Creative Exploration

Create more of what you know how to do?

Again, not sure why, but I tried to paid Calla Lillies shading and all. I had mixed uo some beautiful color. The flowers were terrible. They wern’t that bad. Yes they were and here’s why. I didn’t really want to paint them. The flowers are pretty but I much rather paint these.

Intead of throwing out the paper. I painted over it.

painted flowers in shades of pink

Noe of course I need to scan, erase and put the pieces to the puzzle.

Now this is the painting that I enjoy! This is what I want to do more of. I have much to think about this week. Whar ahould I do with the lovely textture paper. Yes I had another sheet that I had to paint over. Both of these will go into the You Are Loved and sporadic hearts natured themed project. Yeah sounds good. At this Point all I want is to contiune creative exploration. This a great project to help me do that.

Have a great week! I still haven’t figured out if 6:30 am or pm is a good posting time? Time to paint!

Creative Exploration


Ha, I didn’t sketch with a pencil first. I had a color scheme in mind and let my creativity lead.

The first time I painted this, it was a total disaster. Anyway. I looked over my first book dummy for Road Trip, I thought and thought. Everything leads back to enjoying the process. Oh and having the right attitude is important too. But enjoying the process is having the right attitude. Again Shantell Martin’s words appear. There are no mistakes. You have to love the process. I do. I really really DO. 

Writing books and painting them is all I want to do. Even the tedious stuff is worth it. Nothing ever feels forced. Yeah… I painted this dreamcatcher as reminder that your beautiful mind and your heart has to drive out the evil.

Ok so next week,start the illustrations for my book, do some more watercolor exploration, and read more. Oh That’s right, my ebook officially launches July 17th.