Dear You

Today was a good writing day for the book. There’s a letter I want to include. I am undecided as there are many edits to go.

Dear You,

You are much more than you give yourself credit for. Get started on a project. You have an idea and questions. Answer them as you go. The importance is you keep making art. Stop every now and then for quiet reflection time. Realize that in every project you will have many questionable pieces. Maybe ugly ones.  Why? Forget about the self-help that tells you are a work in progress.  You are a beautiful life force connected to the bigger force.  You are loved. Keep going and observe. In the end you will be closer to your best work. Not everything you make will make it in the shop. Everything you make comes with a valuable lesson.  That’s where the growth is. Let your voice be heard. Some may not like what you have to say and that’s ok. Know that there are artists who are ready to pass down their motivational wisdoms. Some of which are mentioned in the book.

Finding the Flower in Eraser Stamps

I like this blue and the eraser stamp I made! I tried carving one as Corita suggests. It wasn’t working. I took the scissors and cut shapes. Imperfect circles and triangles. I dipped in acrylic and stamped. Sure I could have painted shapes but the randomness in color and texture is interesting. Painting with my left hand gave the same effects.

Randomness makes you stop and observe. Observing is good. I intentionally made petals. Then I stamped with the intention of finding the flower within. I almost threw out this page, until I observed.

Do I want to repaint these? On better paper? Yes but these will do just fine! Not bad for customizing .25 cent erasers. What would happen if I used fabric or other paper to stamp with? Mix a little water to the paint before stamping? Make monotones and stamp in layers? I should probably go back to my designs and take notes. I could apply these new techniques to my fall projects? Good one.

What have I learned from 100 ways to flower with power? So much. My creative write for today.

Thanks for reading? Are you a subsriber? Next week creative exploration- fall begins. In each project I’ll make it a habit to include tools you can use to create with me.

Here We Go

again! I am here scared and tired of hearing about sickenss. A voice keeps telling me refuse scarcity. I could focus on what is wrong or take this as an opportunity to work on my ego. That is a good one. James Victore posted about this very topic. I will take this time to work on my art and ego.

I’ll leave you with two works.

Taken from Different Is Beautiful, all it takes is one fish to shine in darkness like a star in the sky.

How the stars comfort me

Take care and oh my goodness the tribe is growing. I appreciate all of you! So what do I do with my free time? I made a few edits to my books. Free ebooks coming soon!