Expressive Flowers

Wise Trees

The book is once again live on Amazon. I made of few minor changes. Here’s a preview of some of the trees. This book could have been called There’s No Right Way to Paint Trees.

I wrote this book as a celebration of nature and us. Wise Trees is an invitation to play. Since this book, I have worked on many projects. Each project gets better than the last. I think I needed this reminder. Now I’ll go paint flowers.

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Expressive Flowers

Smile Bloom

Painted paper always feels like painted paper. As I begin cutting and pasting, the paper turns into a beautiful bloom. I’ll observe the paper and choose a texture for a leaf. Yes, I’ll see the leaf and cut the paper around it. Michealangelo defined sculpture in the same way. You take away all that doesn’t belong. The art process, my art process is about the same idea. Isn’t it? The idea, the masterpiece, the bloom, it’s always there. We simply have to chisel away the doubt, the voices…and focus on the making.

With each stroke, I get closer and closer to the art that is neither good nor bad. I can constructively look at my art. I keep cutting. I keep pasting. I keep painting. What do you think? Not sure why I’ve been thinking about Michelangelo’s idea but I’m going to think if that as I look at a blank watercolor page.

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Expressive Flowers

Flowers Inspired by Autumn Colors

7 orange and red flowers on a watercoior wash

So I become a better artist by showing up and being present in the experience? I had a watercolor wash that needed loving. It almost went into the trash. Instead, I took an Oval Wash brush and painted. Sure I thought about the blooms I’ve been seeing. They’re big, colorful and encouraging. AND I painted.

Here’s to more work that doesn’t have to go into a book or in the shop. Here’s to work that will be just doodling fun. Here’s to a doodly fun summer!

Doodling fun has to come before the collage class. Doodling fun has to come before the next project. I’ve learned a lot with each project. I should do a review of all the books I’ve written. There’s short stories and poems. Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate them. I do this for me, for my spirit. I know my words and art help you too and that feels good.

Expressive Flowers

Let’s Do This-Collage Style

lets fo this collage lettering

The collage mountains I’m working on, out of nowhere they came out good! The Magic of Color is going to be a colorful fun read. Thank goodness. This week I finished a lot of the lettering. Today I did a little lunch time coloring with crayons. I want to try drawing with my left hand. I Tomorrow I’m going to try collage. Maybe Friday I can take my watercolor paints. I’m going to work on a logo branding project. Do I know how to do that? Well, I have some idea. Let’s do this!

These colorful letters speak of the voice of nature who always greets my ideas.

Creative Exploration

Facial Sponge Blue Flowers

I went through so many ideas for this painting. I stamped with a facial sponge. Did a little too much texture. I painted over that once or twice? Last, I thought about what to do with the shapes. Of course flowers came to mind!

I set out to create beautiful color and now I have all these texture ideas. I love letting my curiosity decide. It’s a surpirse every time.

Creative Exploration

Veri Peri flat brush blooms

8 blooms painted in shades of purple

Not my typical colors but I’m gong for a brighter palette this year. I posted these blooms on intagram last weeK. My caption was, what a day! I’m totally in love.

My textures are looking good. The writing for the De Colores needs work. Can I use that title? Okay time to start my day. I have lots of work to do. I mean play. Yes I will lose myself in my textures. I forsee greatness. Greatness is such a wonderful word. In greatness it’s okay to always question, to invite your curioisty, to fall, rise, imagine… I am all of this.

Creative Exploration

About Painting Textures

watercolor wash background with yellow butterfly

There you are walking along, sometimes the deep or negative kind and a butterlfy flutters past you settling on a flower. Yes it’s the color, it’s the butterfly that changes my perspective. I worte these words days ago. Reading my words and editing—I want to share it now.

I’m looking up texture ideas and rounding up objects. Oh I need to find the embroidered ribbon. I’ve started a folder for texture papers. I’ll be using all kinds of paper. The collage floral one is looking good. I may add this yellow butterfly to the book, I may not. This is my story, my thoughts so why not just paint textures. Instead of thinking about what to do just paint. Then I can pair the texture with the color thought. Sounds like a dream!

Creative Exploration

Ornaments do paint flowers

Oh they do and what a fabulous idea! Not sure when it began? Oh right I was on a quest to paint 100 flowers. The mni ornament was part of gift wrappng on a snow globle jar? I love the ornament.

I’ll finish up these blooms today. They will be amazing!

Stamping with a random object will be one of the five flower ideas for the Creative Bloom course. Ok now I’ll go work on de coloroes.

Paint with a random object and see what happens. Oh I’ll be doing that when I paint textures today. Oh happy day!