Lettering In Watercolor

lettering with watercolor

I had so much fun writing with watercolor. Lettering is a big part of my new style of work. I like to think, about life, about me, my place in life…nature is such a great way to epress that.

Last night I started an Acrylic Painting Class. I want to paint the mindnight skies with the words I love people but I belong to the moon and the stars. Do you see what I mean!

Today I tested a few brushes. Size 6 works great! I create a reference sheet a few weeks go. Oh my gosh I should letter my Live Your Love Story Letter. With an Ombre background?

Today’s post is short and sweet. Take care of yourself. Embrace your own lettering style because it’s YOU.

Free your mind

I’m not much of a hand letterer, but I love drawing letters. I like doodling ideas. The best ideas happen when you’re not working on anything specific. You just show up because you want to. That last part sums up my creative life.

Samples of hand lettering with watercolor and gouache

Free your mind is a note to self.

Free your mind is a love note for us.

Free your mind is a reminder to focus on the breeze or a bird’s song.

Watching the moon phases every night is wonderful too.

Free your mind is a voice more powerful than the darkness.

There is nothing like your beautiful mind. Take care of it. Take care of you.

Ok time to paint flowers. Time to get working on that huge list.