are beautiful. Then I started painting on copy paper. Copy paper and inexpensive paints! It feels so free. Oh and spraying watercolor over dry acrylic is like using watercolor over masking fluid!

Creative Exploration

Pink and Purple Color Palette

painting pink and blue florals with a round brush

Mixing white with red and adding a little green makes pinks! Then you add a little Prussian blue and you have purple. What were the flowers that I was going to repaint with lavendar and periwinkle?

Here’s my list of learning:

  • mix and observe how your favorite colors mix together
  • create a whole page of blues and observe how they mix with orange and green
  • I stiil need an opera rose
  • mixing red with white and using that mixture to add a little yellow or brown.
  • work with acrylic (I am getting better)
  • observe how color scans
  • get to know the brush and just paint

I should find a video on how to care for and when to replace acrylic paints.

Flower doodles and color make me happy!

Creative Exploration

Mixing Color

Speaking of using color. There I was mixing inks and watercolor just as I have before. Only this time I’m discovering all these beautiful tones! I’m rethinking this piece again.

Yes I need some pulse and precision practice. That’s what practice is for.

Notes: brighter orange, a darker blue, bigger petals on the flowers. Keep with the idea of being a post card. More of a peach pink instead of the purple. write lindo y querido with thicker strokes.

You’re thinking too much. Paint.

I love my work and I’m having fun with these ideas. I found amazing pinks on Peruvian blankets. I really needed color harmony in my life.

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Creative Exploration

Color Mixing

My blue is a turquoise. I love how it makes beautiful tones of blue and green. This is a fun way to learn emotions behind color. One side of my color wheel is cheerful and bright. The other side (reds and purples) are dark and gloomy. I suppose this makes wonderful contrast. There are so many ways to paint a color wheel. I like this color wheel because the shape reminds me of sunshine. I should turn this into a quote.

Ok so I’ll be honest in hopes that I can help you. Today I was listening to a live chat with James Victore. I shared that I was angry and depressed over what’s going on. He bluntly pointed out that I am chosing to feel this way. He’s right and I knew it. I know. I needed to just express how I feel. I say that we need to be honest with ourselves and come to grips with choices we make or lack thereof’.

I overcame my tantrum by painting a color wheel. With each stroke, I smiled. I hoped. So I say do what makes you happy. Think good thoughts. The best will is yet to come.

New prints coming tomorrow. Lots more art for the shop. We are in this together. As always thanks for reading!