It’s the Simple that’s Beautiful

Copy paper. index finger. Mixed up a sun kissed yellow. Sure I see the oddball greenish petal. I could prpbably fix that. I will. Still this flower is one of my favorite flowers. Not that this is my best work but the road to best work comes from exploring ideas. You need to not take yourself so seriously to keep making. What better way to relax than with a technique we used as kids. If anythng you learn that your best ideas come from the simplest ideas. They often do. AND in the process you learn to digitize and digitizing leads to other ideas.

Hope you are enjoying all of these cool flowers. I can’t wait to put them all in a book and turn the pages. I look forward to sharing a free ebook edition of the book. I want feedback before I go ahead with the paperback. More on that very soon. Subscribe if you haven’t.

My next step with this journal is to create flowers and patterns. I have already begun adding new art to the shop.

Just You Making Art is Messy

What a mess but I see the wrongs. I did keep working on this and the blue version is beautiful. I have added a few details with a colored pencil so the finished flower is even more beautiful! The stigma was made with a toothpick. Or was it a chopctick? The point is to combine tools and techniques and make it work.

blue flower

Sure painting with my palms was crazy and weird but it works. The pink and orange color scheme is, well I’ll add that to my color project. Beautiful. Every mess has it’s beauty. That’s what I wrote about for the book today. The book is going well. I have a short time but the deadline will be met.

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Simple Strokes Purple Beauties

All it takes is simple strokes to create these flowers. One round brush. One flat brush. Maybe use a blue color pencil to outline the petals? There is something powerful about the color purple. Purple is creativity. There’s power in creativity.

Mix up a little purple and paint with your hand, elbow or left hand. That seems weird? Who knows, it could work?

Are you a subscriber? In a couple of weeks I will be working on book cover projects and releasing a new ebook. I will be giving them away for free.

Think Responsibly

Think Responsibly Poster

I painted this months ago in lovely shades of nature. At that time the idea was, yes it’s OK to have negative thoughts but keep them to a minimum. Think Positive thoughts. I still believe that but this podcast about doubt being good has me thinking. If you are doubting then you’re not doing. It’s true because the moments when I have that spark, the warmth I am not doubting or thinking negative. James Victore said in his recent IG live, fix your sh**. Not my words but his. It’s the truth. Are you doubting? Are you afraid? Confused? Negative thoughts may always be there but we must choose to turn them into positives.

When you look at this poster as I did today, I noticed that two negatives became a postive. Sometimes you have a lot of negatives before the positive comes.

Right now I am writing this to motivate myself. I know I am not alone. That is why I create. I will continue to create and build and create more. For now I leave you with this poster. I’ll leave a link if you want to purchase.

Thank you for all your kind words and for the encouraging posts you write. You inspire me. Let’s keep creating.

Watching Your Skills Grow

Last week’s Peach florals are now these beauties

I’m ending the week with these florals. Did I use ink with these? I am not sure how or what inspired me to paint these. That’s the idea of the just make and the book. You keep painitng. Sure there were Peach Roses that caught my eye along my walk. I just mixed different transprent to opache layers, allowing each layer to dry before applying the next. What texture! The stems and leaves worked out in the same way. Yes these are going in the book, which by the way is coming along beautifully. I’m going to paint with erasers later on and maybe have another try with Walnut Ink. Why not.

Which brings me to you. What are you creating? Yes hopefully my ideas have inspired some of your own. Find me @creatively.hue or email me. Pinterst too.

Have a good weekend!