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What’s Your Favorite Tool?

Silly me! This morning I realized that I forgot to check the allow comments box. So here we are.

What’s your favorite tool? I roamed the isles of a Dollar Tree. Nothing sparked my curiosity. I’m browsing Amazon and Blick for flat brushes and an art journal. Have any ideas?

Roses Project


There are so many reasons to love this month. Let’s see, there’s Lunar New Year, the month before spring, Black History Month, and Valentine’s Day. I’m going to continue work on my roses project. The first part of my project is color. My word of the year is de colores. Has my color palette improved?

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Have a wonderful weekend!



Roses Project

What color describes my personality?

Well…let’s see…my favorite colors are blue and lately, it’s pink. Deeply, I appreciate all colors. Spring and summer are such beautiful seasons. Fall is lovely as well. De Colores is a good song. If I were to choose one color it would be turquoise. Turquoise is from the earth. It’s compassionate, creativity, power, mindful, spiritual and brings good energy. I do try. I’m not perfect. Maybe I should paint turquoise roses! I will. My roses project was such a good idea. One idea leads to the next.

If you’re curious, I did paint a rose today. It was the last rose on my page. I took another look at the rose I painted yesterday, and I don’t want to share that again. Now I have a new page and I’ll paint turquoise roses tomorrow.



Roses Project

Painting Roses Prompt (Sketches)

The greatest gift is…me? No physical gift comes to mind. I appreciate my mind, spirit, and body, this is everything that is me. These are the greatest gifts I’ve been given. Let me explain. My art comes from my mind and my spirit. Those times when I need to redirect myself from what’s going on around me, I do that with my mind and spirit. That day at the park, I had a million thoughts in my head. I stopped, sat, and looked ahead. Suddenly seeing tall grass and watching the breeze move through it, this feeling of you are ok because you are with me lit me up. My light was back on. I was ready to begin my day! It’s been read many times that the most powerful gift of man is the mind. Yes, thoughts are wonderful things!

thoughts are wonderful blue and green quote art

I’m certainly glad for all the creative ideas I’ve had. It’s been wonderful! It is easy to get caught up in the negative but you’ve got to be positive. Art helps me do that. Right now I’m working on the roses project. I still need to finish my wildflower paper collage book. For today I want to share a few of my sketches. That way I can refer to this post as the first official day I began my roses project. Actually, the ornament roses are the first post. I’ll write that down. I want to compare the beginning with the awesomeness that’s going to happen during the process of this roses project.

Is it time to swatch all of my pinks? Oh yes.



Expressive Flowers

Earliest Painting Memory

My earliest memory is finger painting and making a mess! I’ve loved art every day of my life.

I still like to make a mess!

Here I am stamping with an eraser. It’s Corita Kent, James Victore, EttaVee, Shantell Martin…who opened my spirit to an art that has me understanding, this has always be me. I am an artist!

I’ve been going through all of my art and penciling in projects. Beginning next week I will start using these prompts to share my roses project. Is it next week?



Expressive Flowers

Favorite Paper Collage of 2022

Paper collage has really become one of my techniques. My inspiration comes from Eric Carle. Paper Collage has taught me to trust my process and learn about color.

yellow collage flower with the words let's written inside

That’s right I started my wild thoughts paper collage flowers project. I am almost done. I should create a video of all of them. The book will be out spring of 2023.

Yellow mug with pink flowers done in collage

These pink roses are included in my list of colors too. I’ve been working on creating different shades of pink. These pinks made me realize how much I love pink. Blue is my favorite color but pink we are going places. The print is here.

Colorful letters spelling Alma Libre on a blue background

Alma Libre means free soul in Spanish. A free soul, a free spirit is what I strive to be.

Smile is my favorite because the swatch of pink in all the orange makes me smile. I can’t wait to put all of these blooms in a book. Oh right, that’s on my list for 2023 too.

pink and yellow paper collage flower

How did I get the color so right? I did.

two flowers made from watercolor and a napkin

All I have to say is napkins, watercolor ink, and water. Oh and this reminds me of the summer art class I got to teach. I should have taken pictures of what my students created.

I do certainly feel love when I am creating.

Oh my, this mat is new. I have painted a lot this year. I’m excited about the ideas to come. This one is also in my shop.

I want to do more trees.

a yellow butterfly filled with pink and blue flowers

This butterfly was for #createwithcaqcoq. Going through my work today makes me want to flutter from idea to idea. Why not! If you’re interested in purchasing any prints please click here.

Thanks for reading and hope my lists are inspiring you to look and think about all the work you did this year.



Expressive Flowers

Textures of 2022

One of my techniques is texture. I love the surprise of trying a random tool to see what happens. These are the ideas that satisfy my curiosity.

Stamping with a candle lid is one of the best texture ideas I’ve ever had. I don’t want to say best because there are many more textures to come.

The textures that come from stamping with a paper roll are random and beautiful. Oh, this makes me think of the ceramic pitcher at Anthropologie. I’ve got to work more with this kind of texture.

Creating writing paper by stamping with ribbon? What an idea!

pink flower pattern on textured paper.

Stamping with a facial sponge creates a rough vintage texture. It’s fun to do this and then paint over it.

This was absolutely random. I used a semi-dry flat brush. I love it!

There are many textures that I painted for paper collage purposes.

Expressive Flowers

Sketching with paint 4

For this entry, I used a paper roll. These flowers are fun to make. You stamp and get random textures. You paint over the texture when the stamp is near dry. It’s beautiful! I even used the tips of the paper roll petals to create a speckled texture.

two blue flowers made with a paper roll

Here’s a few other flowers I’ve made

I’ll be posting a tutorial on Pinterest. The holidays are here. I should do a holiday version of this flower. Sounds good.

As always thanks for reading. If you haven’t subscribed please do. If you think they’ll like this blog, then share it. Have a good week!



Expressive Flowers

Three Purple Pink Blooms

A little pink and orange made this print even better. My photos don’t capture the color as good as the digital version but the texture looks good either way. The texture has a, giving new love to an old forgotten building vibe. Makes me smile.

So glad this experiment worked because the pink blooms I tried to paint, well I tried. Oh but tomorrow is another day! I do have a stack of artwork to be scanned.



Expressive Flowers

Sign or Don’t Sign?

That is the question?

I have work signed with creatively hue. I have work signed with Mireya. My name is pronounced Me-Rey-A with emphases on the r. I love my name as it’s unmistakable. I’m probably the only Mireya you’ve heard of. I’ve always been happy with that. It was only when others had a hard time pronouncing my name that I adopted the nickname Myra. Then I stopped signing my art. Probably thought I wasn’t artist enough. I’m painting. I’m creating. This is my place. My practice. My art.

I’m working on my signature. For the full post visit my Instagram Signing your name on your artwork means more than signing your name on your work. Signing your name says this is unapologetically me.

Thank you new followers. There’s lots more blooming and blogging to come. I would love to see your work. Find and follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, and here. I enjoy seeing your art.