Let Faith Warm You

Sit surrounded by your supplies. When ideas pop into your head. go with them. Use copy paper and crayons if that’s all you have. Let your curiosity come alive like the child you once were, like the child you are. Keep going.

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How do you Bloom?

There are so many different ways. I don’t have a favorite. I like the color. It’s a thrill to see what I can come up with. I want to paint what I feel when I see the blooms in my neighborhood. I have a collection on pinterest. I must paint the yellow, pink and orange roses I saw on instagram.

A little lunch time doodle sounds like a great idea!

pink bloom be your authentic self

I have not painted in a few days

Has it been longer> Maybe that explains my mood. Not to worry for today I shall paint.

I do have a shop

I have a few shops. Every print, tote, pillow and book are mindfulnes. My color, my words, my use of everyday ordinary tools, these are all about nurturing the creative spirit.

I am working on a course and the color book for next year. Thank you for being a fan and leaving your comments. Everyday Creatively Hue grows and I am happy, always happy to share my art with you.

A Free Creative Spirit

These are a few of my favorite sketches. I seem to be doing this a lot these days but sharing keeps me creating.

My lettering isn’t centered. Some wouldn’t even call it lettering. Together we bloom was painted on copy paper. The collage flower was painted with old paint. I painted the tree with a Crayola flat brush. Nothing on Crayola, Crayola makes good art supplies. Some might say Crayola is for kids.

Artists like to build up a tool box. I watch videos and see expensive brushes and premium paints. The truth is who cares. Ok I am a collector of color but what produces good work is a free spirit. It’s the freeness that comes form a state of being. You go fron idea to idea. There’s no mistake or mess. There is but you just fix it and move on. You keep working and enjoy the process.

Sweet or sour? It’s your choice. This painting was a distater. Who knows what the green was before. I painted over it and covered the mess with the letters. Oh that’s why I added the lightbulb. The color is brillant and what an idea. The texture is amazing. I guess today I just wanted to write these words.

Who cares what people are doing. Who cares what people think. Live for you. Create from your awesomeness. That shines much brighter than the perfect hue.

Here’s to more work. Oh my goodness the editing for the color book is amazing! I’ll tell you about that in a few days.

White Blooms

white acrylic roses

White is the color of purity, peace…on my walks there are these white roses. The stigmas are a golden yellow. These roses always invite me to imagine and dream. Oh right, white is the innocence of a child, the faith of a child. That’s something we grow out of way too soon. White blooms, you too must occupy a space in my garden.

Redos & Word Art

Word art related to flowers, nature and gardens?

Combine that with fun lettering, maybe even do some one color doodles.

Having a my art isn’t good enough moment

I painted this bloom days maybe weeks ago. The softness of the pink with the green especially in the small leaf is a beautiful contrast. And yet I felt I had to add more, a darker pink? I didnt care for the way the pink bleneded but the color yes it takes my breathe away. You can’t see it here but holding it in my hand…why did I feel the need for more. I suppose in some way I was having a my art isn’t good enough moment.

My blooms aren’t realistic or the most beautiful, the color and how they make me feel, that’s my why. Even the other day I was walking among artwork, an exhimit featured art teachers from a local school district. It was again breathetakingly beautiful. I don’t know why the artist created these artworks. It was the thrill of sitting there with an image of the artist air spraying, or wheel throwing deep in their work that capitivated me.

Then I thought about my work. I love LOVE getting lost in my tools. I swirl a brush and a beautiful bloom appears. I think it’s all simple! How could my beaties be art and hung on the wall next to these or in any exhibit for that matter. You know what they can!

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