In Love With Color

learn how to mix color with acrylic paints

Seriously, walking down the isles of Blick makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. Exploring a website isn’t as fun but getting art supplies in the mail is fun tool. Forest Green, Mauve and Indigo are on my list.

I like to think that my flowers and everything I paint feels like summer. To me summer is a time for being lazy, reflection, falling in love, the outdoors., peace and feeling free. I love it all! I want summer every day of my life. There should always be time to stroll. Yes I should add this to my list of projects. A poster? A print? Someday a book? Say! Let me right that down. Anyway that’s the story behind my paintings. Oh and there’s this need to feed my curiosity by using fun tools to paint. Wait till you see tomorrow’s post!

I’m trying to up my color game. I bought these Royal & Langnickel acrylics. Aside from the blue and green, the pink and yellow aren’t my tones. With a little mixing I was able to come up with colors I could work with.

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Make Art Lots Of Art

word art with watercolor

Make art because it’s how you grow.

Make art because it’s how you bloom.

Make art because it’s how you learn about you.

Make art because you have to let go.

Make art because you want to.

This week I am going to paint this again. Ditch the block letters for my hand writing? Add more flowers? Stamp flowers? What random objects could I use to make my blooms? Brighter peaches and pinks? Oh yeah!

It is going to be good. I have lots more ideas. Oh I love where my art is going.

Paper roll blooms

Love making these flowers. So easy to make and different beautiful petals every time. I’m posting this right now because I need a reminder to keep creating keep making art. I am my best tool. Here’s to creating more. Here’s to just making art and being you.

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There’s enough room for everyone to bloom

painting flowers with acrylic and finishing with watercolor

The gardens of the world, in my neighborhood, in Holland on a ranch in Mexico blooms are breezing in the sun. Each has it’s charm, its color. Color is one of the reasons why I love flowers. I have been walking to and from work for years. Yes I’d enjoy the peace clear my mind and get ready to start the day. Oh but these days I let the color and the evening breeze calm me. I never noticed the texture, the patterns and shapes. To think of it now.

Wavy Cloud Circle Blooms

Blue Watercolor Blooms

A few nights ago, I watched an abstract flower artist video. Her brush strokes and color mixing made me want to paint. I am talking the kind of painting where you show up, paint and magic happens. The next day I got out my supplies and painted. I wanted magic, my magic. I think I found it! Motivation. Momentum. Flow. Love. Peace. Authenticity. Yes all the above.

Here’s the instructions:

  • paint wavy cloud circles in monotone colors
  • add water to blend color and form flowers
  • Add a second layer (do this once the watercolor dries)
  • paint leaves
  • add details
  • The best part is the above are guidelines. Do what you want. Paint your own blooms. Have fun!

I posted a story idea for these blooms on pinterest. You can follow me there too.

Brighter Days Mosaic Flower

Oh yes brighter days are here! On the news last night there was a segment on a mosaic festival someplace in Los Angeles. There is something about each shape each color coming together with another color or colors. We are each one beautiful color but together we bloom.

That’s a thought for the color book. I should pull out my favorite paintings and tell their color story? I did plan this out. Sure I mixed color on my palette but I let my eyes and my heart do the painting.

Now it’s time to listen to a little Swagger and paint.

Stems can be blue

Collage bloom in orange and blue

Stems don’t have to be green. Stems can be any color you want. You are the artist.

This was a quick idea. You lean everything when you are making. The stigma got a little messy. I forgot to draw in a part. The cheap paper is not good for collage. Posca pens are great. Orange and blue, what a rhythm.

Paint what you feel, paint authentically you

These are the flowers that have my heart. I pick up a brush and I paint what I feel. It’s alignment between myself and everything in this world. I’m working on my words and poetry. I know I wrote this a few days, maybe a week ago, but I need to write it and think it as much as possible.

If I look back at work of the past I see moments that were authentically me. There’s the stack that I rarely share. Oh that reminds me I need to read today’s Swagger chapter.

That is what this blog is all about, making art and being you.

My silly dreams

yellow and pink flowers painted with an ornament

My silly dreams are to write a book about color

a book about a few of my favorite things,

to build a place with you,

so we can paint, create and do all that we do,

an online place

a workshop in Anthropologie, we’ll meet face to face.

paint flowers with ornaments

teach a course, two courses

to be reckoned with, what a force

Yes I want to work on my poetry too. Hope you enjoyed this poem. If you like this poem, and my work please check out my books, art prints, and other fun art here. Some of you already have a book. Thank you and please leave a review if you haven’t.

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Be color and height in every garden

Not bad but my sketch is better. The other day I sat and painted. Oh but the sketch is great. I’ve been listening to Swagger. It’s such a good book. You know those times when you are deep in thoughts. The negative ones are horrible. You are unsure and worried. Then you see a burst of color and you feel it. It’s an energy I can only hope to feel and give as often as I can.

In her book Leslie says Swagger is your authenticity. My cocoon post and painting from a place of me has everything to do with Swagger.

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