From ordinary things to beautiful

I came across a Ginko Tree. What a peaceful color. For these I mixed up acrylic and tempera paint. Warm inviting tones. The tones that help you connect. Used a flat brush to apply flat left and right shapes. Done. I like taking ordinary things and creating beautiful flowers. Still thinking of a name. I’m going to go checkout some creative blogs for ideas. CreativelyHue? Sounds good. There’s a creating for a better you vibe. Ordinary things? Maybe. I feel I should update my shop. I said I wasn’t but I should.

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Have you ever taken the time to frolic in the breeze observing every single detail? Seems like the more you observe nature, the more your condifence grows. Every element is unique in color, shape, line and space.

This quote expresses my sentiments, exactly.

All these things are an extension of myself. And I think how beautiful. how really great I am. – Alan Watts

I need to spend more time in nature.

Go to pinterest and find some picutes of pumpkins. I much rather roam a patch but these days that’s a no.

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By surprise I read this book today. I was looking for a file and noticed an error. Glad that was just a draft page. Not only am I thinking of the road trip but wow do these lessons apply to what’s happening in our lives. This is a good book. I am proud of every illustration and hand drawn word. I spent days, months working on this book. I am so glad I wrote it! I have skills.

Hope you are having a good weekend. If you got a glimpse of the roller coaster drawing that’s ok. I decided to take it down and redraw it. I lost that file.

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In the Creative Zone

Pumpkins have interesting textures and marks. The colors are beautiful too.

I’m taking my time blending, blotting, and mixing color. The scratch paper with an old design is fitting for these Pumpkins. I started with ideas for color and using brushes to get effects In all that, perfection shows up. I became careful,didn’t want to make a mistake. That’s when I decided to stop. There’s excitement that comes with bringing an idea to life. The best place to be is in my creative zone where none of this matters, nothing but the idea.

In a few days I’ll post the finished print. Thanks for reading. Are you a subscriber?

Politics is a g

Politics isn’t my topic. Sometimes that is a great motivator. Yesterday an artist posted #riseupshowupunite I woke up to kites and watercolor. That didn’t happen. Oragami paper worked great.

I’ve got the election on my mind. We all do. The last one broke my heart. I know that there’s some pessimism in this but the idea is that there are challenges in our lives. We come acroos defeat. That doesn’t mean we’ve lost. It means we have yet to win. We can’t lose hope.

Yor turn. Use construction paper. Color over copy paper. That’s a good idea. Paint. Create.

There’s power in creating

These are a few of the lessons I ‘ve learned with 100 ways to flower with power.

On day one, I had plans. I drew my flowers. I had a list of tools/techniques to try. Then it was, what can I do with one tool. At some point I forgot about the list and let my thoughts and curiosity guide me. That’s where the real exploration began!

After that I found this place. It wasn’t comfortable. I lost track of time. There was no joy, fear, happiness or anger. Perhaps I started with feelings and then creating took over. Nothing else matterd. Gita and Learning by Heart are wonderful! Yes, creating gives me such peace. I am a creative. During exploration my mind is at play. I’m curious, imagining and working utill I look at it and say ok I’m done. Detachment is powerful!

There’s power in creating on your terms, your rules and learning that there’s only make. Moving forward leads to new ideas.

A Rose is a common flower. I like these two colors together. I drew the flower with an oil pastel. Crayons, permanent markers and pens. work good too. Test to make sure the color won’t bleed unless you’re curious! I was and yes that too made a fine flower.

Have a good weekend! Next week I’m starting with creative exploration-fall! 100 ways to flower with power will resume in the spring when the book launches.

They shine for you

What I like most is the texture. What a boost of sunshine. I’ve shared this idea before but not with a quote. Life isn’t rainbows and sunshine all the time. There are ugly times that make it hard, REALLY hard to smile. Sometimes I’m angry, sad, confused, heart-boken and I create. Or I go for a walk and the warmth of the sun, smell of a flower mixed with a tree’s breeze comforts me. This remindes me that there’s always a reason to smile.

Yesterday I was looking through my sketchbook journal. There’s a lot of good ideas. I didn’t realize how many. I don’t have a habit of reviewing my work. Nor do I keep stacks of journals. I should have a few. I keep a few pieces from each project in folders. I do digitize most of it.

So piant a rainbow. Paint the sun. During the rain think of what will happen after the rain.

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In honor of today, Mexican Independence, I’m including a link to visit Frida Kahlo’s home.

Barn Owl + Love

Many edits later I realize trusting in an idea means there’s a chance you will be wrong. I should not have referenced the photo.

There was nothing wrong with my sketch. Sure I need to observe stance and shape. Something happens and I start copying, literally.

AND so I kept working and playing. I almost had it. Come to think if it, I had a few good iterations and yet I kept on going. The lettering was all wrong. After 30 minutes of digital fixing, this is where I pause. I get it.

I love the right wing and face from the first attempt. The feathers on the right side are a happy mistake. Of course I will paint this again. I like the blue and yellow-brown blending on the head. No matter how much I tweaked…

I’m not aiming for perfection or realisim, just a beautiful bird to express my thoughts. What am I thinking? I did some reasearch. I had no idea how huge and beautiful a Barn Owl’s wingspan is. They can can also see excellent in darkeness.

That’s it, that is exactly why I want this bird in the You Are Loved book. I believe we have both of these qualities within us. The only way to arrive at I’ll sprout my wings and fly where I choose and conquer darkness, is self love. Oh and this love comes from being part of this universe. We are born with the latter.

Maybe today’s work wasn’t a fail after all. My bird looks like it needs a bath. Yes, let’s contiune with a fresh start. I do have all the right pieces to this puzzle.

Self Love + Pattern Blocks

Speaking of adding me in my projects. I like color and the You Are Loved Murals. I wanted to use bright color and each square to represent the many beautiful layers that exist within a person. It’s this idea really.

My intention was to add self love to the shop. I was proud of the work. The color made me smile. I filed it in the maybe I’ll repaint it. A little praise on instagram had me thinking why not add this to my shop?

Why did it take outside praise for me to appreciate my work? I suppose it’s because I find truth and beauty in my work. If someone else can share in that, then it’s bigger win.

I ordered some new watercolor paper and can’t wait to start a new creative exploration journal. I didn’t get to order the pigment powder. Here’s to a good week of paining and learning.