Love your Name Chrysanthemums

Pink and Purple Watercolor Blooms

I recently read Chrysanthemum. I had to paint Chrysanthemums. The story is about girl who loves her name until she gets made fun of at school. With the help of her music teacher who is also named a flower, Chrysanthemum learns to always love her name.

I have yet to write the words but I will write them in between the blooms. They are

Love your name.

Love you.

Never seek permission.

I love painting flowers and most importantly being inspired like this. Some may say I’m weird but that’s ok because in the words of Dolly Parton, find out who you are and do it on purpose.

Paper Roll Gazania

Paper roll flowers are good for building creative flow and trust

I have seen these flowers on my walks. The color and the patterns within the stigma are beautiful. My mind wanders to other flowers, trees, places, skills, us,… different is beautiful. I started with an idea. Then I just let go of what a gazania is supposed to look like and painted. Always works. I can’t wait to scan and add this to my shop. Trust me this photo doesn’t do my bloom justice. Yesterday I posted about my brush stroke mixed media butterflies. Paper roll flowers are another good way to get creativity flowing.

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