Expressive Flowers

Three Yellow Blooms and a Dance

Why not?

three yellow flowers painted with acrylic

I am on a roll and painting the entire page. I’m using acrylic pens and adding details. Artwork takes time. I’m glad I have it. Sometimes the idea doesn’t work. I have to layer the paint to fix it or go a completely different direction. The yellow ochre background makes me want to dance like they’re watching and I don’t care.

Expressive Flowers

Pink Peonies and Wild Flowers

Three pink peonies and two wild flowers painted with acrylic

Peonies are beautiful flowers. Aren’t they all beautiful! How does nature always get everything right?

The paint went on thick. I didn’t intend for all the texture. It was a lovely surprise. I have a palette knife. I prefer a smaller one. Sometimes you order thinking it’s a great idea. When it arrives, you want to send it back. Ooh, I should stamp with the handle and see what happens! I used a size 10 brush to mix color. Not a good idea. All the paint builds on the brush. I’ve ruined a few brushes like that. White and Quinacridone Magenta you make lovely pinks. The green is a good shade. In between the flat brush and a round brush, I stamped with a bottle cap. What an idea! What other shapes can I stamp with? I haven’t thought about the background. I have, just not sure what direction I want to go in.

AND that brings me to let go. For real. Let this post be a reminder to play. Some ideas are good. Some ideas are ok. Some of them, ALL of them are gems. This is a journal. I’ll fill it with fabulous ideas. It’s a journal. There’s room for fun and play. Oh, I’ll scatter some aqua blue hearts around the flowers. Maybe a butterfly. You see, point proven. Trust the process. Enjoy the ride. I write about this all the time. I know. I need these words in my heart and in my toolbox.

Enjoy the process. It’s going to be good.



Expressive Flowers

Colorful Blooms

Good lesson in color. I painted a first version and that didn’t work. The neutral tones are beautiful. Some of the petal patterns work. Others I could do over. Not to happy about the brown dots either.

Oh, but I’m happy that I was able to paint. I mixed color and moved from one idea to the next. Sure I thought of the beauties I see on my walks but I was simply painting with no particular place to go. I was painting like Carrie Schmitt at the painting party. It felt good to squeeze the paint on the plate and mix colors. The leaves are beautiful but feels like they need a little more life.

No, these blooms aren’t going in the shop but I painted them. This is the beginning of many more blooms to paint.

Expressive Flowers

Good Day Yellow Blooms

It’s always a good day. There are only a few days left to get For a Colorful Life for free. All of my eBooks are free.

three golden yellow blooms in acrylic paint

it’s a good day to paint flowers, just to see what I can do.

It’s a good day to be the light in someone’s darkened.

It’s a good day to be a friend

It’s a good day to encourage each other.

It’s a good time to get a long

Expressive Flowers

Brown Bloom

I painted this beautiful bloom with walnut ink, the paint brush is amazing too.

These are the final words, the final art piece I paint.

Brown you are the roots, the soil, the earth.

I am the earth.

We are the earth.

Brown is a rhythm we should always dance to.

That’s a wrap! The book is done. I’ll do one final grammar check. Feels good.

Thanks for holding me accountable. Thanks for reading!

Expressive Flowers

Painting with a napkin?

Yes I was playing around with a big flat brush. Some paint splattered on the page. The shade of yellow I mixed wasn’t working. Like a true artist I made it work. I had a napkin and why not paint with a napkin?

You are pressing and blending at the same time. There’s no control of what the flower will look like until you finish. You can create watercolor textures and then write quotes over them. That’s a great idea! When the textures were almost dry I used a flat brush to define the shape of the flowers. The stems didn’t look right so I cut out the blooms and repainted them. Collage you you are a saver. The blue flowers were all napkin. I’m still working on these.

There is no right way to paint a flower. Always work with what you have!

Supplies used were watercolor, napkin, and a small flat brush

Creative Exploration

Have a little faith

Now these are the blooms I want more of. Two funny truths were on my mind. Have a little faith are the words for this post. Yet I’m writing the words above the artwork so I can digitally copy and paste the words. I didn’t want to mess up my blue blooms. Ha. The other truth was given to me as I was working. It was a Jay Shetty’s podcast episode on breathing. When I’m out for a walk I stop and breathe with the trees, sun and birds. It’s a freeness like no other. As I finished up today’s projects, I sat in peace. My breath was calm, and the words have a little faith popped in my head.

Creative Exploration

Three pink blooms for a happy day

I painted and pasted these blooms a week ago. Today, todoy these blooms made me smile! I selected these blooms this morning. and after a weird day of second guessing, making little mistakes and learning a lesson I love them even more.